I saw Anzu and Joey arguing.

I went over out of concern.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Anzu won't let me tell Yugi something…" Joey started to explain.

"There's something Yami wants to keep from Yugi until he's ready to tell him," Anzu interrupted, "Joey has no right to force Yami before it's time," she added.

"But Yugi needs…" Joey started again.

"Do you even know what it is Joey?" I asked and Joey shook his head.

I stood quietly between them contemplating.

Yugi was a really good friend.

But I also trusted Yami.

Joey was my best friend despite his

Thick headedness.

But Anzu was close to me too.

I continued to contemplate then I

Came to a decision.

"Let Yami tell Yugi when he's ready," I decided.

"But…" Joey started to protest.

"Yugi is a very delicate person," I pointed out, "what if we force Yami to tell him something that'll destroy him?" I asked, "what if the damage would be lessened with time?" I asked and both Anzu and Joey looked worried, " I have to concur with Anzu," I said firmly, "Yami will tell Yugi when he's ready," I said and Joey nodded but walked away grumbling.

"Thank you!" Anzu cried happily and hugged me.

"Anzu," I said seriously, "if this secret turns out to be an evil one," I said and her enthusiasm evaporated, "only Joey will be left unaccountable," I told her.

"I will take that risk because Yami can be trusted," Anzu said confidently.

"So will I," I said and Anzu giggled and hurried off.

I just hope I'm right.

I have a bad feeling

But I'll respect Yami's


Yugi will not know his

Secret until Yami is ready

To tell him. But if Yami

Does something to hurt

Yugi through this secret,

I will KILL him.

Series Completed.

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