Horizon's doorways

Warnings/notes : Pseudo-Ancient Egyptian canon-inspired AU, Seto/Joey, Yami/Yugi, Bakura/Malik/Ryou, Pegasus, slightly silly/ooc.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The name 'opening of the doorways of the horizon' is the only thing historically correct about this celebration, which took place at the 30th of Pamenot, which corresponds to our modern-day 13th february (not quite Valentine's day, but close enough I thought ^^;). Everything else is made up.

written at 7th january 2003, by Misura


Staring out over the city of Thebes, Yami sighed. Tomorrow he would perform the ceremonial 'opening of the doorways of the horizon', to herald the beginning of a festival to celebrate love and the beginning of new life. Unfortunately, he didn't really have anyone to enjoy it with.

"Blue or green?"

Yami blinked, turning to stare at the person who had asked that somewhat vague question. His master of ceremonies sighed, sadly shaking his head.

"Would your majesty prefer your guards to wear their blue or their green cloaks? I need to know that to make sure the clothing of the other participants in the parade won't disrupt the flow of colors," the man explained.

"Oh, whatever. I don't care, Pegasus." Yami shrugged, his gaze wandering back to the window. He thought he could hear people laughing on the streets, as if they had no cares in the world at all. For a moment, he deperately wished he could be down there.

Pegasus 'tsk'ed, but made no further comments. At least, not on the outfit of Yami's guards.

"You seem a bit downcast today, my pharaoh. Does the weight of the crown rest so heavily on you?" Pegasus smiled gently. He had acted as a regent for Yami during the first years of his reign, since Yami had been only ten when his father had died. Sometimes he felt like Pegasus still considered him to be too young to rule.

"No," Yami replied curtly. "I just wished it didn't have to be so damn lonely all the time," he added sourly, by way of explanation. After all, Pegasus had never openly protested against Yami taking the throne before he was an adult by law. It wouldn't be a very smart thing to ruffle the man's feathers unnecessarily.

"Ah." Pegasus nodded in understanding. "I met my wife during this festival, ten years ago. She was acting the part of one of Isis' handmaidens at the time, if I recall correctly." Yami made no reply, knowing full well what had happened after that first meeting.

"Who knows if you might find the other half of your soul as well tomorrow?" Pegasus continued with a slightly forced smile. "Which reminds me, the Lady Anzu gave me this for you." He held out a small amulet in the shape of a scarab.

Yami accepted it, studying the writing on it curiously. "What's it supposed to do?"

"To guide you to your true love." Pegasus shrugged. "Normally I'd say such things couldn't possibly work, but one never knows. She *is* the High Priestess of the Goddess of Love after all. And it can never do any harm to try, can it? Wear it during the ceremony."

"Are you sure it won't unbalance the color-schedule of my robes?" Yami inquired with a grin.

Pegasus snorted. "Quite sure. Now, please at least *try* to pay attention while I explain the route the parade will take to the temple this year."


"You know, Bakura, you've had quite a lot of weird or downright stupid plans over the years," Malik remarked. "And I've always supported you to keep you out of trouble."

"For which I am ever so grateful, my dear Malik." Bakura looked up from his work with a grin. "Though I do feel obliged to point out that it's usually *me* who manages to save both our hides if we land into a sticky situation again, thanks to your clumsiness."

"I'm not clumsy!" Malik bristled. "Just because I stumbled once - "

"Once is one time too many in our line of work," Bakura interrupted him. "You could have gotten us both killed that night. If it hadn't been for my brilliant, improvised escape-plan, we'd have been dead."

"Fine, fine, forget I said anything. Go write your stupid love-poem. It's not as if I care." Malik rolled his eyes, hoping Bakura'd ever let him forget about the fiasco of his first burglary.

"Thank you so much." Bakura rolled his eyes. "Like I need your permission. You're just being jealous since you didn't see him first."

"That's not the point at all!" Malik snapped back. "The point is that you're going to fool around with someone who'd probably turn us in to the guards if he knew who we were! Someone, I might add, you haven't even met face to face."

"All part of the fun." Bakura shrugged. "So stop moping around and give me a hand here. What rhymes with 'forevermore'?"


"Has anyone told you yet that you look absolutely great in green?" Jou spun around, blinking to find Seto standing there. Seto, who was the only priest with whom Jou *didn't* get along. Seto, who was always making disparaging comments about his character and the way he dressed.

"N-no." His cheeks felt very hot. He deperately tried to cool down, not to let his excitement at being complimented by Seto show this much.

Seto smirked. "I'm not surprised. It looks even worse on you than your usual garb."

It took Jou's overheated brains a few moments to realize he'd just been insulted. Again. "You - "

"Not that I think there's anything that'd look *good* on you. You're a hopeless cause, mutt." Seto sauntered away, a sneering expression on his face. Jou scowled at his back, while Honda and Otogi, two of his fellow-guards, chuckled.

"You really should've seen that one coming, you know," Otogi chided.

"That guy's a total jerk, Jou!" Honda affirmed. "You should get over that silly crush of yours and look around for someone nice. I could introduce you to some nice girl ... "

"No, thanks. I haven't lost hope just yet." Jou reached for the love-charm his sister had sent him. She had written it'd reach its full power at the night of the festival. He hoped she was right.

"Your loss then." Otogi's eyes glittered. "Hey, Honda, is that offer open to me too? I wouldn't mind getting to know some new girls."