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Weiss Kreuz Fanfic by Kyokosakuras a.k.a. Dora Ng/Fujimiya Mitsuki (ふじみや 三冃)

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Okay… I don't like it… the names that were given in the last chapter really are too happy… and lately, I've become a bit of a dark and gloomy kind of a person… ; it's just too happy for assassination agents isn't it? Aiya… I've redone that one part… it needs to be mysterious… sighs Just a note regarding Yuriko's Sais, they are like Elektra's from Daredevil .

Mizu is water, as Chi is Earth, as Kaze means wind, and lastly Hono is Fire… They are all members of Hikari that means Light .


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Yuriko and Asuka-chan's apartment… 5:15 sharp


Manx, again thanks for hooking this thing up… Nice to see you four females of Hikari…

The four females smile confidently, Aya answers, "Nice to see your shadow yet again Persia."

Persia chuckles while nodding, Very cute Mizu… alright, that's Aya's code name anyways, I know that you and Kaze already know of the mission, so let's review for Hono and Chi… KazeSakura, HonoYuriko, ChiAsuka


Team Hikari, bring justice for the innocent. Angels of Light, shine your light on these beasts of darkness…

Aya jumps up, "Hikari signing on…"

Weiss Kreuz Fanfic by Kyokosakuras/pandabear234


Chapter 3: Confrontation

Manx nods and then flicks off the TV with her remote, "Okay… then I suppose you girls should prepare yourselves…"

Aya stretches her arms up, "Yeps, our outfits that we made… are they here?"

Asuka nods and points at the closet next to door, "They're in the closet…" Then she looks at Manx with a questioned look, "Manx… why do you book us mission that you assigned Weiss?"

Manx glances at her and then puts down the remote onto the coffee table, "Weiss needs a rest."

Yuriko stands up from the chair, "But why."

Manx eyes Aya at the closet with Sakura, down to Asuka on the couch, and then back to Yuriko, "They have been doing great, but Persia, Barman and I think it's time they focused on other things… and Weiss has been exposed once by Shyrant and Schleich…"

Aya folds her arms and says in a low tone, "Don't you think that Onichan and the others need a break and return to what a normal life is?"

Manx nods her head seeing the wisdom in Aya while the others slowly realize what Manx was getting at. Manx then bows with the remaining folders at hand, "Later you four," and then takes her exit through the clear door to the hallway and then finally letting herself out of the apartment…

Asuka gets up from the couch and takes the hanger handed to her from Aya, "Thanks." The four unzip each of the black bags and then smiling at the outfits… Aya places the attire over her front and winks at the other girls, "It's time."

After several minutes of changing and taking turns with the bathroom and the bedroom… Asuka comes out in leather with three quarter cut sleeves and gloves. The leather jacket over the white turtleneck inside guided her curved body and went down to her sides while she wore stiff black jeans. She wore low-heeled boots up that went up her calf with zippers going down the side. She finalized the outfit by adding a pair of sunglasses to hide her eyes and a hat that covered her shortly cut hair.

Yuriko stepped out with her brown hair wrapped in a sushi bun on the back of her head, and slipped a pair of rectangular shaped shades on her head… She wove the lace through the remaining holes on her long boots, and then pulled her tight leather bell-bottoms over them. Her next move was zipping the black nylon up to her neck and finally making sure the buckles of her sai were secure on the outer side of her thighs.

Sakura's outfit consisted of a loose t-shirt under a thin lavender-v-shaped sweater and tight black capris. Her footwear were sneakers that allowed her to achieve full-speed when she was running and allowing her to swiftly use her needles to prick her enemies. She pulled black gloves on her hands to cover the new painted shade of lavender on her nails. Her hair was pulled back to a high ponytail with a thin layer of gel covering her hair and lavender shaded sunglasses over her eyes.

Last but not least, the bedroom door opens and Aya greets them with a smile… She slips out with one inch heeled boots and side zippers going up just reaching before her knees. She wore a black turtle necked tank top with arm warmer gloves that ran up most of her arm. Only a small fraction of her shoulder showed… her uniformed skirt shorts came down and stopped over her mid-thigh … Asuka cracked her knuckles eyeing her hair, "Aya, your brother is going to recognize those pigtails…"

Aya blinks realizing the small detail that she forgot… She untied the ribbons and put them into her right pocket… Sakura makes a gesture on her ear, "Aya-chan… your earring is also quite obvious…"

Aya feels the gold plate through her fingers and nods taking them off as well, "Thanks, I completely forgot about that…" After slipping it into her skirt pocket, she ties her soft hair into a medium level ponytail… her bangs remained above her eyes, "That won't matter right?"

The females surrounding her shake their heads, Aya nods again securing her sheathed sword on her right hip, "Hikari, are you ready?"

The four females take Asuka's black car and arrived at the targeted site 2 blocks area to park their car…

Sakura folds her arms up and glances at Aya, "Um…"

Aya blinks, "What's wrong?"

Sakura looks ahead at the building and then back to her, "Are you sure that we should do this?"

Yuriko, to her left asks, "What do you mean?"

Sakura shrugs and feels her needles in the waist bag to her side, "About taking the mission away from Weiss."

Asuka pulls on her ponytail and surprises her, "You're turning chicken now?"

Sakura sighs and nods a bit, "Sorry, but this is so weird…"

Aya takes her arm, "it's okay, for us too… Weiss are made of members that have special relationships with us. They have been fighting for justice, and we all have been chosen and decided to take this job. Neh?"

Sakura thinks for a moment and smiles, "Let's go…"

Aya nods assured that Sakura is feeling better and slides on her tinted oval shades…

"You ready?"

The red-haired figure nods and signals to the other male across of him, "Let's go…we'll meet in the main hall."

Yoji holds his roll of line tightly, "I'll get the prey. Bombay, you cover me."

Ran, Omi, and Ken blink at him and then give slight nods at each other. Ran eyes Yoji, "Quick and smooth alright?"

Yoji nods, "Just the way I like it…"

The four figures sneak their way around on the grounds and one by one they cut down the forces of guards…

On the other side of the mansion, four other figures stand onto the brick fence… Aya whispers to her teammates, "Alright, Kaze and I will go through the crowd first. Chi and Hono, you two will follow in behind us…" She pulls out of her pocket, 4 sets of right earphones; "These are from Manx we keep in touch with these. And we should try not to spill too much blood… agreed?"

The other three nod believing the same taking the earphones and putting them onto their right ears and arranges the microphones to the sides of their mouths…

Aya, using her newly learned skill of nerve paralyzing, left a trail of unconscious guards. :It's a good thing that I learned this… I don't want too much innocent bloodshed:

Sakura closes in on her full speed using her needles to prick each of them with a sleeping medicine : that should take them out for the next 6 hours:

Mizu. You and Kaze are doing great, we are closing in on you…

Now located right outside a porch glass door; Aya nods pressing her middle finger onto the earpiece and says to Sakura next to her, "Got it… Kaze… where is the target located?"

Sakura reacting to her order takes out a palm pilot and turns it on seeing a map of the mansion with a red dot blinking, "Our subject is now located in his study…" She then stops when noticing 4 blue dots suddenly appear on the screen and whispers… "Kaze! Weiss has been detected!"

Aya looks at her with widen eyes and whispers, "Crap…" She looks up and nods at her other two partners, "We have to do this fast…"

They nod back at her; Asuka strings her fingers with fishing line, "Swiftly. How do I get in?" Sakura points up at a vent opening, "I'm sure you can fit through that."

Asuka smirks, "What do you think?"

The three females smile at her.

"The guy's in his study… I'm moving in Bombay…"

"Balinese, wait… there's someone else here…"

Yoji stops pushing his earphone harder to make sure he heard him right, "Huh?"

Omi answers from the other end, "For some strange reason, I've detected another group of people that don't have the same tracking system as we do or our target's."

"What do you mean?" said Ran with his usual serious voice.

Omi presses a couple of buttons and then shakes his head, "Doesn't matter then…" he looks up and signals to Yoji, "Just continue with the mission, we'll deal with the new four later."

Yoji prepares his line and slips through the just barely open door, he creeps behind the small figured man when the man suddenly turns his head, "Who the hel-?"

Yoji stares at the man who falls to his knees, and then slowly face-first into the ground. He dashes over and sees a line of blood going around the man's neck…


Balinese? What happened? Did you get the target?"

Yoji looks up hearing Omi in his ear, "Shh…" :The vent:

He presses into his communication device, "Bombay! Track the others who are here and make sure you catch up with them!"

Huh? Uh okay… Abyssinian, Siberian, let's go!


"Good Job Chi!"

Asuka climbs down with no problem, "Yeps, but I think we should get outta here and I mean fast… I was lucky to get the target right before Balinese got it." Yuriko places the vent in place making sure the bolts were screwed back in right.

Sakura, still eyeing her mini screen, "They're after us, and it seems that they have tracked our frequency…"

Aya nods, "Then we should get a move on…"

The four females, quick on their feet move with ease down the path that they came through before. When suddenly three figures stop them in front of the gate…

Aya bites her lower lip and motions for the other three to stop, "This isn't good…"

Yoji flies in from the side landing next to Omi, "You four have intercepted in our mission."

Ran pushes his katana slightly out with his thumb, "Who are you four, and who are you working for?"

Yuriko answers with her hands at her sides ready for her Sais, "That is information that Weiss doesn't need to know."

The four males twitch hearing their team name, Omi comes forward, "Sazaki Tomaki was our target."

Sakura shrugs, "And so it seems that you guys have failed your mission."

Ran, hearing the words pulls out his katana and jumps for her, "You're just in our way."

Sakura remains still knowing Aya reacted immediately to defend her, "Arigato Mizu."

Aya's blue eyes shone with determination through her tinted eyeglasses in her defensive position where Ran's katana was perpendicular to hers. Ran continued to push on her katana knowing that he had the advantage. She bit her lower lip knowing that her legs were about to give out to her older brother's strength, so she pulls to the right and uses Ran's own strength to push down his katana to where her boot locked the tip of the blade between the heel and platform of the front of her boot to the ground… at the same time she sends her katana and twists the blade edge to face Ran's neck just millimeters away…

Omi, Ken, and Yoji watch with widen eyes to see Aya's speed… Ken calls to his companion, "Abyssinian!"

Aya says with a determined voice, "This is just a warning. You three better not make a move towards my companions and myself or your leader's neck here would be in danger…"

Ran, looks down at the female and makes an annoyed sound…"Tch…"

Aya looks back at him, "Don't bother to move your katana… you're in a very difficult position at the moment… you four are to allow us to go or next time you won't be lucky…"

Ran smirks at her, "Interesting… you took the words right out of my mouth…"

Aya pulls her katana from him and then Sakura pokes the back of Ran's neck with one of her needles, "Sumimasen Abyssinian-san."

Ran grunts but feels his eyes droop and he leans forward where Ken breaks his fall.

Sakura watches Aya nod to her as she slides her katana back into the sheath and then turns back to Ken, "He'll be up in about 8 hours."

Ken eyes her and nods, "Yea, might be the first time he'll actually get that many hours of sleep in one night…"

Sakura smirks and walks to Aya's side with Yuriko and Asuka joining her…

Omi grips his crossbow in this right hand while the palm pilot in his left, "You four already know who we are… who are you four?"

Aya sighs but smiles, "We are Angels of Hikari, and we shine to paralyze the beasts of darkness like you four are Weiss, the white hunters who hunt out the dark beasts…"

Yuriko folds her arms up, "We've come in to take over your jobs…"

Asuka cracks her neck and groans hearing sirens in the distance, "and it's about time we sign out…"

Sakura bows while the other three nod their heads, "We bid you men a good night."

They turn around and run out the gate and turn left…

Ken shakes his head in disapproval, "We've really messed up this time…"

Omi looks down at Ran and nods, "Yeps, and for the first time we have some sort of competition…"

Yoji pushes his glasses back up, "Che, not only that, this time; they actually on our side…"

Ken chuckles starting to get up, "Compared to Shuryant and the other four bastards…"

The sirens that were in the distance were closing in on them, Yoji helps Ken with Ran, "Let's get going or we'll gonna have even more trouble later…"

They take each of Ran's arms and place them over their necks and pull him along back to the basement of their flower shop…

Asuka's apartment


"It's time to celebrate girls," said Asuka while opening a bottle.

Aya blinks at her and then shakes her head, "Asuka-neisan… Sakura and I are a bit underage…

Asuka winks, "Haha…I'm not gonna get myself in trouble by serving minors, besides… it's just cider… Manx said that I'm not allowed to drink since Yuriko and I are still in our recovery period…"

Yuriko pulls out glasses from the top cupboard and smiles, "We're both are in recovery so that's cider."

Sakura giggles while putting their outfits back into the closet from where they pulled it out form before, "It's good that you two are playing it safe then!"

Asuka sighs and starts to pour into the glasses that were now set on the coffee table, "Safe is necessary when we need to up and ready for whenever Manx comes with a mission."

Aya nods and takes a glass, "A toast to our first successful mission." The other three raise their glasses smiling, "Kanpai!"

beep beep

"Hm… interesting."

Manx looks up from her desk to the older man from across the room and smiles, "Hikari has successfully completed their first mission to execute Sasaki Tomaki, and the kidnapped girls have been rescued by the local police commissioner Persia."

Persia sits down in his leather chair and nods, "Good. It's about time we give Weiss a rest."

"Are you sure that they even need it?" said Manx with a smirk.

He eyes her and nods again while sighing, "they've been working for almost four years. Ever since that run in with Shuyrant and Schleich, Weiss has been exposed and yet media seems to understand to leave them out of the headlines."

Manx smiles through her glasses, "Yes, after all; you have control over the press."

Persia chuckles and slowly stops reverting back to his serious mood, "Weiss definitely without an doubt needs to take the backseat from now on…"

Manx nods, "Should I transfer all future mission to Hikari?"

Persia shakes his head, "No. one more for Weiss and Hikari, only this new one is special where there are more than one target."

Manx nods again understandingly, "Hai."

Persia then turns around in his chair and watches the scenery::sorry Weiss, you will be free to do as your will pulls as Hikari takes over:

Authoress' Note:

Alright.. I know it's been awhile.. and there's lik no more big updates.. so I'm just gonna post as I finished the chapters.. I hope you enjoyed it…I'm still not sure how long am I gonna make this fic, but it looks pretty short as I'm looking into how I'm gonna type the future chapters… well. Plz review.. it's does the girl here good motivation… now that I have writer's block for everything else.