"Gone all of them, I couldn't protect them… Mina, Serena, Amy, Raye, Amarah, Michelle. Only Hotoru and me are left. There is nothing left to do but go find my brother!!" A girl around the age of 15 walks in the rain carrying a girl looking to be the age of 12.

"I have no more strength left. I'm sorry Hotoru" and with that the girl collapsed.

A bright light then engaged the two girls.


Koenma's office

"Sir I have brought the two you asked for." said a girl with blue hair.

"Where are they now" asked a voice from stacks of paper.

"There sleeping on the couch right now Koenma" said the girl with blue hair.

A small little boy who looked like a baby peeked his head above the 5 mile high papers.

"Ah… thank you Boton, will you tell Yusuke and the others to wait 5 more minutes please" said the baby.

"Will do Koenma sir". With that said in a cheery tone and done Boton left the room.

" Where am I?" Lita said with a confused look on her face.

"Good your finally awake" said the toddler walking over to the couch were Lita and Hatoru.

"Who are you?" she asked the toddler.

"I'm Koenma lord of the spirit world".

"Are me and Hotoru dead"

"No of course not." Koenma sighed and continued "Look I know how hard its been for you and…".

Lita interrupted and said "Hey you don't know how hard its been for me!! I failed I could not protect them!" Lita shouted at Koenma and she had tears coming out of her eyes.

"Lita where are we?" Hotoru said with a groan.

"Its good to see you again princess Saturn" Koenma said looking at Hotoru.

Hotoru then sat up on the couch and said "Yeah but its not good to see you again"

" Hotoru you know him?" Lita said with a confused look on her face.

Hotoru smiled "Yup sure do, I come here every time I die" she said in a cheerful tone.

" Aright Lita do you want to see your brother again" Koenma asked her.

" Yes of course I do!!" Lita said happily "Do you know where he is?"

Koenma went over to the intercom on his desk and he pressed the button.

"Yes Koenma sir" Boton said over the intercom.

"Please send them in Boton".

"Will do Koenma".

The big doors to his office opened and four boys came in. One with black and white hair, one with orange hair, one with black slick hair and the other had red hair.