Show: General Hospital

Title: Change is Good: EPILOGUE

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Port Charles, July 2008

"Happy birthday, Joanna... Happy birthday to you....!"

The small crowd crowed and clapped as the sabled-eyed cherub leaned forward and blew out the
four candles on the enormous birthday cake.

"Did you make a wish, sweetheart?" Zander asked his daughter.

Joanna nodded as she wiggled in her mother's arms. "Uh-huh, Daddy," she giggled.

"Well what did you wish for?" the question came from Joanna's other father, Jason.

"Nuh-uh, can't tell you. I don't want to get in trouble with the wish fairy. You already said she's on vacation," she admonished.

Everyone gathered around the table laughed. It was a large crowd: Cameron and Alexis, Sonny and the guards Johnny, Max and Francis, Audrey, the Q's - Lila and Reginald, Monica and Justus - the Spencer gang - Bobbie, Luke, Lucky and Leslie-Lu - and of course, the proud parents: Zander, Elizabeth and Jason; everyone heartily cheered as Elizabeth sang out, "Who wants cake?"

Penthouse two was filled with joyous laughter as Joanna gasped at the array of birthday presents she'd gotten.Of course, there was friendly competition between the two fathers but Uncle Sonny won out on the most extravagant -a brand new pink and white tricycle. In the midst of the all the good-natured din, the knock on the door could barely be heard.

"I'll get it," offered Zander as Liz was otherwise occupied with Jason nuzzling her neck as they watched Joanna smotherher uncle in kisses. Back to them, he missed the surreptitous glances between the couple.

"Did I miss anything -" the person broke off as she realised who had answered.



Elizabeth watched with a small smile on her face as her two bestfriends spoke together in low tones on the couch. It was wonderful - they had a lot of unanswered questions.

Quietly, she called, "Good night," though she wasn't quite sure they heard her and climbed the stairs to Joanna's bedroom,where Jason was tucking their daughter in. She paused on the threshold as she took in the scene between her husband and daughter.

"Did you have a good birthday, sweetie?" he asked, smoothing her baby-soft hair.

"Uh-huh. I wish everyday could be my birthday," she replied, reaching out to hold his hand.

Jason smiled. "Just as much that it isn't, considering how much your Uncle Sonny spoils you."

Joanna smiled even as a huge yawn overtook her. She was trying to stay awake - she never wanted this day to end. "Tell me a story," she asked.

Jason smiled, knowing that she would probably be asleep after the first five minutes.

Liz smiled, knowing the same thing. "Think we can skip the story tonight, Joey?" she asked, coming further into the room. "We're tired even if you're not." She bent and kissed her daughter's smooth forehead.

Jason did the same.

Just when they thought she had drifted off to sleep, she spoke. "Wanna know my wish, Mommy?"

Liz frowned. "If you do, it might not come true."

"But it did. I wished that Daddy could have someone special to love just like you and Jason.... The wish fairy must be back from vacation because it's already coming true...."

Zander, who had been perched outside the room when his daughter spoke, froze and looked at Emily, who smiled at him.

Their eyes broadcast what their mouths didn't - Let's hope she doesn't take those sick days again.


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