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Chapter 1: Welcome to High School

"Kagome get up, rise and shine it is morning," said Mrs. Higurashi. Mrs. Higurashi saw that her daughter had her head under the pillow as usual and her hands having a death grip on the bed. 'I didn't want to have to do this, but yet again she leaves me no choice.' "SPIDER!" yelled Mrs. Higurashi.

Kagome shot out of bed and shrieked. "Where is it," Kagome panicked. Kagome searched all around her room to see no spider and to see her mom smiling. "Mom," complained Kagome. "Why did you have to do that again," whined Kagome. (AN-Yes I am afraid of spiders!)

"You are starting off at a new school here Kagome, you can't be late the very first day," told Mrs. Higurashi.

"So, you keep doing this to me every morning, regardless of what school I go to," complained Kagome. Kagome looked at her clock to see it read 6:30 a.m. "Mom you woke me up at 6:30 and we only have to be there by 8:30," yelled Kagome.

"Kagome, do you want your noisy alarm clock back again, you know the one that doesn't break," threatened Mrs. Higurashi. "You better be getting up when I tell you to or else you will have to walk to school, like you are today," said Mrs. Higurashi.

"What, but the school is about two miles away," said Kagome in disbelief. "You are joking right, I don't have to walk," checked Kagome to see if she heard correctly.

"You better take a shower quickly, eat breakfast very fast, and walk fast to school Kagome, it is now 6:45," said Mrs. Higurashi looking at Kagome's clock.

"But why can't you take me to school, come on mom I promise I will get up when you tell me to from now on," Kagome begged.

"No Kagome, the only way to learn is to learn from your mistakes," Mrs. Higurashi pointed out. "I have to take Souta to school to you know, and that is about ten miles," Mrs. Higurashi estimated.

"What! You are taking that brat to school and not me," exclaimed Kagome angrily.

"This brat wakes up early and is not an idiot and listens to mom," said Souta sticking out his tongue at Kagome.

"OUT!" yelled Kagome. Souta just stood there, Kagome walked up to him pissed, and started counting, Souta knew what that meant and high tailed it out of there. Kagome got her clothes and ran to the shower.

Kagome turned on the shower and then got undressed out of her pajamas and jumped into the shower. "Cold, cold, cold," said Kagome shivering while turning the knob to the warmer side. Kagome scrabbled with the shampoo and put it in her hair, washed it out and then got the conditioner, put that in and washed that out. "Soap, soap where is it," said Kagome looking for the soap. "Found ya," said Kagome grabbing the soap. Kagome had a problem holding it because it kept slipping out. "Stupid soap," blamed Kagome picking the soap up from the floor when she fell. "The pains in taking a shower so quickly," complained Kagome rubbing the soap all over her body and washed it off as well. Kagome jumped out of the shower and got dressed. Kagome then blew dry her hair until she was satisfied.

Kagome ran down the stairs and put some poptarts in the toaster. "Come on, come on, hurry up or I will be late for school and then mom will be extra mad at me," said Kagome tapping her foot waiting for the poptart to come out of the toaster. Thirty seconds later the poptart popped out of the toaster. Kagome put it in her mouth and grabbed her backpack and headed out the door.

Kagome looked at her watch to see it say 7:30 a.m. "How long did I take in the shower anyway, maybe half an hour or something," asked Kagome to herself. "Man why did I have to be so rushed this morning, stupid school," complained Kagome running. Kagome kept running until she could see the school, "Finally here!" Kagome looked down at her watch to see it say 8:15 a.m.

Kagome entered the building and went to the office. "Hey you," said Kagome to the snoring office lady. "Hey," tried Kagome again. "WAKE UP!" yelled Kagome.

The office lady woke up and covered her ears. "Must you yell so loud," complained the office lady. "What can I do for you," asked the office lady awake.

"Hi, I am a new student," said Kagome.

"Name," asked the office lady pulling out the new student files.

"Kagome Higurashi," said Kagome.

"Kagome, Kagome," said the office lady looking through the office files. "Here you are," said the office lady handing the schedule over to Kagome.

"Thanks," said Kagome running out of the office. Kagome looked down at her watch again and saw it say 8:20 a.m. "Well that was quicker than I expected," said Kagome. Kagome ran around the halls not knowing where to go. "Where the hell is D218," yelled Kagome. Kagome then looked at the door she was right next to, to read D218. "Just my luck," glared Kagome at the door.

Kagome walked into the room and saw a circle of girls around something. "Wonder what it is about," said Kagome.

"Oh you a new student or something," asked a girl from behind Kagome.

"Yes, my name is Kagome Higurashi," Kagome greeted.

"I knew you were new, this happens every morning," the girl sighed. "You see the circle is surrounding these popular guys," explained the girl. "Oh yeah by the way my name is Sango," Sango greeted.

"Just wondering are the popular guys preps too," asked Kagome.

"Yep to be blunt snobs, but the one that aggravates me the most, is this guy named Miroku," stated Sango. "You see if there isn't one thing I can't stand in this world it would have to be perverts, you know the kind talking about sex non stop and think about it non stop," explained Sango. "Well this guy would grab any girls butt, you ask any girl in this school if their butts have been grabbed by Miroku and they will all say yes," stated Sango as if it was a fact.

Kagome then felt a hand on her butt, "I will give you the count of ten and by the time I get there that hand better be off my ass," threatened Kagome.

Sango saw Miroku with his face and it looked like it was in total bliss. Sango yelled, "HENTAI!" and smacked him across the face.

"Touched your ass again Sango," asked a girl walking in the classroom.

"No, he touched Kagome's," explained Sango. "Oh yeah, Rin this is the new student Kagome," said Sango pointing at Kagome.

"Inuyashie will you go out with me," asked a girl sitting on Inuyasha's lap.

"I already am," said Inuyasha wrapping his arms around Kikyo.

"Hear that girls, stop creating a circle around him every morning because he is mine all mine," said Kikyo while claiming Inuyasha's lips.

"Inuyasha you are so lucky, the guys wish they could be you and the girls want to be with you," envied Miroku. "Now if only I could find a girl for me that would bare my child," commented Miroku.

"Here is a hint Miroku, girls don't want to be groped 24/7," exclaimed Sango.

Kagome saw Miroku looking at her. "No I will not bare your child," stated Kagome.

"Wow you are good, how did you know I was going to ask that," asked Miroku.

"You are an idiot," stated Kagome.

"Students we are having a new seating arrangement," declared Mr. Koshiwaka. You could hear the protesting groan from the class. "But before I put you in your assigned seats I would like the new student to come introduce herself," said Mr. Koshiwaka.

Kagome walked down to the front of the classroom. "My name is Kagome Higurashi," greeted Kagome smiling.

"Anything else you would like to say," asked Mr. Koshiwaka.

"No," said Kagome.

"Alright for the seating arrangement, the back row will be Miroku to the right, Inuyasha center, and Shippo to the left. Next row is Sango to the right, Kagome in the center and Rin on the left. In front of them is Kikyo on the right, Kanna in the center, and Kagura on the left. The row in front of them is Kouga on the right, Naraku in the center and Sesshomaru on the left." Said Mr. Koshiwaka rambling on and on.

"My deepest sympathies for you Kagome," said Rin. "I am sorry, really you are the new student and you have to sit in front of Inuyasha," commented Rin.

"If you have a problem Higurashi I could take that seat for you," Kikyo smiled. "Wouldn't want to have to sit in front of Inuyasha now would you," questioned Kikyo.

"No way in hell are you sitting next to me," yelled Sango.

"Who is Inuya," was all Kagome was able to get out before she fell out of her chair. 'Whoever kicked my chair I swear I am gonna.' "Why you little," said Kagome as she was being lifted by the front of her shirt.

"Bastard," finished Inuyasha for Kagome.

Kagome saw a guy with silver hair and amber orbs. "You must be Inuyasha," guessed Kagome slapping him.

"Did you just slap me," asked Inuyasha. "Very interesting," commented Inuyasha looking Kagome over.

"Interesting," questioned Kagome.

"Inuyasha is one of the popular preps, he is really said to be a player and to get any girl he wants," whispered Sango. "Currently him and the bitch Kikyo are going out," explained Sango.

"You mean the slut that was battering her eyelashes at him," said Kagome pointing to Kikyo. "Her and Inuyasha would make the perfect couple," said Kagome pointing back and forth between Inuyasha and Kikyo.

"Has anyone told you it is not nice to point at other people," asked Inuyasha.

"Has anyone told you not to talk to strangers," Kagome fired back.

"I was surprised that you didn't come to see me this morning around in that circle of mine," commented Inuyasha. "Of course I can score a whole ton better than you anyway," stated Inuyasha. "Every guy wants to be me and every girl wants to be with me," said Inuyasha cockily.

"Wrong," said Kagome making a bzzt sound. "I don't want you, either does Sango or Rin, but hey sure go for it which girl is it that you desire," asked Kagome. "Well Inuyasha there is Kikyo over there," said Kagome pointing at Kikyo. "You don't really have to do anything to her really, just stand in front of her," said Kagome. "I am positive she will come up to you on all fours begging for you to take her, she will do anything, honest" commented Kagome.

'So you don't want me Kagome? Well by the end of the school year you will be on your knees begging to be with me,' thought Inuyasha with a cocky smile.

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