Author's Note: This is a little Luke musing taking place in the past, if Lorleai had actually gotten married to Max. It's a bit different.. hope you like it! Just something you might need to know if you don't really understand what he's talking about----( assume= ass u me



Assume makes an ass of you and me. Ha. I haven't heard a truer word in my life.

I was never really one to use those cheesy sayings in everyday life. Someone would point out the irony and I'd laugh just like the next guy. Deep down though, I'd be thinking it was all a waste of my time, spending my days with people who had nothing better to do then analyze monosyllables.

I never had time for much back then, for wrong assumptions, for right assumptions, for any assumptions at all. But that didn't stop me from making them. God, I was the king of assumptions and I didn't even know it. I guess that's why the dissection of the word finally got its grips on me.

My worst assumption of all revolves around her. Dammit, doesn't everything?

I assumed that she'd always be around. I assumed that no matter what paths life led us down, there'd always be a chance for me to have her. I assumed that our little corner of the world was safe from the influence of prying strangers. But oh, how wrong I was.

That's what assumption is after all. It's something that will betroth you to lies, something that will make an ass of you and me.

I can see it now. Every time I close my eyes, the flashback repeats itself, until the images are nothing but blur after blur in a hazy world of lost hopes.


She entered the diner. The bells chimed, but they echoed more melancholy then cheery. She walked towards me and as always her smile lit up the darkness. But it wasn't a happy smile. No, god dammit! It was a superficial grin plastered over superficial promises. But could I see that? No! I was too busy assuming all of the wrong things.

I waited for her to speak. She spoke. It was robotic. She was begging to be lubricated by my words but I had nothing to say to her! I saw the flitting memories in her eyes. But I assumed that everything would be all right. I still thought that our little corner of the world remained a sacred place.

As she turned to leave, I sensed the urgency of the moment, but I still didn't act. The cat got my tongue, another lame saying.

I just let her go. I assumed that I'd still have a chance to discover what I yearned to tell her. I assumed that the scenario was too desperate to be true. I assumed. God dammit! I assumed and I assumed and I assumed, until she was standing underneath MY handmade token of adulation, saying her vows.

That's when I knew that the cheesy saying was true. Assume really does make an ass of you and me.

Do you want to know the funniest part?

I never assumed that I loved her. Ha.


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