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Chapter 21: Shikon Jewel

Kagome saw the barrier going around her. 'Is this going to be a duel to the death? I don't want to kill anymore people.' "Kikyo I am sorry."

"Sorry for what," asked Kikyo none to kindly.

"Sorry for killing Naraku, sorry for killing all those people, so I am sorry, I know there is nothing I can do besides repenting for the sins I have done," said Kagome.

"Sorry? Sorry won't bring won't bring Naraku back to life! Repent, repent and die!" Kikyo lunged at Kagome and took out a hidden dagger cutting Kagome on the left arm. Kagome winced in pain.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha ran to Kagome but got fried by the barrier.

"I recall telling you before, anyone who tries to go through the barrier to help her will get hurt. Now stand up on your own two feet," commanded Kikyo.

"No, I no longer have the will to fight," said Kagome.

"Then you will die." Kikyo lunged at Kagome again but Kagome dodged the attack. "Why can't you do anything else but dodge my attack? Fight me!"

'Why can't she think of anything but fighting?'

:: #Don't forget what I am about to tell you, this is very important. Whenever your own power fails you and you are in trouble call on me#::

"No I won't resort to that," Kagome said to herself.

Kikyo shot an arrow at Kagome but Kagome dodged it yet again. "Why won't you fight? Here you are having a duel to the death with me and you won't even fight me. You keep that attitude up and you will get yourself killed."

"Kagome you have got to fight her," exclaimed Miroku. "You can't keep up by just dodging, you will ware yourself out before anything else happens."

"You don't understand! I would rather die then kill someone else, I refuse to commit anymore sins! I can't stand watching people suffer, I came from a long line of priests, there is no way I am going to kill someone," Kagome explained.

"Don't give me that bullshit! You realized that you were the one that was killing all those people. Then you could have came out of the assassin you anytime you wanted to and yet you being the selfish you ran away and stayed inside the other you," stated Kikyo.

'I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away.' "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kagome grew a bright pink color. Kikyo fired another arrow at her but the bright pink color around Kagome disintegrated the arrow before it got to Kagome.

:: "Hey there, you got a thing for hurting yourself," said the little Inuyasha. "What were you running away from anyway?"

"It was an out of control boar," exclaimed a little Kagome.

"Why were you out so late at night anyway?"

"I thought that this time I wouldn't run away when I saw the boar but I did again, I run away from everything! I am so weak it is pathetic," sobbed Kagome.::

'I wish there was a way not to fight anymore, why must everything that evolves around me being death?' Kagome grew even brighter as something inside her grew bight pink. "What's happening?" Out came a bright pink jewel and Kagome collapsed to the ground catching it.

"The Shikon jewel? It was inside her all along? Why were you hiding it inside you," asked Kikyo making her way over to Kagome who was unconscious. "I see I guess you won't mind if I take this. Kikyo bent down and touched Kagome's hand only to be electrocuted. Kikyo drew back her hand immediately, "What is going on?"

"Kagome," yelled Sango. "Kagome get up!"

Kagome opened her eyes, where was she? That's right she was fighting with Kikyo. "Don't worry Sango I have no intension of dying. She opened her hands to be looking at the very jewel she had broken years ago. 'How did this get inside my body?'

"Kagome," called Inuyasha. "Make a wish."

'That's right this thing can grant wishes. I can be a normal person.' "I…"

"Don't even think about it," said Kikyo throwing a dagger at Kagome hitting her left arm again in the exact same spot. "If anything I am the one who deserves to be happy not you! You don't even deserve to hold the jewel let alone someone's love."

Kagome ignored the pain and held up the Shikon jewel. "Listen to the power of my wishes. I wish none of this ever happened, that I would live the normal life I desired. Everyone here has not met each other, they will go about their normal lives as if none of this ever happened." The jewel grew a bright pink once again. "Goodbye everyone, none of us will remember this or each other, I won't know about my past either. Our future will be totally different. I don't know if we will meet again though. But for the record Inuyasha, I do love you."

"Kagome," exclaimed Inuyasha. Then everything went black, he opened his eyes to see all these people around him. They had nothing to do with him so why stay? He left to go home.

Kagome slowly opened her eyes to see a lot of people with her. "Um….do I know you guys?"

"No I don't think so," said Sango.

"Oh I wish I knew you," said Miroku rubbing Sango's butt.

"Hentai! I am glad I don't know you," exclaimed Sango.


Hey remember reviewers and readers I said there would be a summary for the sequel right? Well here it is……

Kagome has gone back to her normal life as a priestess at a shrine. One day the oh so famous Inuyasha has stopped at the door saying he is living at the shrine, it was part of a deal Kagome's mom made! Kagome has always despised the famous star Inuyasha but now she has to live with him! Pairings: Kag/Inu Mir/San . I am not that great at summarizing but it is better than it sounds. Anyhow the story will be called : Normal Life?