A/N: Just one of those pieces that gets written bit by bit over time. *shrugs* I dunno, I keep trying to write for these guys, but they hardly ever seem to work for me . . . Anyway, Sanji x Zoro. The first thing I've finished for One Piece that went over a hundred words and it's STILL very short. ^_^;; Ah, I am hopeless.



"A Strange Emotion"



There is a bitter taste of lime on Zoro's tongue. It came from Sanji's fingers, which now glisten with saliva where moments ago they dripped with juice. Sanji's eyes are a strange, dark color today. Not quite gray, but not the usual blue at all.

Zoro opens his mouth again slightly. Maybe he intends to speak. He doesn't know- he's a little drunk. Gin. But before he can do anything else, Sanji's other hand is pressing another piece of lime against his lips.

"Isn't it good?" Sanji asks softly, blissfully. "I do everything I can, but natural flavor can't be beaten."

Zoro doesn't know what to say.

It's okay, though, because Sanji doesn't really seem to be looking for an answer.

Zoro pulls the lime into his mouth with his tongue and crushes its soft flesh between his teeth. Sanji watches him, eyes bright with a strange emotion. Zoro doesn't think he's ever seen it before. Maybe something vaguely like it . . .

Something like it, but not really it at all. Something in Kuina, maybe even in Tashigi, but not quite this something- even though it is so, so close.

And then Sanji tastes a slice of that lime himself, closing his eyes in pleasure as a drop of juice escapes his mouth and runs down his chin. He moves to wipe it away, but Zoro catches the hand.

Sanji's eyes open slowly, lazily. Questioning. Expecting?

Again, Zoro has no answer. But he leans forward until his mouth is nearly on the other's and then licks- quickly, harshly.

The lime is harsh too, and the taste unsatisfactorily brief.

But Sanji smiles and laces their fingers together easily, and then he kisses him. Zoro can taste lime on the other's tongue and smell it on his skin. And he remembers that he's drunk, and knows that he's going to be kicking himself in the morning.

But then he thinks about it and decides: right now, this is okay. So right now, he kisses Sanji back and pushes Sanji down and grins when Sanji grins and doesn't worry about tomorrow. It's such a vague concept, anyway, and nothing next to this moment that tastes like gin and lime, that is the same color as Sanji's eyes, that stretches out as long as the other's smile.

"I think breakfast is going to be late tomorrow," Sanji murmurs breathlessly, flirtatiously, briefly breaking the kiss.

"I think it's going to be late forever," Zoro retorts with a smirk, and lunges down again to catch Sanji's mouth.

After that, there is nothing but the perfect taste of lime and that strange emotion between them.



* ende *



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