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Chapter 10: All I Need


Damn why do I hurt so much?

Jim tried to wake up, tried to fight the drugs running through his system. He forced his eyes open, and surveyed the room he found himself in, stifling a groan as he moved his battered ribcage. He felt dizzy and disoriented.

I'm in a hospital. Oh boy. When did I arrive here?

"Ah, look who's up," exclaimed a voice from the doorway. Street looked over quickly and immediately regretted it; grimacing.

Damnit, is there any part of my body that isn't connected to my ribcage?

Hondo walked into his – rather narrow – line of vision. He smiled at Street's look of confusion. "I expect you're a bit confused, huh? Doctors said this might happen."

Street frowned as his memories began returning. "Did we get Gamble?"

Hondo nodded.

"Good. Son of a bitch. How long will I be in here?"

"Depends on whether you behave or not. That hand of yours has a pretty nasty stab wound, but apart from that, it's mostly just bruising. You'll probably be let out tomorrow – they want to keep you in tonight under observation."

"And Sanchez?"

"Going to be fine. She can thank her lucky stars that the specialist happened to be at the hospital when she arrived – he's taken care of her arm, and she'll keep it."

Street released the breath he didn't realise he'd been holding. "That's good," he managed to croak out.

"I'll say. She's pretty happy too," Hondo commented.

"You trying for the Understatement of the Year Award or something?" Street asked sarcastically. Hondo winked at him.

"I wouldn't say no."

Street grinned, but it faded quickly. "Boxer?"

Hondo frowned. "In intensive care, but he's out of danger. Given a few weeks, he'll be back around annoying the living hell outta everyone in sight."

Street nodded. "OK. What about Deke? You?"

"Both fine."

"And Montel?"

"Full of questions, aren't you? He's still in custody – we'll be transferring him in a few days. You'll be there to help us."

Street nodded, a grin spreading over his features. "Reckon I owe him one."

"Reckon you owe him a damn sight more than one." Hondo turned to leave. "I'll let you get your beauty sleep – you need it, you know. But just one thing – try to leave enough of him for the rest of us, won't you?"

Street shrugged. "I'll see what I can manage." He smiled grimly.

"Sweet dreams," Hondo remarked as he walked out. Street's only reply was a one fingered gesture. Hondo laughed.



"Is Chris awake?"

"She was half an hour ago …"

"Can I see her?"

Hondo smiled to himself. "You'll have to ask the doctor. And don't pull the 'innocent' act on me."

Street shrugged. "Sure. Guess I'll wait and ask the doctor. Give her my best, will you?" He looked slightly plaintive, but made out that he was trying to hide it.

Hondo nodded. "Sure."

Five minutes later, a grumbling Hondo wheeled the smug-looking Street down the hallway towards Chris's room. "Thought you said you weren't gonna fall for the 'innocent' act?" Street said.

"Shut up or I leave you here."

"Jim!" Chris exclaimed as he was wheeled through the door. "What …"

"Hey Chris. Heard you ran into a few explosives?"

"Always like to keep things interesting," she replied, a hint of a smile on her face. "So … did the 'Surgeon' here give permission for you to see me? I thought visiting hours were over."

"Well – when you know the right people …" He grinned. Chris reached out to touch his shoulder and accidentally hit his chest. He tried to hold back the hiss of pain, but it escaped nonetheless.

"What's this?"

"Just bruising, I swear," Jim said. Chris stared suspiciously at him.

"You wouldn't be holding out on me, would you?"

"No! It's just bruising!"

Hondo grinned as he stood outside the room watching his officers. They only really relaxed around each other, and, he thought, even blind Freddie could tell they're a couple. He watched – amused – as Jim Street, who had been stabbed, bashed, and nearly blown to pieces, but had refused to feel fear, was harassed and bullied until he pleaded, by this unique officer.

"All right, Chris, I am hurt, but please … no! … no it doesn't hurt that much, you don't need to …"

Chris was busily trying to find out the extent of Jim's injuries by poking him viciously all over his body, while her 'patient' tried to escape in his wheelchair – unaware that Hondo had conviently locked the brakes on.

Hondo laughed. Life was good.

The hot Sun beat down on them as they stood outside the jail. Street held Montel firmly by the collar with his good hand, and resisted the urge to punch the weasel's face in. Hondo stood a few metres in front of them, while Deke stood next to Montel on the other side of their prisoner.

Street grinned as the prisoner transfer was completed, and he couldn't resist the urge to make one last smart-ass comment to Montel as the man was escorted away by the prison guard.

He walked back to the jeep slowly. "So where now?" Deke asked as Hondo drove them away.

"Dunno about you boys, but I'm thinking that home is sounding mighty good right about now," Hondo drawled. Street grinned.

"Yeah … I'm thinking that too."

Deke nodded. "Yup."

"All units, we have a 2-11 in progress at the Diamond Mart. Shots have been fired."

Jim reached for his equipment having heard the annoucement over the radio. Hondo made no move to follow him. "Technically our watch has been over for hours."

"So?" Jim responded.

Hondo sighed. "Yup. What the hell … Mount up!"

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