Next Generation: Chapter One

Title: Next Generation

Chapter 1 - Without Her

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None

Season: Anytime where all of these characters are in it.

Summary: Jack, Daniel and Sam have been missing for four months now they're finally coming home, but only Jack and Daniel come through the gate

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Disclaimer: None of these people belong too me (sadly)

Author's Note: My first EVER serious fanfiction!!! Be in awe! So please be nice to me and I did try my hardest to keep random things out of it like General Hammond rear end etc. This is a Sam/Jack fic with romance and angst (or there will be once I added few more chapters) so if you don't like those things be gone!

Thanks: To my two beta readers for this fic, Cathain Nottingham and Amy (Liechtensteinerin), thanx guys you've been a big help ((

"Off world activation" the lieutenant called over to General Hammond "Sir, its Teal'c" Hammond felt his heart give a small jump, this was it, now they would know the truth for better or worse.

For nearly four months Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter and Daniel Jackson had been missing. He'd last seen them entering the gate on a routine mission to P3X 259, several hours later they had communicated requesting permission to stay longer and investigate some buildings they'd seen on the horizon, and that had been the last he'd heard of them. Rescue missions had been mounted, of course, but the teams came back empty handed, not only that, but they didn't find any buildings, in any direction from the Stargate.

Eventually Hammond had begun to lose hope of ever finding them again.but now, now at last Teal'c was going to bring the rest of SG-1 home. He took a deep breath, "Open the iris."

For a few seconds the gate stood still and silent, soldiers lined up around it, their guns poised at the open wormhole, after what seemed like an eternity the familiar figure of Teal'c emerged from the shimmering surface, seconds behind him was Daniel. His face was flushed and his hair a mess, he'd obviously been running, as had Colonel O'Neill who emerged next, his own face a picture of panic and worry. His leg appeared to be badly injured as he lent heavily on Daniel and his trousers were stained in blood. The second he'd gathered his composure he turned yelling to Daniel, "I can't believe you did that! You should have let me go back!" It was only then that Hammond noticed Daniel's hand firmly fixed around the Colonel's wrist.

"She told me we had to go, there was no point in us staying she wouldn't leave." Daniel replied, his voice more full of sympathy than anger.

"Doctor Jackson" Hammond approached him, "Colonel O'Neill, good to have you both back, we thought we lost you.where is Major Carter?" He swallowed hard, hoping to God that the answer wasn't what he thought it was.

O'Neill was silent and just glared at Daniel, eventually Teal'c spoke, "Major Carter refused to come through the gate."

"What? Why?"

"She said she had to do something, that she couldn't leave alone," Daniel finished for Teal'c, "But she also said she'd be through as soon as she could and not to hold the gate open for her."

"If she makes it." O'Neill added bitterly.

"She'll make it," Daniel replied, "Sam can look after herself."

"Well I guess we have no choice but wait and hope she comes through." General Hammond cut in before O'Neill could retort, "In the meantime I want you two to report to the infirmary."

"Yes Sir."

* * * * * * * * * * *

The injection Dr. Fraiser had given Jack had gone someway towards easing the pain in his left leg. He could think clearly now without the blinding pain stabbing at his leg - instead it was replaced by a stabbing pain in his mind - Carter. The image flashed through his mind again, her lying screaming in a dark corner - at first he hadn't even been certain it was her; her face had been gaunt and worn, covered in red marks and dirt. She clearly wasn't in her normal frame of mind - when he'd touched her she'd drawn back, afraid.

She'd been afraid of him.after everything they'd been through and.felt together she's been afraid of him. He could still hear her screams of terror, they echoed round his head. He didn't know what had happened to her while she was there - he was terrified for her.

He should have been there to protect look after her. And now where was she? Back in the hands of Anzar? Alone struggling her way through the sandstorm? Dead? 'Please let her come home,' he thought a silent prayer to himself, 'let me see her one last time'.


A voice cut into his thoughts. "General," he shifted himself so he was sitting up in the bed.

"I know you're tired and worried about Major Carter but I need to know a little bit about what happened on that planet, we may need to know if we have to rescue Major Carter." Hammond said sitting on the seat between the Colonel's and Daniel's beds.

"Sir, they've just got back." Dr. Fraiser protested "Surely it can wait a few hours?"

"Major Carter may not have a few hours - we need to know what we're up against."

"Ok General, but I'm only giving you fifteen minutes, they need their rest." Fraiser said reluctantly.

"Who was holding you captive?" General Hammond asked directly to O'Neill.

"Some damn scientist," he spat the last word, "he was an alien by the name of Anzar, some sort of mad scientist."

Daniel interrupted, "He had a whole team working for him, experimenting - not just on humans, we saw all kinds of species there."

"They kept us in cells like animals," the Colonel added bitterly, "they split us up from Carter.we didn't see her again until." he trailed off, ".sir she was in a terrible state." the pain clearly showed in his eyes, General Hammond's heart felt heavy.

"Colonel, how exactly did you manage to get out?" he moved onwards.

"I'm not quite sure what happened, but one day there was all this noise and explosions outside. I looked out to see the place overrun by these other aliens. They were armed and there were lots of them. They began taking out Anzar's guys and one of their blasts hit my cell and knocked off the door. I managed to get to Daniel and in the panic and confusion we managed to grab our stuff from the storage cell."

"What about Major Carter?"

"They had a large computer system which I eventually managed to use to find out where she was." Daniel told him. "She was separate from all the other cells and while I held off the attackers Jack bust the door in and got her out."

"She didn't look good General," O'Neill added sadly, "to be honest sir, I don't know how she's going to make it out of there alone, she could barely even stand. I don't know what they did to her but she was in far worse state than Daniel or me. She didn't even believe it was me, she thought she was hallucinating."

"So what happened next?" Hammond prompted, aware of the time and Dr. Fraiser's eagle glare.

"We got her out, and I ran across the corridor to where we thought the exit was. Daniel and Sam were supposed to follow once the coast was clear," he shot an angry look at Daniel, "but only Daniel followed."

"She wouldn't leave." Daniel turned to Hammond "There was nothing I could do, she made me go."

"The exit door opened and a hail of fire shot at us, we had to run out to escape and I was outside before I realised Carter wasn't with us. Anzar's guards had followed us out, I yelled to Daniel about Carter but he just said we had to go. They were coming up behind us, we had no choice, and if we had tried to go back we would have run right into their line of fire. We managed to keep them off us as we ran towards the Stargate. They followed us, and that's when I got shot," he motioned to his bandaged leg, "I thought we were goners then, it wouldn't have taken more than a few minutes for them to catch us up once I was injured."

"But they didn't?" Hammond questioned.

"No." Daniel interrupted, "They suddenly turned back, we didn't realise why at first."

"There was a massive sandstorm, Sir." O'Neill said "It came down on us out of nowhere, we couldn't see anything."

"I managed to drag Jack another mile towards the Stargate but his leg was getting worse and I was too weak to carry him alone."

"So you went on to the Stargate yourself to get help." Hammond finished for him.

"Yes, and then Teal'c carried him back to the Stargate."

"I didn't want to go through," O'Neill added, "Major Carter said she'd come to the Stargate, we should have waited for her - or sent some men back for her."

"Don't be stupid Jack." Daniel cut him off, "The sandstorm was too big to send more men into it, she'll have made it, don't worry.she'll be ok." He repeated in a desperate attempt to convince himself as well as Jack.

* * * * * * * * * * *

After General Hammond had gone the two lay in an unhappy silence.

"Jack," Daniel started, "for what it's worth, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Leaving Sam, I should have tried harder to make her come with us, but please believe me when I say I tried my hardest."

"It's okay Daniel," Jack said, his voice cracking with emotion. "I know you wouldn't have left her if you'd had any choice and she wouldn't have stayed unless she had a damn good reason.I just wish." he trailed off.

"That she was here." Daniel finished for him. "She'll be okay Jack."

"Yeah," Jack replied unconvinced.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Off-world activation," the lieutenant called again, "SG-1 sir."

Hammond gave a sigh of relief, it was her, it had been about 5 hours since Daniel and Jack had arrived back and as far as Major Carter was concerned, he'd been able to get little out of them. They seemed to have no more idea why she would stay behind than he did and were reluctant to speculate until she was home. "Ok lieutenant," he said, "open the iris, and get a medical team down there."

This time there was barely a second's pause before a figure rushed out of the Stargate, Sam fell to the ground with a harsh thud. The moment she was out of the wormhole "turn it off!" the General yelled, rushing down to the gate room.

Doctor Fraiser was a second before him, she ran to Sam's side, "Sam? Can you hear me?"

There was no reply. Her clothes were torn and plastered in sand, she could hear Sam's heavy, rasping breathing desperately struggling for air.

"Johnson," Fraiser called, "help me turn her over." Together they rolled her off her front and onto her side. Fraiser took a sharp breath, "Oh my God,"

For clutched tightly in Sam's arms, beneath her sore, red hands and wrapped in layers of blankets was a tiny baby.

End of Chapter 1

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