Quenching a Thirst

by Myka

Chapter 1 "Thirsty" (aka 'what happens when you don't follow the warning label')

A/N: Thank you gift for naaha. For being an awesome beta, for getting me hooked on Saiyuki yaoi and for tolerating my abusive behavior. She also came up with the title.


Sanzo sat on the nearest rock, crossing his arms across his chest and letting out a grunt of pure frustration.

A few feet from him, Hakkai was tending to an injured Hakuryu.

"How long until the little beast is up to transforming again?" Sanzo asked.

Hakkai tried not to look displeased with the 'beast' comment as he soothed his dragon companion. But he could understand Sanzo's displeasure with their current situation. "A night at most," he answered calmly.

Sanzo cursed. He didn't want to camp for the night, he wanted a nice room with comfortable beds, where he could just relax and read the paper.

"I'm hungry," Goku mumbled beside him.

"Then go hunt for some food, you bottomless ape," Gojyo responded from behind him.

Goku pouted at the redhead. "Sanzo! Gojyo is insulting me!"

Sanzo stood from the spot, fan in hand, smashing it against Gojyo's skull with one swing.

"What the hell did you do that for, you stupid monk?" the redhead snapped, unknowingly exposing his fangs.

"Don't hiss at me," Sanzo replied. "You're supposed to be the mature one."

"I am mature!"

"As mature as a donkey," Goku added from behind.

Gojyo glared at the boy. "Who's a donkey here? You stupid monkey."

"Erokappa!" Goku screamed.

"Urusai!" Sanzo yelled, pointing his gun at the pair.

Gojyo scowled at the blond, but shut his mouth.

"Goku, go get some food," Sanzo ordered. Goku just nodded happily and ran into the woods without so much as a fuss.

"Groupie…" Gojyo muttered under his breath, which earned him an icy stare from Sanzo.

"I'm thirsty," the blond announced, putting the gun away. "I'm going to look for a spring."

Hakkai nodded, dropping the pieces of wood he had gathered for the fire to cook whatever Goku might be bringing.

The monk huffed, made sure he had his gun under his belt, and walked off in search of a source to quench his thirst.


Sanzo disliked this forest more and more by the second. He had been walking for almost an hour now with no signs of a single source of water. The only good thing about the whole thing was that he wasn't lost. Yet.

The silence was also good. He swore, one of these days he was going to shoot one of his companions. Well, maybe not Hakkai; the quiet youkai never seemed to get on his nerves. But the other two…

Goku and Gojyo had an amazing talent to make him reach his boiling point in just a matter of seconds.

The kid he could understand - most of the time anyway. But the kappa…Gojyo should know better.

He gave a few more steps and finally heard it: the distinctive sound of running water. He stopped to calculate his position from the camp, rolling his eyes as he did so. He wasn't that far away; if he had just headed west instead of east he wouldn't have wasted an hour searching in circles.

He finally came to a small clearing. The spring was beautiful; a small waterfall supplied the water that seemed to be swallowed by the almost full hole in the ground. Sanzo walked closer, spotting a sign.


"Almost done," Hakkai announced to a very impatient Goku, poking the meat roasting over the fire he'd built. Goku yelped in anticipation of the meal.

"Finally! I'm starving," Gojyo added from his spot on the other side of the fire.

Hakkai looked at his friend briefly, then towards the woods. "Someone should go get Sanzo." Then back at Gojyo again. "Don't you think so, Gojyo?"

"Why are you looking at me?" the redhead snapped in response to the stare.

Hakkai smiled. "Goku brought the food. I cooked it. It's only fair."

"You gotta be kidding me."

Hakkai just kept the smile on his face. Gojyo rose from the floor, gave the food one last sniff and headed towards the woods, muttering under his breath. "Stupid monk."


'To those who drink from this spring: Let your heart be filled with the one closest to you, for nights and days until the queen of the night appears.'

Sanzo blinked, reading the sign over again. "What the hell does that mean?" he spat at the air. He glanced at the water, it looked normal…except for the fact that the waterfall kept feeding the spring and it just never appeared to be full. His throat ached; he was just too thirsty to care.

Sanzo knelt by the spring, made a cup with his hands and sipped some of the water. He tasted it with his tongue; there was nothing unusual about it. He shrugged, then swallowed. He drank more, until his thirst was quenched. He waited a bit; nothing happened.

"Let your heart be filled with the one closest to you." What the hell did that mean anyway?

"Hey monk! You around here? Food's ready."

Sanzo craned his head toward the voice. Gojyo appeared from the mass of trees with a very bored look on his face. Sanzo gasped.

Gojyo frowned. "Is something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Sanzo didn't answer. Instead he walked slowly towards Gojyo, a dazed look in his eyes. His mouth moved but Gojyo couldn't make out what the monk had spoken.

Gojyo blinked when Sanzo stopped before him. "What's wrong with you?" he managed to ask, before Sanzo brought his arms up and wrapped them around the redhead's neck. "What the hell…?

"Gojyo…" Sanzo whispered, as he joined their lips in a soft kiss.


Not too far away, Goku was biting into his first chunk of meat. Hakkai had asked him to wait for Sanzo and Gojyo, but he just couldn't take the hunger anymore.

Hakkai blinked, looking at the boy beside him. He spoke softly.

"Did you just hear a scream?"

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