The Black Pearl

And so it went. Jack and Aragorn fought for what seemed like eturnity. Blocking. Ducking. Jumping. Lunging. Will finally came up on deck, but rushed back down when he saw Jillian. Jillian, eventually, went back down to the brig and saw that half of the people were up. A man with long, blonde hair looked up at her and seemed very protective of the black haired girl sitting in his arms. Jillian explained where Aragorn was and led them up to the fight that seemed to be going pretty well. Jillian and Elizabeth went down stairs and sat at the table, Jillian pulling out a bottle of rum.

"So, was it fun?" Elizabeth asked, looking out of the window.

"What?" Jillian asked, almost choking on her rum.

"Kissing that man."

"Well-" but Jillian didn't have time to finish, for at that exact moment a long, peircing, agonizing scream filled the air. Jillian and Elizabeth rushed up to the deck, to find Jack holding his arm, blood trailed down his fingers. Jillian rushed over and forced Jack to let her look at his wound.

"It's a gunshot." Jillian finalized, carefully pulling a bullet from Jack's arm. Jack clenched his teeth and exhaled sharply. Jillian ripped off the hem off her skirt and tied it tightly around Jack's bleeding arm. She carefully pulled the bow tight and let Jack's arm go.

"Who could have shot him?" Will asked, coming on deck with the tall, white bearded man. Jillian shrugged and stood up, helping Jack to his feet.

"I don't know." Elizabeth said, wrapping her arm around Will's shoulders. Aragorn slid his sword away and looked at Legolas.

"Give me your arm." Legolas said, outstreaching his arm. Jack looked suspicious.

"Why would ye' need me arm, mate?" Jack narrowed his eyes at him. Legolas took his arm and, ignoring the angry outbursts from Jack, placed his hand over the wound. Jack flinched for a second then Legolas walked away, and back to Ina's side. Jack raised his eyebrow and pulled the ripped cloth off of his arm. He examined the wound. Only there was no wound.

"Bloody 'ell! What'd ye' do, mate?" he asked, showing his arm to Jillian. Jillian looked up to Legolas and felt calmness in his eyes. Legolas smiled.

"It is an Elven heal." he said. The bearded man walked over to him and looked around the ship. Legolas turned and scanned the horizon.

"Legolas, vass karees sol elf het tillass ? (Legolas, what do your elf eyes see?)" Aragorn stepped up beside Legolas. But just as Legolas was about to answer, a crash next to the mast made everyone on deck jump with suprise, as well as send two small, child-sized people rushing up the stairs to stop next to Gandalf.

"Pippin! Merry! Sam, it's Pippin and Merry!" One of the small people ran over to the two others that had appeared just as they had. The other rushed after him and helped up two more small people.

"Ow'd you get here, Frodo?" one of the boys asked.

"A portal, Pippin. How did you get here?" Frodo answered.

"Well we just touched this shiney object and were thrown here." the other boy said.

"What's with this portal thing ye' talking about, mate?" Jack asked. The two new boys tensed and looked up at him. Legolas walked over with Ina and answered for them.

"A portal is a teleporter. I aways thought it was a myth, but if we find another teleporter, we can go back." Legolas answered.

"Aye, and ye' want us to help ye' find the matching portal?" Jack asked, being pushed aside by a stout, red haired man as he ran up the steps.

"Where are we, Aragorn?" he asked, pulling out an ax. Legolas stopped him and told him all he needed to know. Pippin and Merry listened in too. Once they were all up to speed, Jack walked up to the steering wheel.

"Ye', Legolas, where're we going to?" Jack called. Jillian turned to Legolas, only he had turned and began scanning the horizon again. Ina had her arm around his waist and Jillian felt a twang of jealousy that Jack wasn't there with her.

"Legolas, vass karees so tillass? (Legolas, what do you see?)" Aragorn repeated the question as he stepped up next to Jillian. The four small men were gathered in a group, whispering amongst themselves. The red bearded man was speaking in low voices with the tall man they called Gandalf. Jillian felt suddenly guilty as Elizabeth approched Will and kissed him, then whispered in his ear. He looked suddenly shocked. He looked at her. She smiled. He smiled with her led her down the stairs and Jillian heard a door slam below them. Jillian had been so caught up in Will and Elizabeth, that she didn't realize that Legolas had answered Jack the ship had started to move. She stepped up and leaned against the edge of the ship. Aragorn leaned inbetween her and Legolas.

"How do you know Ina, Legolas?" he asked. Legolas looked at him then to Ina then back again. He smiled before answering.

"Well, you know in the battle of Helm's Deep?"


"Well, Ina had impersonated a boy in the Elven group that Galadriel sent. I found her out and she promised me to never tell. And we have been friends ever since." Legolas smiled and hugged Ina. Jillian's jealousy suddenly rose and she turned from them, looking ahead on to the bright ocean.

"Do any of ye' want somethin' to drink?" Gibbs came up bahind Jillian, causing her to jump a bit in surprise.

"Drink?" Gandalf looked confused.

"We got rum, water, and well that's it. Rum and water."

"Uh, water please." Gandalf said. The four small men nodded in agreement.

"Water for us as well." Aragorn signaled towards himself, Ina and Legolas.

"Rum, Gibbs." Jillian said, not taking her eyes off of the setting sun.