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Chapter 11

When Sara woke up he was sitting in the chair next to her bed, head tilted down – her hand in his.  She watched him while she waited to awaken properly – watched him sleep.  She wondered how long he'd been there and how long she'd been asleep.  She couldn't tell what time it was, there weren't any windows and the fluorescent lights gave the whole room an artificial glow.  She felt a dull ache in her stomach, but it was nothing compared to what she had experienced when she was first attacked.

She stayed there for what could have been two hours, just watching Grissom and drifting in and out of sleep.  When she opened her eyes again she realised Grissom was staring at her – he was awake.

She smiled lightly, "Hey," she said quietly– her voice breaking slightly.

She saw him swallow, "Hey," his left hand was still in her right, but now his right hand was on her forehead, stroking her hair. "You gave me quite a scare."

"I gave me quite a scare," she looked into the depths of his crystal blue eyes, "Did we get him?"

Grissom smiled, "Yeah, we got him – or Nick did, really," he said, "There was more than enough evidence in his house to connect him to all three crimes."

She smiled at that, "Good."

They stayed that way in silence for a while – Sara drifting in and out of sleep some more.

"You know, I thought I'd lost you," Grissom whispered, looking at her.

She opened her eyes, slightly surprised at his proximity, "Can't get rid of me that easily," she joked, but then winced in pain from her stomach as she shifted.

Grissom sighed and stroked her hair again, leaning even closer. He brushed his lips softly against her own, lingering a moment before slowly leaning back and giving her a lopsided grin.

A small cough originating from the door of the room startled them both. Grissom swung around to find an amused Greg standing just inside the door.

"Sorry to interrupt," he said comically, "But the rest of us were wondering if we could have a go now."

Grissom sat up straight and blinked at Greg, who turned and waved at someone outside the room.  In a matter of moments the room was filled with the likes of Brass, Catherine, Warrick, Nick and Greg – all crowded around the hospital bed, grinning like maniacs.

"It's so good to see you awake," Nick said, coming over and kissing her forehead.

"Hey, I heard you're the man of the moment," Sara said smiling.  Nick looked at her surprised and then glanced at Grissom who gave him a slight nod.

He grinned, but waved the compliment off, "Nah – it was all luck really."

"Shouldn't you all be at work?" Grissom asked innocently.

"Check your watch Gris – shift just ended," Warrick turned to Sara, "So we thought we'd all squeeze into a car and come visit."

"Thanks guys," she glanced at Greg who winked at her, she grinned in return.

The room immediately filled with chatter, Catherine filling Sara in on how much the guys were driving her nuts already without her around, Greg, Nick, Warrick and Brass all cracking jokes.  Everyone was talking except for Sara and Grissom – but they were both happy.  They sat there listening to their friends chatter on and Sara grinned to herself. She realised that for the first time since moving to Vegas, she felt completely happy.


Sara knocked lightly on Grissom's door before opening it and entering his office.  He looked up from his computer, "Hey," he said, looking back down and continuing his typing.

"Hey," she came and sat in the chair on the opposite side of his desk.  He looked up, giving her his full attention now.

"What can I do for you?"

She smiled, "Hmm, nothing," she sighed, "I just came in here to get that printer you still haven't installed on the computer in the lab down the hall."

"Oh," Grissom said, "Sorry – I've been a little busy worrying about the lives of my CSI's."

Sara laughed a little.  Nothing more had really progressed between her and Grissom since the hospital. He had continued to visit her while she was still there, and he'd even driven her home and stayed the night on her couch, making her breakfast in the morning – but they'd pretty much ignored anything that had happened between them. Grissom didn't even know if she had heard him tell her, in his panicky state, that he loved her.  She'd come back to work two days ago – Grissom hadn't sent her out into the field though, much to her frustration.  She knew that he blamed himself for what had happened to her, and it broke her heart to think that he would think of something like that.  It would take time, they both knew, before they felt completely comfortable with her out in the field and in suspects faces again – he knew that she would be ready before he would be.

"Well," she sighed and stood up, "I suppose I better go and do it then."  She paused and looked at him – he was nodding and looking back at his computer screen. She contemplated her next move.  She needed to kiss him – properly. None of this 'soft and gentle' stuff. But here? She'd closed the door behind her but hadn't locked it.  She quickly made her decision and rounded the table in front of her, bent down, grabbed his jaw and pulled his lips forcefully against her own.  After his complete shock had worn off he went to kiss her back, but – just as abruptly as she began, she stopped and leaned back.

She couldn't help the grin that grew on her face when she saw the expression on his. She winked at him, turned around, picked up the printer and walked towards the door.  "I'll see you after shift."