Disclaimer:I dooooooon't own the Teen Titans (Or Furi Kuri) its sorta a crossover with short appearances by Harahara Haruko and Naota (Mamimi?) enjoy!

Summary:What happens when a girl hits you with a Vespa and beats you down with a guitar well to Raven she loses her powers but is it a bad thing when she has feelings for Beast Boy. Heres my first Teen Titans fanfic the season premier:The Vespa, The Raven, And Some Romance.

(Entrance by Haruko)A woman wearing a red jacket over a white long sleeved shirt and brown pants with blonde hair (Origanally purple) holding a guitar is playing the Teen Titans theme song singing with Samijima Mamimi:When there's trouble you know who to call

Teen Titans!

From their tower, they can see it all

Teen Titans! When there's evil on the attack

You can rest knowing they got your back

Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol

Teen Titans GO! With their superpowers they unite

Teen Titans!

Never met a villain that they liked

Teen Titans! They've got the bad guys on the run

They never stop 'till the job gets done

Cuz when the world is losin' all control

Teen Titans GO! Teen Titans GO! If your heart is black you better watch out

You cannot escape the team

When they catch you there won't be any doubt

You've been beaten by the teens

beaten by the teens T-E-E-N! T-I-T-A-N-S! TEEN TITANS! LET'S GO!



T-E-E-N! T-I-T-A-N-S! TEEN TITANS! LET'S GO! * (repeat) Teen Titans GO!

Teen Titans GO!

One, two, three, four, GO!

Teen Titans!

(The Beginning)"BEAST BOYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!"Yells Cyborg chasing Beast Boy whos holding the last slice of pizza

Beast Boy smiles while taking big chunks outta the pizza "Sorry Cy but it miiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnneeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Yells Beast Boy in reply

"You crazy litle green imp!!!!"

"Big cyber ox gifted with the power to short circuit!"


"Not as hot as your wires gonna be!!!"Beast takes the last bite and turns into a monkey making monkey noises.

Then Robin walks in "Alright you two STOP!"yells Robin they stop by freezing.

"B-But he stole me pissa(Yes pissa)!"said Cyborg in a lil kids voice "Well Beast Boy will take the dishes then."said Robin.

Beast Boy's jaw drops "B-B-But thats your job!"

"All the more reason for you to do it."

"Why you flying blue jay son of a BIT-"Cyborg covers his mouth.

"Don't say it!"Beast Boy breaks free.

"You son of a BIT-"as soon as he gets that far Cyborg knocks him out o.0;;;.

(Raven and Starfires p.o.v.) Starfire is walking along side Raven "Excuse me Raven?"Says Starfire.


"May I get a soda I am getting tired."

"Sure theres a machine over there."

"Thanks but I don't like that sour stuff"

"Okay whatever."

They walk to the machine and get a soda (Pepsi) then outta nowhere a girl on a motorcycle thingy rides up without stopping.


The woman rides up and hits Raven Starfire has blank white eyes


"Um Excuse me she ain't Tak-un!"

"OH NO *Drops a hankerchief(?) on her face* SHES DEAD!!!!"

Starfires jaw drops "W-What??"

"WAKE UP TAK-UN!!!!!!!!!"

Then Raven gets up and the woman (Flashback:She took her helmet off) takes her guitar out


Then the woman hits Raven over the head hard with the guitar then Raven skids on the ground with swirly eyes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Haruko:Wow that scene was fun!!!

Starfire:I was worried.

Raven:Damn after two harsh years I still ain't got a stunt person

Starfire:You mean you do all your own stunts?

Haruko:Yep me too!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"TAK-UN LIVE!!!!!!!!"

"She's not Tak-un!"

"Wha- oh hi bye!!!!"

Raven wakes up in T tower in her room she feels a band-aid on her head then goes to the bathroom and trys to use her powers but they arent working so she peels it off and see's a giant pimple except its BIIIIGGGG and without pus it actually looks square in the front but then relizes its a.....HORN!


The Titans run to her room and enter.

"Raven whats wrong?"asks Robin as Cyborg points his blaster and Beast Boy is a gorilla and Starfire is all fired up.

"N-Nothing just a uh well uh a-a um...SPIDER yeah thats it a spider."all the Titans look puzzled and leaves but then Robin looks over his shoulder and yells "Oh yeah theres a guest down stairs so if you want to greet them come down."with that Robin leaves

"Now you did it Raven *Pushes on pimple/horn* just keep the band-aid on."

Raven steps down stairs and enters the kitchen

*Goes into manga mode*



Beast Boy:Hurry and sit down

Cyborg:Raven what kind of relationship do you have with Haruko?

Haruko:Life saving CPR!

Robin:Time to lay it on the line Raven what does Azerath Metrion Zinthose mean?

Raven:I don't know!

Starfire:But your the star you should know!

*End Manga* Robin has his head in his hands "Wow our producer and directors say that we shouldn't do that plus it wears us down!"

(End Chapter)Well that kinda went fast edits will be down the road!