What Was Once . Summary: what if instead of leaving Street handcuffed to the car wheel, Gamble and TJ had taken him hostage? Author's note: I love SWAT; it's a great action thriller. This is just a "what if?" fanfic . I saw SWAT on a plane - several times - and had plenty of time to think about it! Excuse any mistakes in quotes I make from the movie; I don't have a perfect memory, and I was jetlagged when I saw it.

Chapter One - Betrayal

-- "Making the turn at Checkpoint Two." Hondo was nervous. He couldn't explain why, but he had goosebumps . he could sense it - something was wrong.

"I have lost visuals of car two." These words over the radio confirmed Hondo's fears, and he nearly ordered Deke to turn the car round then and there. Instead he controlled his nerves, asked:

"TJ, what's happening?" --

Had Hondo known exactly what was happening, he probably would have ordered Deke to turn the car around immediately instead of giving TJ those few seconds more.

* * *

Street sat in the front seat, staring out the window ahead. He heard Hondo's voice come crackling over the radio: "Making the turn at checkpoint two." Hondo's car disappeared round the corner, and suddenly, their car came to an abrupt halt.

"What the ." he murmured, before looking over and seeing TJ, or rather seeing the barrel of a gun. "TJ . TJ, man, what the hell are you doing?" He was in shock, trying to work out what was happening, why it was happening. Boxer, too, was in shock - but not for long.

"What the hell's it look like I'm doing?" TJ responded, with a quiet arrogance that bit into Boxer, made him want to leap over the seat and strangle that little rat. "I'm taking Frenchie here up on his offer."

"Get your hands up," said a voice from behind Street that he knew all too well. He turned his head slowly to face Gamble.

Gamble smiled. "Hi, Jimmy-boy."

"Gamble . what the hell -"

Gamble poked the gun in his face. "Get those hands up. You too!" he added to Boxer. Jim obeyed slowly, hearing - but not seeing - the back car door open and Alex get out.

A shot rang out, and he instinctively ducked, before realising that the shot hadn't been directed at him. --Oh God .-- he thought, with sick horror in the pit of his stomach. --Boxer .-- He tried to turn around but Gamble grabbed his arm. "Stay put," he growled.

"What the -" TJ yelled, with real anger in his voice. "What the hell did you do that for?" he yelled at Gamble, as the man pulled open the back door, and Boxer's prone form fell onto the ground.

"He was going for his piece," Gamble replied.

"No he wasn't! You didn't have to shoot him!"

TJ was actually angry, Street realised. He honestly hadn't wanted Boxer shot. He shook his head.

"TJ - what's happening?" Hondo asked over the radio.

TJ shot a look at Gamble, then replied: "I got a pedestrian, Hondo - I'll be with you in a few seconds."

Jim yelled: "Officer down! Officer down! Hondo -" before Gamble cut him off with a vicious blow to his unprotected neck; Street fell on his face with a cry.

-- Hondo punched the dashboard in anger. "Turn around! Turn around!" he ordered. Deke wasted no time in swinging the van around . --

Gamble grabbed Street by his collar, and pulled him out of the car. "What -" Street began.

"Shut up and move," Gamble ordered, holding a gun to Jim's head.

Together with Alex and TJ, they ran down into the subway station .

* * *

No much of a cliffhanger . in fact hardly one at all!

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