Author's Note: This fic is set about three years after the original adventures of the League. *spoilers obviously* Neither Quatermain nor Dorian are alive.

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Title: Sullied Waters

Chapter 1: History of a Disaster

The streets of London were nearly empty. It was midnight; or near enough. The only movement was - deep in the shadows - that of about twenty men in military dress with long black cloaks and hoods creeping through the streets. At their head was a man who at first sight appeared to be their commander; a muscular man with a hood that concealed his face. He paused by a lit street, checking it for passers-by, before waving his troops forward. They rolled forwards wave after wave, about three in each group.

They soon reached their target: the British Museum. Their commander paused in the shadows opposite the building, then waved his men forward. They moved to their places, each knowing the drill perfectly. Their leader had prepared them well for what was to be the start of his ultimate triumph.

From the shadows, the soldiers assembled their weapons. The fittest of them then crept forwards in the shadows, approaching the unaware security guards as they stood at their posts; one smoking a pipe, the others lougning against the walls, while other soldiers crept off into the shadows and to a different destination .

The approaching soldiers hid in the shadows, waiting for their colleagures to perform their part - as they did.

A massive explosion rocked the building, blowing out the windows, knocking the guards to the ground. About half were knocked out, while the others were barely conscious. All had blood coming from their nose and ears. The soldiers moved forward and quietly and efficiently moved amoung the guards, killing any that moved with a knife across their unprotected throats.

* * *

The explosion rocked the city, and it was just the signal Shadowman - as he called himself - had been waiting for. With his handpicked squadron of 10 bodyguards, he set off towards the rendezvous point to arrive in time for his triumph.

* * *

Within the lower levels of the British Museum, the commander moved quickly, looking at ease in his surroundings. He knew exactly what he was looking for.

Within the last room, he found it - the records that the government wished no one to find. He quickly searched through, before finding - neatly labelled "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" - the folder he was looking for. He tucked it under his arm and quickly left the rooms.

* * *

The commander arrived back outside to find his troops ready to leave. "Move," he yelled. "Our work is done."

They proceeded to the rendezvous quickly and efficiently, leaving behind the chaos and destruction of the British Museum. There to meet them was Shadowman and his guards, spaced evenly around the perimeter of the park. The commander walked up to Shadowman, and handed the files over.

"Thank you." Shadowman turned to go.

"Hey! what about my payment?" the commander called. He immediately wished that he hadn't, as the burning eyes of the Shadowman met his with a ferocity.

"Of course . I forgot your payment ." he growled, signalling one of his bodyguards forward. The man carried a box. The commander started to back away, but the Shadowman followed him.

"Uh . I don't mind - I'll get it later ." He turned to go but found his way blocked by the guards.

"Take this . as a token of my appreciation," Shadowman said, handing the box over, before stepping back. The commander noticed the troops step back, and loosened his grip on the box.

"What's inside?" he asked nervously.

"Destiny," Shadowman replied, turning and walking away. He barely flinched at the blast from behind him, as the Commander opened the box and it exploded in his face. "Clean up the mess," he ordered, with not so much as a backward glance.

He smiled as he walked into the shadows .

* * *

Shadowman settled himself down in his library, and opened the papers that the Commander had brought him.

After the League defeated M and Dorian Grey, they buried Allan Quatermain in Africa before returning to the Nautilus. They were the British Empire's secret weapon; used only in the direst of circumstances. But on their third mission, something went terribly wrong. They had been given the job of finding and rescueing the daughter of the President of the United States. At first, their mission progressed well; they were able to trace the kidnappers to a house in Uptown Manhattan and they prepared to move in to rescue the girl. However, on the night they had chosen, everything seemed to go wrong.

Skinner went to a tavern, and his drink was spiked, leaving him too weak to go on the mission. Jekyll lost his bottle of formula, rendering him useless. The Nautilus was accidentally damaged by a Navy training exercise, and Nemo - in anger - threw the League off his ship. In the end, the operation was put off, and then went ahead without Nemo and his crew. In the ensueing battle, the girl was killed, as well as several civilians when Hyde lost control and set a building alight.

After this fiasco, the League was disbanded. Nemo fled before he could be arrested. Sawyer returned to the American Secret Service. Jekyll also fled, and Nemo - as a favour - took him on the Nautilus to Australia. Mina moved to Berlin, and Skinner went into hiding in London.

Today the League remains a memory - a failed experiment - in which the dregs of life were proved useless.

The Shadowman put the file down. He sighed, and leant back in his chair, closing his eyes.

He didn't notice the file slowly moving up, held by an invisible hand.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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