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Chapter 7

Tala and Kris

"Whatever." Tala growled and rolled her eyes. Kris just smirked and looked at the group.

"So how did you hear about it?" Hotaru asked once again as she looked at the two.

"It's kind of hard not to hear about it Taru. Where we live, we'd be lucky to get out alive if they found out we were friends with you." Tala stated looking at her.

"Or we would just kill them all." Kris added on.

"I agree with you there Kris." Tala stated as everyone headed back to the temple.

"So wait, who exactly are you?" Yusuke asked still slightly confused.

"I'm Tala."

"I'm Kris."

"So where do you two live exactly that has people that hate Lita and her friends?" Kurama asked the duo.

"Demon world." Kris said simply, like it was nothing.

"Then are you demons?" Kurama asked again "I don't sense that you are."

"That's for us to know and you to find out." Kris said simply once again which made Kurama sweat drop.

"We already know who you guys are so don't bother introducing yourselves." Tala added on which made everyone else sweat drop but Tala and Kris.

"Tala, Kris we should catch up. Come on we'll go to Lita's room." Hotaru said as she grabbed each girl's hand and ran down the hall. Lita soon followed after them.

"They're weird." Kuwabara stated at he looked at their retreating forms.

"And you're stupid." Yusuke hit Kuwabara over the head and headed toward the kitchen to get himself a snack.

Kuwabara noticing this followed him.

With the two buffoons gone Kurama turned to Hiei. "Those two aren't normal."

"You think." Hiei replied sarcastically and then teleported away.

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