A Strange Pair

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Dedication: To Sweet Cherry Kisses, who helped to give me this idea (no
it's not Kagura in this one). Thank you and continue reviewing my fanfics.

A strange pair.
My brother Souta
And that girl. I
Remember seeing
Them walking
Together by the
River and I was
Surprised. I thought
That she was dead,
And why was she
Walking with my
Little brother? It
Was my wedding
Day and I had used
The jewel to bring
Souta, Mom and
Grandpa to the past.
We also brought along
a Video camera.

But then I later couldn't
Find Souta and I went
Looking for him until
I found him with her
By the River. Her white
Hair and Souta's black
Hair were being blown
By the strong river breeze.
They both were looking
Forward at something
My grown-up eyes
Obviously couldn't see.

Then suddenly she turned
Right and I knew that she
Sensed me. She took his
Hand and walked in my
Direction (his face paled
When he realized it was
Me). She gave me his hand
And walked away, but not
Before kissing Souta on the

He stood there dumbfounded
Until she turned around and
Said "Fooled You" and ran
Back in my direction. Souta's
Face broke into a big grin and
He laughed as he ran towards
Her. As they hugged each other
And Souta laughed. I noticed that
He smiled as he looked at her, and
She had tears in her emotionless
Eyes. Souta brushed away a stray
Strand of white hair and she did
The same to his. They both smiled
And walked away holding hands.
And all I could think as I saw them
Walking away was,
* What a Strange Pair. *