Tortured Artist + Tortured Basketball Player = ?

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Summary: What would you expect for the son of Lucas and Peyton Scott?

Note: I'm not saying that Brad is depressed; he's just broody like his parents. And Trey and Hilary are Nathan and Haley's kids. I might do a story about Trey and Hilary Scott, just maybe. Reviews are gladly accepted!

Brad Scott.

What would you expect for the son of Lucas and Peyton Scott?

Brad is an artist like this mother. He draws angry stuff like her, often ripping the paper in frustration when something doesn't go right.

He is also a basketball genius like his father. What they said about talent being passed from father to son was true. Brad and his cousins Trey and Hilary, who lived far away in Iowa with their parents, were all very good at basketball.

He wakes up every morning, slipping into black pants and the shirt of his choice. Today, he wears a brown shirt that says ' Play Basketball.' And then just so he doesn't wreck his image he keeps up, he puts on a dark navy blue zip up sweatshirt. He adds a black dog collar. That has become his signature item. If you see him without it, something's up. Maybe he's actually happy today.

Then he runs down the stairs, and eats breakfast, always a bowl of Cheerios along with one piece of grape jelly toast. After his breakfast, he brushes his teeth and spikes his blondish-brown hair.

Lucas drives the sixteen year old to school. He drops Brad off at the front entrance of Tree Hill High and wishes him a good day.

Brad goes through the routines of the first half of the school day. Then at lunch, he chooses to sit outside underneath a tree, sitting on his binder, and he sketches while eating whatever food the cafeteria dumped on his plate.

He begins the second half of his day, and after school ends, he walks home, kicking whatever is on the ground. Rocks, leaves, beer cans.

Brad comes home, has a snack (either ice cream or a sandwich with peanut butter, his choice), and does whatever homework the teachers decided to assign.

At 5:00, Peyton calls Brad to dinner. Peyton works as a political cartoonist at T.H.U.D. And at 5:20, Lucas comes home from his job in Cove City as the owner of a chain of convenience stores.

After he plays a game of one-on-one with his father after dinner, who doesn't care that Brad doesn't play basketball in varsity, Brad goes inside and sketches about his day, one hand drawing, and the other repeatedly touching his silver stud in his left ear.

Before he goes to bed, ending his day, he changes out of his black jeans, and dark navy sweatshirt, and brown shirt, along with the dog collar. He goes into his bathroom, takes a quick shower, and crawls into bed, turning on the TV. He watches the main headlines of the news, as his little ritual goes, and sits up in bed sketching for a half-hour about the news. Kids that disappeared, people that got arrested, new wars that had began today. Then he turns off the big light, and turns on the small nightlight. And then he sits in bed awake, but his eyes closed, so he can try to drift to sleep.

And at 11:00, Peyton comes in and turns off Brad's nightlight, making his whole room a midnight dark. Then she goes into her room. Lucas comes in a half hour later, after watching his favorite late night TV show, and tidies up his son's room, putting everything in order.

When Lucas leaves, Brad sits up in the dark and looks around his room. And then he slides back into his warm sheets, and curls up for night.

And then he wakes up and begins it all again.

*The End*

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