"It's a shame I might have to kill you." There was silence until it was broken with a hushed,

"What?" A laugh echoed throughout the building, it was sinister, something you wouldn't expect from a 16 year old boy.

"I'll probably kill you by the end of this. Hope you don't mind." Piper fought her bonds. Dan had removed the gag long ago, but had not heeded her suggestions on where he should stick his knife, but she had known he wouldn't. It was just nice imagining it. He seemed almost amused at her hatred of him. As though whatever anger he had held had just dissipated completely. He strode towards her, pulling the rusty knife out of his boot as he did. She flinched as he placed it against her throat, but he just let it rest gently there, until slowly he drew it upwards, across her cheek. No cut was made, but she knew if she flinched even a little, the knife would slice into her skin.

Dan smiled. It was a strange smile. Not full of joy, or even sarcasm, just…strange. It was unnerving, the way he was always smiling. She would almost prefer it if he were angry. At least that she could understand.

"What do you want with me." Piper got out, gritting her teeth, trying not to yell, Dan having put the knife away and sat down several feet in front of her.

"Want? Oh Piper, it's not you I want anymore. I've gotten tired of you."

"What?" Piper was startled, then relieved. "Then you can let me go!"

"What? Oh, no. You don't understand. I don't want you, but I need you. You see, I've realized something. In the beginning, I thought I liked you because, well, you were you. And to see someone else ask you out first was annoying. But now I realize, it was just a matter of pride."

"Pride. You attempted to rape me twice because of pride?" There was more sarcasm and scathe in her voice than Piper had ever heard, but what she was hearing from Dan was the most astonishing thing ever.

"Yes, quite so. Because it was Wyatt who I wanted, who I want now. It was the fact that he had liked you that made me ask you out. I wanted to ruin him. And then he beat me to it. And embarrassed me. And you see, dear Piper, you are precisely what I need to get him to me." Piper didn't speak, but Dan knew that she knew he was right.

"It's quite sweet, or sickening depending on whichever way you look at it, that he'd do anything to save you. Even sacrifice himself. Which I'm sure you know. And as long as he thinks I'm going to rape you, he'll keep trying to find you."

"It won't work. How are you going to k-kill," she stumbled over the word, "him with both my sisters with him. You'd be outnumbered. And how do you know he hasn't called the cops?" Dan laughed again, as though this idea was ridiculous, and as Piper soon realized, it was.

"Oh, well, you see. They have two hours left till I kill you. And by that time, your grandmother will be home and how are your sisters going to come find you, when they're not allowed out of the house? You know as well as I that your sisters will lie, and tell that you went to a friends house. Leo will find the final note and rush to your side, unfortunately alone, and with one final bang, he will be dead. Perfect, doncha think?" he said, smiling once more. Piper's mind was racing. She tried to form coherent sentences, tried to find something to say to this offhand plan of cold blooded murder, but all she could think was, Leo…dead?