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Weiss Kreuz Fanfic by Dora Ng/Mitsuki Fujimiya… a.k.a. Kyokosakuras

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Weiss Kreuz Fanfic by Kyokosakuras/pandabear234


Chapter 1: New Birth


Omi turns around and blinks, "Ran-kun?"

Ran sighs as he closes the door behind him, "Omi, have you seen Aya?  She is supposed to be here in the flower shop with you, I've looked else where, and I still can't find her!"

Omi shakes his head, "Gomen, I haven't seen her since she came home from school, she didn't tell you that she was going anywhere?"

Ran shakes his head and he looks up at the door as it opens, "Ken! Yoji! Have you seen Aya anywhere?"

Both shakes their heads, Ken puts down the flower pot, "Does she have any activities with friends?"

Yoji follows the same action, "No, I thought she went shopping with Sakura…"

Omi shakes his head, "No, I thought that was what she's doing tomorrow…"

Ran scratches his head furiously, "ARGH! I hate when she does this!!!  AYA!!! DOKO IKU DA!!!"

~Somewhere out there…


"Aya?  Are you alright?"

Aya blinks and wipes her nose with her handkerchief, "Manx, I think I'm fine…"

Manx smiles and hands her a towel, "Good, I don't want you to be under stress since you have to worry about school, your brother, and this…"

Aya nods and wipes her face, "Yeah…"

She then drops the towel onto the chair and pulls out her sword from the sheath on the right, "Manx, thanks for getting me the sword that I wanted."

Manx nods with a smile, "No problem, I got it specially sharpened for you too in Hokkaido."

Aya smiles and swings it around skillfully, "It's just like the one that I found in Onichan's room a couple of months ago…"


Aya turns around and answers, "hm?"

She then smiles and cries happily to the female, "Kazeo-neisan!"

Kazeo smiles and pats Aya's head, "Aya-chan… good to see you too!  Have you been training hard with your new katana?"

Aya nods and takes it out of the sheath, "This is it, just like onichan's!"

Kazeo's eyes scan the shining sword, "Wow, this matches Ran-san's sword really closely…"

Aya slips it back into the sheath, "I love it so much, have you been practicing with your fork knives?" 

Kazeo's hands goes to her sides and pulls out from two sheathes on both sides of her legs two silver shining fork-like knives, "what cha think?"  Sorry… this is so hard to describe… the fork-like knives are supposed to look like the ones on the teenage mutant turtles that Raphael has… ^^ I based the 'new team' to have weapons that were based on the Weiss…

Aya's eyes widen with amazement, "Wow!  They are so nicely polished!"

Kazeo does a couple of sample movements, "Yeah, but it works only on close combat…"

Aya watches her style, "Yea, the way you move is almost like Ken-kun's…"

Kazeo suddenly stops, "Uh… yeah… I've been watching a couple of his moves on the tape the Manx gave me…"

Aya smiles and teases her, "Aww… you're still in love with him right?"

Kazeo blushes a bit as she puts her knives away, "Of course!  I've always been in love with him ever since I met him 3 years ago…"

Aya nods as her eyes turn all dreamily, "it's so sweet… and just to tell you, your movements are a bit slow, I can see them coming."

Kazeo nods securing the buckles of her knives' sheaths, "I know that, my skin operation is still recovering."  She rubs her left arm, "it's gotten much better, but it's still making me slow."

"Hey you two…"

They turn to see another voice approach them… "Asuka-neisan!"  "Asuka!"

Asuka folds her arms up, "you two are discussing the past?"

Aya and Kazeo nod, Aya comments, "you finally made the decision to start a mission?"

Asuka nods looking out the window, "I've recovered from my operation from 1 year ago… I'm afraid of showing myself to Yoji…"

Aya stares at her, "just like how Kazeo is scared of going to Ken-kun…"

Asuka eyes widen as she turns to Aya, "you could say that…"

"There's nothing to be afraid of…"

The three females turn towards another voice, "Sakura-chan!"

Sakura smiles walking in the room, "There's nothing for you two to be afraid of.  I'm currently going out with Ran-kun right now, and working with Aya at the flower shop.  Ken-kun and Yoji-san are still single because they are wishing for the one the they fell in love before…"

Kazeo questions her, "What?  Ken's still single and waiting?"

Sakura nods with her smile, "he still thinks of you and still believes that you are dead…"

Asuka joins in abruptly, "you mean Yoji hasn't gone out with any women?"

Aya shakes her head, "Nope, since Noi died."

Asuka blinks and sits on the couch, "Noi?"

Sakura continues for Aya, "Noi is part of another assassin group against us.  She resembled you much.  He went crazy when he killed her…"

Asuka sighs and shakes her head, "What a idiot…"

Aya smiles and in defense for Yoji, "However, doesn't that mean that he was really hooked on you?"

Asuka suddenly stops at the thought with widened eyes, "Gak…"

Aya giggles and sits down next to her, "He still wishes for you ever since that time when you were shot.  Not to also mention that he's still going to that one restaurant and sitting where you both sat together…"

Asuka sighs, "I actually find that kind of funny…" but then smiles, "which means he's waiting for some miracle to have me back huh?"

The three females nod, Aya smiles, "Asuka-neisan, are you ready to start mission with Kazeo-neisan, Sakura-chan, and me?"

Asuka nods with a renewed smile, "Of course…"

Manx steps in the room, "I'm sure that you four are ready for you first mission?"

Aya jumps up, "Yep!"

Manx smiles and pulls out a manila folder behind her back, "You four, decide your leader, the one that you all depend on the most… doesn't matter if they are older or the youngest, but I need someone to on top of things…"

The four females blink at each other… a minute of silence goes by, and then the three eldest point at the youngest with the braided pigtails… Aya blinks with her eyes widening, "What?"

Manx giggles and nods, "I see… so…"

Aya cries with surprise in her voice and turns the other females, "Why are you three picking me?  Why not Asuka-neisan or Sakura-chan or Kazeo-neisan?"

Asuka speaks first and crosses her leg over the other, "Aya-chan, you are the most dependable so that's why we all agree.  I not fit to be a leader 'cause of my forgetfulness."

Sakura nods with a trusting smile, "I believe that you have the right skills to be our leader, you have so much energy to cheer everyone else as well!"

Kazeo pats Aya's head, "You may be the youngest, but I think that you are so much more mature for your age… not to mention you have the leadership skills from your older brother."

Aya blinks, "Really?  From Ran-nichan?"

Kazeo nods, "Yep, oh yea, not to also mention your skills with the great sword, you've been beating us up with your scary instincts… Right Asuka?"

Asuka feels the chill run up her back, "Ugh… you got that right Kazeo… Aya, when you're fighting, you're like really scary…"

Aya looks at them strangely and then glances at Manx next to Sakura.  They just smile and shrug at her.  Aya sighs, "Really?  Hm…"

Manx opens the manila folder as she starts to continue from where she left off, "Okay, anyways, I want you four to sit down around the coffee table so I can explain the next mission…"

~Flower shop…

"Hey Ran-kun…"

Ran looks at Omi with a passive look, "What?"

Omi says as he arranges another bouquet, "How come Manx hasn't come over to give us missions as often?"

Ran shrugs and continues to water the lilies, "I have no idea… I really want one though.  I have so much stress right now especially worrying about Aya…"

Omi chuckles while picking up the tulip, "Ran-kun… she's just your typical teen."

Ran glares at him, "She shouldn't just run off without telling me!"

"Tell you what?"

Ran blinks and looks at the door, "AYA!"

Aya looks at him strangely, "Are you okay onichan?"

Ran drops the hose one of the flowerpots as Omi cries, "Ran-kun! The hose!"  He runs over to turn if off, "Be careful Ran-kun!"

Ran just ignores him and grabs Aya by the shoulders, "Where did you go?"

Aya blinks as she looks up at her brother, "Onichan?" She puts her hand up to his forehead, "Do you have a fever or something?" 

Ran stares at her with his mouth gaping open, then shouts, "Are you crazy?  I just asked you where did you go?!?"

Aya looks at him with a I-thought-I-told-you-look, "Onichan, I was at school at the fencing club…'

Ran blinks and then makes a smile, "Oh…" She releases her from his hands, "Sorry, when did you tell me?"

Aya answers as she puts her book bag on the table next to Omi, "Yesterday" She then points to the post-it board in the corner of the room, "It's also on one of the post-its over there…"

Ran scratches his head, "Oh… I forgot about that thingy there…"

Aya giggles and unties her ribbon that held the top of her collar, "I'm going to my room to change…"

She marches up the circular stairs, =Gomen Onichan… I didn't mean to lie to you… since I was only at fencing for 5 minutes… Manx… bring it on, I will lead my team Hikari to bring justice to those who break the rules…=

^^Authoress' Note:

Ello! This is the new fanfic that I have been working on!!!  Weiss Kreuz has become on of my fav animes, and I just luv Aya, and Ran!  The characters are all special, and Girl Power!!  Weiss had Shruyant as rivals for females, so it was time for some competition.  And who to be but the females that have made major differences in the guys' lives!  Just a reminder:  Aya is Aya/Ran's little sister, Sakura is Aya/Ran's girlfriend… at least I think so… ^^ HA!  Kazeo is Ken's first real love (really early in the Weiss series), Asuka was Yoji's former partner when he was in his detective time and first love as well… he was really hooked up on her^^… I'm sorry, the characters that I 'brought' back to life were Kazeo and Asuka, and I just used Sakura instead of Oka for Omi right?  WELL, I FIND THEM KINDA EWW!!!  THEY ARE COUSINS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Neways… I hope you ppl enjoyed this! So long! And please review!!