Revenge Comes in Eight

Author: Moggie

Rating: PG

Spoilers: none

Summary: [GSR] crime of passion

Disclaimer: I do not own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Note: My first attempt at office humour. God and CSI fans, forgive me, please.


It was gone. The shelf was empty. No terranium or pink toed tarantula was anywhere to be seen. Dust was not present, the jarred food was still in its place, but there was no spider to feed.

Pulling gloves on with a resounding snap, his eyes never left the hole. He reached for the fingerprint powder with one hand and the brush with the other.

No prints.

There was nothing visible, but that didn't mean there wasn't something. Grasping the ultra violet light, he twisted the plastic cover to allow the purple glow to highlight the evidence.

No traces.

Stepping back with an eyebrow raised, he pulled off his gloves. He couldn't do anything more. It was just unbelievable that someone would steal his tarantula.

Roaming his eyes over his team, he couldn't think of a person sitting at the table that would do such a thing. He would find the thief and get justice for this act of cruelty.

He knew that if the food was still in the office, then his precious spider would not be eating. His pet tarantula had been kidnapped while he was out at a crime scene, ruling out Warrick, Nick and Catherine. Seeing as they were working with him. Greg hadn't left his lab. Sara was on vacation since two days ago and Hodges wouldn't dare touch anything in his office. Bobby, Archie, Mandy and Jacqui swear that they were working, which left David and Al in autopsy working the latest Las Vegas crime aftermath, a collection of dead bodies.


"If only he knew."

"Something's are too valuable to leave lying around."

"Time is always of the essence."

"It was almost too late, but I decided to stick it out."

The tarantula gobbled up the cricket before going back to hide under the clean fresh foliage.

"You'll like it here little fella. Your daddy needs to apologise before you can go home."

"I'm your friend and I'll look after you."

"Good thing I listened to him when he talked about you, huh?"

"I know what you like to eat so don't worry about going hungry."

Sitting down and watching the spider was relaxing. The thought of a frantic owner was kind of funny. He won't find a clue, not just yet anyway.

"Maybe I'll send a ransom note. That may make him bristle though."

"I could take some snaps and send them to him. That could be funny."

"Don't worry, I wont resort to sending pieces of you. You're safe, he's not."

"Hmmm, you are pretty. I like your colours. I hadn't noticed before."

With a coffee and a sandwich, the night sky and small company was what made the last few hours bearable. The mission to abduct the nightshift's tarantula was planned with precision that will make him proud, if, he ever finds the culprit.

"I'm going to send the photo's. Should be fun."

"Are you photogenic, because I am going to grab the camera."

"He should get this by morning from the delivery man and, I think, a pizza. Good! why didn't I think of this before!?"

"Oh Grissom my dear, you should be out of your mind by now."


Grissom grumbled to himself as he worked his case. He tried to concentrate, but his mind kept wondering.

"Have you talked to Jim?"

Grissom raised his head slightly with a frustrated sighed. "And what exactly do you suggest I say?"

"My tarantula was stolen."

Glaring in her direction, he pulled out his cell phone and dialled the detectives number. Speaking for a few minutes, he hung up and pinned another glare across the room.

"He laughed at me, but he's going to stop by in the morning."


"Any witnesses?" Brass asked as he sat across from Grissom.

"None. Lab personnel were working and the guys were with me."

Brass nodded and looked around the room. "Asked about?" He received a curt nod. "How about the CCTV?"

"I can't do that Jim. Cavallo won't like it and I have no evidence." Grissom leaned back in his chair with a heavy sigh.

The door of Grissom's office opened to reveal Nick and a guy in a delivery uniform. "Apparently he has a pizza for you Griss."

Grissom and Brass exchanged curious glances and nodded for the delivery guy to place the pizza on the desk.


"I'm not being cruel. Am I?"


"It's a bit of fun."

"Making his feathers ruffle slightly."

Smiling at the spider and watching it crawl slowly around the tank was fascinating. The spider makes its web on the surface of its soil to sense it's food approaching or fleeing. If removed from the tank too many times, the web would be broken and the spider would need to fix it. Very tiring work.

"At least he's not going to think it's me. Sort of cancelled myself out of the equation pretty easily."

"But. . What if I'm the first suspect?"

"Perhaps! Nah! I'm good, real good."

"Let's not get too cocky. That could become my mistake."

Thinking back to the abduction, the only evidence that could be found was the pizza guy. It was going to be tough though. No paper trail and no witnesses. Over the phone with instructions to deliver the food was easy, but getting the photo's into the box was more tricky.

"Ah well, it's done now anyway."

"All I had to do was get him to see the photo's."

"Alex, the pizza guy thought it was a great joke once I told him, but wanted to up the stakes."

"Great! I have to go on a date." Sigh. "At least it's not with Alex."

Chuckling, the room warmed as the lamp flickered on. It's all in a days work when kidnapping you boss's spider.

"I bet he's looking like a fool talking to Brass."

"Bet Catherine put her two cents in, getting him to do something about it."

"It's great when things come together."


Alex was seated in one of the visitor chairs in Grissom's office. The pizza resting in front of Grissom. Brass stood by the door with a grin.

Grissom leaned forward to open the box. "Who sent this?"

"I don't know." Alex shrugged his shoulders, keeping his face plain and hidden of any expression.

Brass cleared his throat gently. "You sure?"

Alex nodded.

Closing the box, Grissom looked up, pinning Alex with a glare. "I want an explanation."

"Inside the box." Alex muttered and rolled his eyes.

Grissom furrowed his brows and opened the box again. Taking a few minutes to observe the pizza, he noticed that the slices were cut deeper than usual. Picking up a slice, he saw a white envelope.

Inside this envelope were three photo's, each with his spider sitting in it's tank, unharmed. No note, nothing gave away who it was that had done this, but there was still Alex.

"I know nothing." Alex immediately told them as he watched Grissom closely.

Shrugging his shoulders, Grissom smirked mockingly. The whole ordeal was weighing down on him. He loves that spider and whoever took him knew exactly how much.

"I didn't say anything." Grissom replied.

Alex raised an eyebrow. "Didn't need to." He pushed himself up to stand. "I'll be going now."

Grissom and Brass watched him leave.


"Hmm. I'm so bored."

"Alex would have delivered the message by now."

"If I'm right, Grissom will try to keep this quiet."

"It's um, semi-work related after all."

The whole room went still as the phone rang.


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