Chapter 45 Love Found

"Cass." Remus poked his head into the library where Cassius was bent over a report.


"Do you know what day today is?"

"Oh – it's…I know this….it's…it's Tuesday." Cassius looked up, feeling proud that he remembered the day of the week.

"Well…yes, it is." Remus said with a fond smile. "It's also the anniversary of our first kiss."


"Yes, twelve years ago today."

"Twelve years ago? That's a long time…Really?"

"Yes, really. I thought we could celebrate it." Remus walked towards Cassius and brushed a hand through his husband's silky hair.

"Should I have remembered that?" Cassius's brows were knit together with concern.

"No, I didn't remember it until I found one of my old journals in the attic last week." Remus had gone through an old box of his to distract himself from the fact that Voldemort was gaining power again. It had worked somewhat.

"You kept a journal? I didn't know that."

"I still keep a journal, I usually write in it when you're at work."

"Oh. Could I read it?"

"If you wanted to. You know, you could keep one, it would help you remember things."

"No – I'd just get annoyed about all the things I forget if I ever went back and read it." Cassius scowled as Remus leant down and kissed him on the forehead.

"I'm cooking dinner, want to keep me company?"

"What are you cooking?" Cassius stood and stretched, a couple vertebrae in his back popping.

"Spaghetti." Remus said as he headed back down to the kitchen with Cassius following.

Cassius sat at the kitchen table while Remus went over to the stove to stir the pasta. "Is Sirius coming over?"

"No, he and Jack are having dinner."

"I told you." Cassius said proudly.

"You did." Remus smiled back.

"And we don't have an Order meeting tonight?"

"No…it's tomorrow. Could we just pretend…just for tonight…Voldemort isn't hatching evil plots and we're safe and happy?"

"We are safe and happy." Cassius smiled. "I don't need to pretend."

Remus smiled back, it was true. He was safe at home and he was happy to be with Cassius. It didn't matter what was going on in the rest of the world.

"Where's Tabby?"

"At Hogwarts with her sister. And before you ask, Clara and Stevens are having dinner with friends so they won't be popping over either. It's just the two of us, for the whole evening."

"You cooked spaghetti the night we first kissed." Cassius said, after looking at Remus for a moment.

"Yes, I did."

"I remember that." Cassius said proudly.

"I'm impressed." Remus said as he chopped carrots for their salad. Slowly, arms wound around Remus's waist and Cassius rested his chin on Remus's shoulder. Remus shivered as he felt warm breath on his neck.

"How old are you now?" Cassius murmured against his skin

"Thirty five."

"So…you've been kissing me for almost a third of your life." Cassius licked up Remus's neck.

"The best third." Remus said with a smile.

"Could we kiss now?" Cassius whispered into his ear.

Remus set down the knife and turned around. "Of course."

Cassius bent his head down and Remus wound his arms around Cassius's neck, pulling himself close to Cassius's body. Cassius put his arms under Remus's and easily lifted him up so that their bodies were aligned. Remus moaned as he felt Cassius's hardness rub against his own. Cassius's tongue was sliding in his mouth, his hands were sliding around his back. Even after twelve years, Remus still got lightheaded from kissing Cassius. He broke the kiss, panting. Cassius was breathing hard too.

"I love you." Remus said breathlessly. "Now – get the wine."

"We get wine?"

"It's an anniversary." Remus said, with a grin.

Cassius came out of the pantry a moment later holding a bottle in his hand. "You know, when you're 46 you'll have been kissing me for half your life."

"And here I always wondered when I would finally see the brains that landed you in Ravenclaw." Remus said, laughing. Remus pulled Cassius in for another kiss. "I love you."

"I love you." Cassius said. "So…are we having sex tonight?"

"You ask that like we don't have sex almost every night. And – to be historically accurate, as I am trying to be, we'd be sleeping apart since I'd be at my parents' house."

"But you don't own that anymore." Cassius said. "You can't be historically accurate."

"I guess we'll be having sex then." Remus hid a smile.

"You don't have to if you don't want to." Cassius said crankily.

"Oh, I want to." Remus said as he reached for two plates. "I might not be able to make it through dinner."

"Well, we're all alone, no one is coming over and we don't have to go anywhere. We could have sex during dinner."

"We could." Remus smiled. "Although I was rather planning that we would shag in the sitting room in front of the fire while we ate dessert."

"Really?" Cassius's eyes began to spark with excitement.

"Really. There's ice cream and chocolate sauce and whipped cream."

"Can we have dessert now?" Cassius asked hopefully.


"Mean wife."

Remus just laughed as he levitated the food over to the table and sat down. Cassius reached across the table and took Remus's hand in his.

"I'm glad we're together, Remus."

"Me too, Cassius."

"And we'll be together forever."

"Yes, we will."


Author's Note: Thank you to all my reviewers and to everyone who read this story. I loved writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it!!

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