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Wow, what now? I want Trish back, no correction, I NEED Trish. I'm such a fool! I can't even function right! This morning I washed my teeth and brushed my face!

Jericho eyed himself in the mirror.

Where's that sexy beast?

He grinned and shot himself a glance, his smile quickly faded.

Who am I trying to kid, I'm a wreck! Maybe now is a good time for a nap. Ha, like I'd be able to sleep!


I'm starting to wonder why I feel lonely… oh yeah, its because I won't take Chris back, duh!

"Hey Trish, guess what!?" Lita burst through the door.

"What's that Li?" Trish said, actually kind of of enthused by Lita's enthusiasm.

"You have a match for the title tonight!" She excitedly hugged her friend.

Trish smiled and returned the hug warmly.

"Wow that's great! Thanks Lita!"

"No prob, Trish! I'm gunna go find Stace."

Well since I can't have Jericho, at least I can win some gold. Well 'Belt', what do you want to do tonight?

She pretended to be holding the belt in her arms and proceeded to have a conversation with it in her head.

So, how should we celebrate? What's that? I can't hear you. Speak up! What? Oh yeah, you can't talk. Oh and your not Chris, so we can't celebrate… what would just be WEIRD! Ok, shut up and go to your match Stratus!


Smile… smile… smile…

She jumped down the ramp in the perky façade that was her persona.

"And her opponent…" Lillian started and paused… and the pause continued, until of course.. Bitch-off appeared.

"Trish, I guess I scheduled this match with Molly a little pre-maturely. Sorry."

Oh god, this can only go downhill from here.

"So, I know your all about competition… well here's your opponent… KANE!!!!!!!"

Trish froze up.

Holy shit, where do I go, what do I do? Why, can't, I, move? Oh my god, he's in the ring now, FUCK! RUN!

"OWWW!" Shit, that's my hair, it's kind of attached to my head! Oh my fucking god… I can't breath… Whoa, I know what it feels like to be 10 feet tall! Jesus Christ, how long are you going to hold me up here… just slam me into the mat and get it over with, OH MY GOD, CHRIS!

"Go, Trish, get out of here!" He signaled for her to run, and she did. "Son of a bitch, what the hell is your problem, beating up on a woman 1/3 of your size… some mad…" Jericho screamed at Kane between punches.

All of a sudden Jericho was launched over the top rope, he didn't exactly know how… maybe he was too busy talking trash. Before he knew it he was rammed into the ring post, knee first, his bad knee too.

Ooo, there went my knee.

He didn't exactly know how, maybe because of the pain causing him to blank out, but he ended up in the trainers and Trish came in next to him.

"Oh my god, Chris! Are you okay?"

He breathed in heavily as the trainers tried to bend his leg.

"I'll be fine Trish."

"This is all my fault, I shouldn't have been such a fool…" She ran her hand nervously through her blond hair.

"Yeah Trish, I think it is." He said in a nasty tone. She looked up to see Christian standing there. "Why don't you go find another chump to brainwash into being your fuck buddy. None of this would have happened if you hadn't… and Chris, WHAT THE HELL is your problem, risking you health for this skank on the night of our title shot…"

Jericho bolted up, he couldn't even feel the pain he was so hot.

"Don't you EVER talk to her like that and don't you ever talk to me like that! Your just worry about YOURSELF and get the fuck out my face. Why don't you do something useful and go get ready for our match!?"

Christian scoffed and exited.

"Your not going out there Chris, how are you even going to drive home?"

"Trish, this is something I have to do." He brushed her hair behind her ears and left.

Jericho entered the ring after Christian and acted as though nothing was wrong. He opted to start out the match.

He didn't put much effort into wrestling Flair, infact he didn't even try to pull of any winning moves and when Flair tagged Batista, Jericho decided to let Christian take care of him.

Oww, that's gotta hurt! OOO! Hehe. This is fun, a jackass getting his ass kicked!

Christian was getting his ass handed to him and Jericho was watching in amusement. There was a near fall and Jericho ran in to break it up.

Not yet.

Batista was angry now that Jericho broke the match winning pin up. He started hammering Christian double time. Jericho distracted the ref and then Ric went for the double team. Finally the ref went and got Ric out of the ring and Christian hit Batista with a heat of the moment drop-kick and hand by hand tried to pull himself to the corner.

"Oh, c'mon Christian, c'mon, you can make it!" Jericho bounced on the apron in encouragement with his hand outstretched. Christian threw himself with his last bit of strength trying to get the tag… he almost…

YEAH RIGHT! Jericho jumped off the apron before Christian got the tag and the crowd roared in approval.

"What the HELL?" Christian questioned with a dumb-founded look on his face.

"You had it coming asshole! Don't you ever come to me or Trish like that EVER again!"

Batista and Flair just stood and watched until Jericho started walking up the ramp, then they proceeded to kick Christians ass and pick up the win.

"Whoa, Chris, what was that? You just ditched Christian in the ring?" Trish ran up to Jericho as he stormed through the backstage area.

"That asshole had it coming to him." He flung his door open, grabbed his bag and exited hurriedly, she still followed him.

"I've gotta get out of here." Jericho said.

"Then I'm coming with you." Trish reached her hand to touch Jericho's and he stopped for a moment and glanced at her, noticing she had her bag on her shoulder and a coat on.

"C'mon." He grabbed her hand and they rushed to his rental.

With the clicker he popped the trunk as they approached, he grabbed her bag, still moving. He tossed her the keys and she climbed into the passengers side, started the car as he slammed the trunk and climbed in.

"Woo!" He said feeling a bit exhilarated after all that. "Your good at fast get-a-ways."

"I've had my share." She turned towards him, "Where are you staying?"

He though for a second, Where am I staying?

"Well, I don't know, where I was staying, I'm not anymore." He said, implying that Christian would be there.

"Well, I'm with you on that one."

He laughed a bit at the irony of it all.



"Can I stay with you tonight?"

"Of course."


"Thank you, Chris." He looked up from his bag that he had just set down in the hotel room.

"For what?"

"What do you mean 'for what'?" She gave him a dumb look, "For everything you did for my today."

"Oh, it really is no problem." He smiled modestly. "How are you feeling?" He walked over to her and ran a finger on her neck. She felt her body shiver at his touch. " You have some pretty bad bruises on your neck from that choke slam.

"Chris," she grabbed his hand, "I'll be fine. What I really want to know is how your knee is."

She noticed he had been favoring it since they arrived at the hotel, the adrenaline wearing off.


"No, its not, your just trying to be macho. Go sit down." She motioned for him to sit on the bed.

Wow, she can read me well.

"Ok Doctor Stratus." He laughed through the pain.

"Hey! I was almost a doctor once! Now let me see it."

He was still in his wrestling trunks and boots when he tired to pull them up, he couldn't they wouldn't go over his knee.

"Trish, I can't, its too swollen."

"Ok, hold on."

She untied his wrestling boots and took off his knee pads that he wore on the outside of his trunks.


"I am going to go get you some ice, can you make it to the bathroom? Why don't you change so I can get a better look at your knee."

"Yes, doctor."

She laughed, "I'll be right back."

Wow, Trish is sure protective of me. Well, at least she's talking to me. I guess eventually we're going to have to talk about 'us' and under these circumstances, it will come up.

Trish brought back the ice and insisted that he lay down and keep his leg elevated.

"Do you need anything else Chris, anything at all?" She asked as she fluffed his pillow.

"Well, there is something…"

"What is it? Anything, I'll get it."

"Trish….." He paused for a long time, she was still fluffing his pillow, "I need you."

He looked up into her eyes and she stopped fluffing the pillow.

This whole time I've been frantically trying to fix Jericho's knee. This man, who I believed wanted to hurt me, and look what I've done… I've hurt him. Oh my god, what have I done? I need this man.

She didn't really know why, but she felt tears welling up in her eyes at her realization. She wasn't supposed to fall in love with this arrogant, cocky, asshole.

"Come here Trish," He motion for her to sit next to him.

Okay, I'm not gunna cry, I'm not gunna cry, stop… stop… okay I'm crying…

"Trish, baby why are you crying?" He grabbed her waist and pulled her in close to his chest, which she gratefully buried her head in as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I don't know Christ, I'm just… so confused right now."

"Shhh, its okay Trish, you're allowed to be." He whispered into her hair before he kissed the top of her head where he rested his chin.

"I just want to let you know, that anything Christian might have told you isn't true and that I'm sorry, for all the pain I've caused you in the past. If you still hate me after all, I guess I cant really blame you."

"I could never hate you."

"That's good to know."



"I need you, too. I'm sorry, I haven't really let you tell me all the things you had to say, and everything that's happened, I forgive you for, I just want to move on. Lets be us again."


Trish awoke and glanced to her shoulder were Jericho's arm was wrapped around her. She looked to her left to see him lying shirtless next to her. All she could do was smile.

Aww, he's so cute and innocent when he's sleeping. I must have cried myself to sleep last night. The last thing I remember was Jericho wrapping his arms around me and telling me it would be alright. Oh he knows how to get to me. I'm so happy now.

Trish rolled her body closer to Jericho, crawling up his chest and giving him a kiss on the cheek to wake him up. His eyes fluttered open and he glanced up at her and smiled. He sat up, pulling her onto his lap in the process.

"How are you doing?" He hugged her in close.

"I'm good." She turned to face him and wrapped her legs around him. He kissed the tip of her nose.

"I love you, Chris Jericho."

"I love you too, Doctor Stratus."

She laughed and playfully punched him in the stomach, in mock pain he fell back on the bed causing her to fall back on top of him as well. They laughed together. A happy ending for Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus.

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