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The Singing Heart

"The four of you guys go, I'll catch up," Robin said to the other titans.

"Are you sure Robin?" Asked Starfire.

"Yeah man, you might miss some of the show," Cyborg said trying to entice Robin to leave with them now.

"No really," Robin said looking back at his computer, "I have to finish the new training sequence.

"Maybe I could stay with you to help," Starfire said looking at Robin's computer then to Robin himself. Robin knew what she was thinking. After the incident with Slade about going over to the side, they didn't seem to trust him as much because they had thought that he didn't trust them. But it was the complete opposite. He trusted them so much that he knew they would rush to his aide, exactly what he didn't want to happen.

"I could stay here and make snacks that you could test," Starfire said while rue my friends. I know that they expect me, but why do I continue?"

He looked outside then back to his computer. "I am too tense now to do serous research. I might as well meet them at the club."

"Are we there yet?"

Raven stopped walking and shouted, "Okay Star, you have been saying that for the past 20 minutes. When we get there, I will tell you okay?"

Starfire looked to the ground, "I am so sorry Raven, but I am just so excited about going to my first concert."

Beast Boy turned to Starfire. "Well, from what I heard, it isn't really a concert Star. Just some girl that can sing really well at this club called. What is it called again?"

"Ace of Spades," Cyborg answered looking at a building. "I think this is the place."

"Ooooo, what fun we shall have at this singing girl's place," Star fire said as she rushed inside.

"This seems like a cool place," Raven said silently as she walked inside. Cyborg and BB sound followed.

"Now where did Starfire head to?" Cyborg thought aloud.

"Over here my friends," Starfire said while waving her hands. "I have found a table for us."

"You were right Raven, this does seem like a cool place, maybe one of your hang outs?" asked Cyborg.

"No, I have never been here before," was her answer.

After about five minutes of talking, a waitress came over to the table where the titans were sitting.

"Hello, my name is Tiffany. Anything you would like to eat before the show starts?"

"Can you make a Marfle-Frac? It is one of my favorite dishes," asked Starfire.

"Umm, well, tell me what is in it, and I can see what I can do."

"Trust me," Raven said to the waitress, "You don't want to know."

"How about five lemonades,'' asked BB.

"That I can do," said Tiffany as she started to walk back to the kitchen. "Hey Frank," she said to what was probably the cook, "Have you ever heard of a Marfle-Frac?

As soon as Tiffany brought the five lemonades, the lights began to dim and the whole room was quiet.

A young girl walked out onto the stage. She looked no more than fourteen, but the way that she carried her self, you could se she seemed older.

"Wow," BB said, "She is pretty." Cyborg nodded his head in agreement and continued to stare at the girl.

Raven looked around the room and saw that most of the audience was guys, and they were all watching the girl like how a child watches a flame, following its every move.

The girl had blonde hair past her shoulders, but it was in a ponytail so it was hard to tell. She had emerald green eyes that seemed to stare into your very soul.

She walked up to the microphone and started to sing the most wonderful song. It was Real Folk Blues.

"Wow," Cyborg said, "What a wonderful sound." Raven looked at Cyborg then BB then noticed around the room that all the guys in the club seemed to be in a trance.

*Weird* was what Raven thought to herself. She noticed none of the girls in the club seemed to be in the same sort of trance.

"It is a pretty song," commented Starfire. "I wonder where Robin is, he is going to miss this song."

"Oh well," BB mumbled, still in the trance of the singing. "More for us to listen to."

"Crap crap crap CRAP!" Robin said running down the street to get to the club. "I really hope that I am not late. I heard this girl is supposed to be a really good singer." Robin was really paying attention as he was running to catch up to the his friends, so he ended up falling, almost getting hit by a car twice and he ran into about fifteen people. Robin slowed to a fast walk as he was almost to the club. "I have never noticed this many people in this city before." He got to the club, the Ace of Spades and saw that all the people were trying to get inside that club. When he managed to get to the front, a huge bouncer was standing there, letting no one inside with out their ticket.

"Um, excuse me, but I have friends inside waiting for me, can I go in?"

"Hey, your Robin right? From the Teen Titans? Did your friend ask for a Marfle-Frac?"

That was probably Star trying to get some food. "Yeah, that is one of my friends."

The bouncer opened the gate and let Robin enter. He added that the show just finished, but he might still catch Sara singing.


The bouncer looked at him and then added, "Sara. You know, the girl that is singing here tonight. That is the reason for all the crowds." Robin thanked the man and went into to see the girl just finishing with her song. She bowed and looked at the crowd and caught Robin's eye and smiled at him. She then turned and went backstage. He was in awe of her eyes and her smile. "What beauty," he thought aloud.

His thoughts were soon interrupted by Cyborg grabbing him and running backstage with the rest of the titans.

"Did you guys enjoy the show?" Robin asked his friends while he was being carried.

"You missed the best singer in the world," BB told him. "We are going backstage to see if we can talk to her."

It took about five minutes to get to the backstage door. Robin turned to see that the rest of the crowd was still staring at the stage all though there was nothing on the stage.

The door said Sara on it and it was painted black.

"So, what are we doing here?" Robin asked as they stood facing the door.

"Duh man," Cyborg started to say. "Didn't you see the show. She was awesome, we just have to meet her."

"Yeah," added BB.

So, Robin proceeded to open the door. He pushed the door open and saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. When she spoke, it was like water, it just seemed to flow.

"Hello, my name is Sara. I hoped you enjoyed my show."

But there was something about her face, when she said it, she didn't really look like she was happy. Sad even.