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Piper and I have been together for about 1 year. Those twelve months have been complete heaven. I have a beautiful, intelligent, funny girlfriend, a best friend, and two brothers who now respect me, finally. My best friend is Andy. He's like a brother to Piper and Phoebe. Of course to Prue, he's a great boyfriend. Altogether, my life is pretty good.

I had just left my house to start walking to school when a strange car rolls up and starts inching along the street right next to me. I was officially freaked out, until the passenger window came down and there was the grinning face of my best friend. The door swung open and I slid inside. Piper was already sitting in the back seat and Prue was in the driver's seat. Andy was still grinning like a mad man. "You should've seen your face. Man oh man, that was great." Without thinking I leaned forward and hit Andy on the back of the head. He winced and turned to hit me back and knocked over a purse. I assumed it belonged to Prue because she immediately hit him on the back of the head. He winced, but knew better than to try to hit her back. There was no doubt in my mind that Andy was a little scared of Prue. Not scared, scared, just a little apprehensive. I didn't blame him because Prue would beat him up if he hit her. She was that kind of girl. I laughed and inched closer to my girlfriend and put my hand around hers. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and smiled. I had known Piper for almost a whole year, yet her smile was the only thing that ever made my knees buckle. I was so in love with her. I knew I was the luckiest guy in the world. Piper is sweet, kind, gentle, yet if you mess with her, well, normally people don't mess with her because they know she's also tough. She's beautiful. She has these great eyes that seem almost endless. She has a hot body that rivals the cheerleader's. She's really smart, she has top grades and will most likely be the first woman president, and youngest too. She's really funny, I- ok, ok. I know I'm rambling, but she's just that perfect. Oh yeah! She's also really good at all sports. Well anyway, I sat in the car snuggled up with Piper, perfectly content not to move for anything soon, and almost thought about refusing to move when we got to school. But of course, Piper got out and I followed. Prue and Andy took a few more minutes since Prue was making Andy apologize for knocking over her purse. Andy apologized and gave Prue a kiss and Prue seemed much happier after that. We all finally got into school and to our lockers. It took forever to get through the mid-morning mass of kids that were hanging out in the hallways. Piper and I got to our lockers, which were of course, right next to each other. I opened mine and instead of having the usual pictures of sports people and girls next to racecars like other guys that I know, I had Piper's picture, my schedule and another picture, this time it was of me scoring a goal on another guy in soccer. Piper took it and it was really great. Prue had helped her develop it and she gave it to me. It was absolutely perfect. I was in mid air, backwards and upside-down doing a bicycle kick right into the net. I shoved the books I didn't need into my locker and took out the three I knew I needed. I shut my locker and saw Piper struggling. She had four textbooks and three novels balanced on one arm and was trying to shut her locker with her elbow. I shook my head and sighed. I set down my books and took the seven Piper was balancing. She shot me a grateful look and tried to close her locker but when she realized she couldn't, I put down Piper's books and opened her locker. That was a mistake. Out came six more textbooks and five more novels. I caught all the books and Piper giggled. She opened her locker wider and began piling the extra books as neatly as possible in her locker. She dropped a book and a hand shot out and caught it. Piper turned to thank who ever it was and gasped. I turned; holding out the last book and almost dropped it. There in front of me stood the last person on earth I thought I would see.

A boy stood there. He had unbelievably greasy hair, a cleft chin and a cocky smile. Dan, the human I hated most in the world, stood there holding out Piper's book as though nothing had happened, like he hadn't been missing from school for five months, like he actually had the nerve to even come near Piper again. I immediately stepped in front of Piper. Dan chuckled his cocky, swaggering laugh and dropped the book into my outstretched hand. I caught it and shoved it into the locker. I heard his voice,

"Don't worry Leo, I'm not going to try anything illegal, at least not yet, unless Piper agrees to dump you and go steady with me. You have till the end of the day. Meet me outside the soccer field, alone Pipe. Any sign that you've told someone. You're dead and so is your prettyboy, boyfriend. See ya later!" He called as he walked away. Piper started to faint, but I caught her and she regained consciousness. We both stood up and shoved the remaining books into her locker. Then we grabbed our stuff and ran for the first period class. Luckily, no one was in there yet, so we could talk.

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