How Things Work Out!
1.I do not own any characters that appear in the Dragon Ball Z series.
> 2.This idea is very stereotypical, you wil be able to spot the clic├Ęs and everything.

Gohan and Videl are my favourite couple from Dragon Ball Z and this is my fourth try at a romance fic with them, my other work was Walk Me Home,Starting Out On a Journey and Dragon Ball Z: A New Future. I hope you find this story enjoyable and please review my flames if you can it makes me a better writer.

Here's some definitions too:
Baka -Idiot
Himes -Princess
Onna -woman
Chapter One

Videl flipped herself out on her bed. Today wasn't a good day. She was having a bad hair day. Okay so that was normal. Her bra strap had broken this morning too. She'd failed an important exam for Biology and now her parents were dragging her over to the new next door neighbors barbacue.

But there was an upside to this, she would have Eraser and Marker there with her. Sharpner only came because he was Marker's brother and wherever Videl was he was!.

A woman with long black hair curled around onto her shoulder in a braid walked into the room. She smiled as she placed a pile of clothes on the bed beside her daughter.

"Jeez don't look too excited about the barbacue this afternoon" Panna said with a laugh.

"Mom your making me to go to one of your barbacue's i wanna sit here with Eraser and Marker and catch up on the last day of our weekend before school starts" Videl complained

"You are going to go and you will enjoy yourself, they have a son who will be starting at ORange Star Tommorow, i want you to be nice and show him around"

"But MOM!!"

"Don't but Mom me" Videl pouted. The day just couldn't get any worse then it was.


"Mom i don't wanna be here for the barbacue people will ask questions" Gohan shouted at his mother. He had short black hair spiked up, and lovely black eyes, he had his younger brother beside him. His mother glared at her son.

"Gohan im ashamed in you, ask questions, questions about what may i ask?" ChiChi asked carrying a few bowls out into the back yard.

"Mom, Our neighbour is the one who supposedly saved the world from cell" Goten piped up from his position beside his brother.

"GOTEN!" Gohan snapped "I told you not to tell"

"Oh i see" ChiChi said softly "Your still not going out with Yamcha and that"

"Come on! I'll do all the extra homework"

"I don't care you'll do it anyway"

Gohan opened his mouth to speak but the doorbell rang. ChiChi pointed and Gohan walked over to open it. He tensed up as he pulled the door back, but relaxed when he saw it was only Bulma. Bulma walked in followed by Trunks and Vegeta.

"Hey Gohan" Bulma said "How are you?"

"About to die" Gohan answered sarcastically

"What from now Brat?"Vegeta hollared from his position leaning against the wall in the kitchen and his arms folded.

"WEll you'd be happy to know that one of the guests coming is the man who took responsibility for killing Cell"

VEgeta's face lit up. "Where's the baka?"

"THERE WILL BE NO FIGHTING!!!" a voice snapped, everyone in the room turned to see ChiChi. Her face lightened, "Come check out the back yard"

Without hesitation each one followed.

Videl sighed as her mother handed her a bowl. Not only was she forced to go to this barbacue but she was forced to become friends with this guy her mom was talking about. The only problem she got this glint in her eye that told her she was up to something, and Videl hated it. Hercule tied up his gi and picked up a few bottles of drink.

Panna sighed picking up a tray full of desserts. "Lets go"

Goten ran around the yard playing with Trunks, Gohan sat down with a bored look on his face. It didn't help when the visitors started to arrive either.

"Gohan, sweetie" ChiChi called to her demi saiyan. Gohan looked up and walked over to his mother. Beside her was a lovely short woman with short blonde hair. Beside her was a teenage girl about the age of Gohan who had long blonde hair just hanging down her back. She was wearing a green tube top with black jeans.

"This is my son Gohan" ChiChi said introducing him to the group. "Gohan this is Mr and Mrs Cavar, and there daughter Eraser"

"Nice to meet you" Gohan said politely shaking their hands. Eraser blushed.

'Boy why do they always make them cute, i bet he's a complete and udder jerk too' Eraser thought to herself, 'No one who's that good looking could be nice'

"Call me Luke" Luke said "And my wife is Toni"

"Mom, Dad I'm gonna go sit down and wait for Vi to get here" Eraser said and walked off smiling.

Eraser sat down and Goten and Trunks walked up to the blonde. Goten smiled and laughed as he sat down.

"You got pretty hair lady" Goten said "I'm Goten!"

"Hi I'm Eraser" Eraser said happily "And you must be Trunks, i recognised you from some magazines, does that mean your mom is here?"

Trunks laughed. "Course she is, my mom aint irresponsible, it's my father who's that"

ChiChi shook Hercule's hand as Panna walked up to her. "It's good to see you again Chi" Panna whispered, Videl looked up. Her mother knew this woman, since when.

Videl walked up with the tray and sighed. Gohan sighed to, greeting people was really boring.

"Gohan this is Hercule and Panna Satan, and this is there daughter Videl, they live next door" ChiChi said smiling with a twinkle in her eye.

"Uh oh mom what are you up too?" Gohan asked whenever she got that look she was up to something, and it normally it wasn't good.

Videl heard this and smirked. 'Great just what i need my mom with a friend she's met before and up to something but i don't know what' she thought

"Nice to meet you Gohan" Videl said feigning interest

"Same with you Videl" Gohan answered politely

"VI!" ERaser caled from her spot next to Goten. Videl sighed to herself. Thankful that someone else she knew was there. She left Gohan and walked over to the blonde haired girl. Gohan just stared at her.

'She's really Beautiful' he thought to himself 'But she won't want anything to do with me'


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