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That was the stupidest thing I could've done... why didn't I just call it off, I thought...

"Hey C-man, what's goin' on?" The voice of 'reason' shattered his thoughts.

"Hey-ey Christian." he tried to sound upbeat while running his fingers through his blonde hair, a nervous habit.

" So, I was thinking..." Christian started, Jericho, as always zoned him out, starring off into space as Christian droned on.

Maybe I'll go tell her now, rejection can't be much worse than this, can it? Maybe Christians right... NO! He's never right! ...But he hasn't truly ever been wrong either... well... there was that one time in Cancun... oh fuck, now I'm confusing myself.

"So, you up for it? -- Chris? -- Yoo-hoo?" Christian waved his arm in front of the Canadians face.

"Sorry," Jericho shook the cobwebs out of his mind, "what?" he asked uninterested.

"DUDE, what's been up with you lately, every time I see you, you're moping around, its like you -- wait -- this is about her isn't it? Chris, man, I thought I cleared that up for you last week."

"You did." Jericho said quietly, but Christian kept ranting.

"C'mon, how many times do I have to go over this with you... Trish..."

Jericho zoned out again.

Trish... I don't know how but now we're so far out of touch. I wish I could tell her. I wonder where she is now. Wow, this is annoying, don't you have a match or something? Ok... time for you to leave...

"... you know man?" he finally finished.

"Yeah, yeah." Jericho replied, starring a hold into the floor.

"Ok man," he patted his back, "See ya after the show."

God damn the mouth on that man. I think I'll go look for Trish.


Arrogant, cocky, self-absorbed, asshole! She thought to herself as she got into the shower.

Gentle, caring, lovable, sweet... NO! He's an arrogant, cocky, self absorbed jack-ass! God, Trish, get it right! I hate him, I hate him, a thousand times I Lov-... HATE him! What's wrong with you! GOD, just wash you hair! Then you can go home and think about Jeri---... go to bed, sleep, yes, sleep will settle you down. Maybe a huge bowl of Chris -- ICE CREAM -- JERICHO! SHUT UP!!! God, Chris get out of my head!

"Trish?" Oh god, now I'm hearing things.

"Trish? Are you in there?" NO!!! Oh my god, he really is at my door.

"Look, Trish I really need to talk to you." Get it together girl, don't you remember how he broke your heart? He doesn't love you, arrogant, cock, jackass...

"I'm coming in Trish..." He turned the door knob. "Ok, I see your in the shower, I wont look, ok? But now you have to listen to me."

He fidgeted with the wall, there was a long pause before he could think of the right thing to say.

"I though you knew my heart was yours... I guess I assumed too much. I thought we would always be... I don't believe you leaving me is the answer."

He paused again, praying she wasn't doing to him what he had done to Christian.

" Look, I'm not asking you to let me rush back in and fail again. I'm asking for one chance not to assume... so I can say and do, all the things I thought you knew..."

He heard her turn off the shower, so he passed her a towel. Once she took it, he headed for the door, not turning around until he got there.

There she stood, soaking wet, wrapped in a towel. He saw a mix of anger and sadness in her eyes. When he looked at her, she darted her hardened star to the wall and he thought he saw a tear drop drip down her cheek and he turned to leave.

"I wish, you still loved me..." She whispered.

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