Author's Notes: I saw a couple of fics with a storyline similar to this: Robin and Starfire, who are in a relationship, hatch a plot to get Raven and Beast Boy together. Now, while I see this as semi-plausible, I thought 'hey, why not the other way around?' So here I am with a fic where those roles are pretty much reversed. We'll see how well Robin and Starfire fare, under the scheming minds of Raven and Beast Boy. A big thank-you goes to Sage of Story, who pre-read and helped me to edit, and to all Raven/Beast Boy and Robin/Starfire fans out there (An especially big thanks to everyone who read my first Teen Titans fic, Blind, an angsty Raven/Beast Boy ten page one-shot.)

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'Personal Thought'

Raven's thought-speech

Beast Boy's thought-speech

Payback: Chapter 1 – Movies, Mental Messaging, and Multiple Choice

By Mint Dragon

            The Teen Titans sat together on the couch, in front of the television. They were relaxing, resting after a hard battle against Slade and his minions the day before. Cyborg sat in the middle, intently watching the screen. Robin and Starfire sat together on his left, Robin explaining in whispered tones the many cultural references that Starfire didn't understand. And Raven…

            Raven and Beast Boy were sitting on Cyborg's left. Or rather, Beast Boy was sitting. Raven was half-sitting, half-lying down in Beast Boy's lap, on of her legs on the couch and the other on the floor, reclining into his gentle but firm hold, her cape thrown aside for now.

            An odd position for these last two Titans, right? Well, not really. Cyborg glanced over to them. It was truly amazing. Three months ago, Beast Boy had finally confessed his feelings for Raven, and surprisingly, she had felt the same way. Who would've guessed, Raven, miss I-can't-feel, falling for the jester? They had shortly told the rest of the team, and were managing their relationship nicely. They weren't letting it get in the way of their duties as Teen Titans, but they were still letting themselves express their emotions. Well, Beast Boy was expressing his emotions. Raven was attempting to express her emotions while also attempting not to blow stuff up. Looking at the three toasters, four glass cups, ten vases, and fifteen bowls and dishes that had recently moved to the city dump, she wasn't quite succeeding. But she was making progress.

            Meanwhile, the girl in question looked over at Starfire and Robin. As she snuggled up closer to Beast Boy, she closed her eyes and sent him a mental message.

            Amazing, isn't it? she sent with a mischievous tone. The two had found out early on that it was far safer for Raven to express her thoughts to him mentally, as it allowed her to refrain from expressing them outwardly, which would cause yet another thing to blow up or shatter.

            What? he sent back, looking down at her fondly.

            Just look at them!


            Stop playing stupid! she thought-spoke playfully. Raven sent him a mental image of the pair that she had just been looking at. Beast Boy looked down at her, frowning, and she smirked.

            What's so funny?

            I'd say you, but that wouldn't be true. It's Robin and Starfire.

            Beast Boy looked over towards the Boy Wonder and the alien girl. He was explaining to her yet another phrase used in the movie, and she smiled as she understood.

            What about them?

            Oh, come on, Beast Boy!

            What? He responded, faking a tone of innocence.

            It's pathetic, that's what! I mean, you and I have gotten together, and they still haven't even realized how they feel!

            And aren't you just oh-so-happy that we did?

            Beast Boy… she sent in a warning tone. He grinned.

            What, aren't I a good enough kisser for the great Raven? Or does she need a whole harem to keep her highness pleased?

            Grrrrrrrr… she grumbled mentally, blushing, and then elbowed him in the stomach.

            What did I say?

            Oh, you poor dear, she messaged him mockingly, losing your short term memory already? Maybe I should take you to the vet.

            Okay, that was a cheap shot!


            The two continued their mental banter for another five minutes, until they realized that someone was talking to them.

Raven and Beast Boy's eyes shot open, to catch sight of a grinning Cyborg.

            "Not to interrupt or anything, but the movie's over."

            "Oh," Beast Boy said, starting to stand up. Raven pulled him back down.

            "What's up with you?" he asked. She shrugged.

            "I'm comfortable."

            "Well, I don't think that this is the best place for you to be "comfortable". Tell you what. I'll go and get us some herbal tea, and I'll meet you on the top floor, by the window. Then you can be "comfortable", and I can stretch a bit. Deal?"

            Raven sighed and stood up, pulling on her cloak.

            "Okay," she said, and walked upstairs while Beast Boy got them some tea.

            'Damn,' she thought. 'He's getting smarter…'

            Beast Boy walked into the room that Raven used for her meditation, and the door slid shut behind him. He carried the two mugs of tea carefully over to the window, where Raven was levitating and waiting for him. She lowered herself to the ground and unsnapped her cloak, letting it slide to the floor as she gratefully accepted the herbal tea from him.

            "So," Beast Boy asked her as they sat down, and she sipped some of the hot drink, sighing with satisfaction. "What do you propose we do about Robin and Starfire?"

            Raven raised one of her eyebrows at him and set the mug down on the floor beside her.

            "Who says we're to do anything?"

            "C'mon, Raven. I know you by now. I bet you're plotting something even as we speak." He said confidently. The purple haired girl laughed, and then flinched, looking from side to side to see if anything had exploded.

            Beast Boy frowned and put aside his tea. He reached over gently and took Raven's hand.

            "Don't worry about it, Rae. Your powers have been getting better. You don't blow up nearly as much stuff any more."

            "Yes," she admitted reluctantly. "That's true."

            "So," he said, happy that he had comforted her a little, "what were you planning?"

            "Should I tell you?" she asked, teasing him. The green-skinned changeling smirked at her.

            "Is that a challenge?"


            Suddenly, Beast Boy jumped from his sitting position, landing on top of Raven in the form of a fox cub. He scampered around and tickled her with his tail. She fell backwards and laughed, trying to bat him away, but he was too quick.

            "Okay, okay!" she choked out, trying to restrain her laughter. "I'll tell you!"

            He changed back to his normal form, sitting beside her, grinning triumphantly. Gasping, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him.

            "Was that really necessary?"

            "Would you have told me otherwise?" he challenged her. She sighed and sat up.

            "Alright. So… you're right. I was planning something to get Starfire and Robin together. I'm not quite sure what would work, though…"

            "How 'bout we give them a taste of their own medicine?" he suggested. Raven tapped her chin, thinking.

            "Well…wait. You don't mean…?"

            "They did it to us first, remember?"

            Raven thought back. Oh, boy did she remember.

            Robin and Starfire had believed that Raven and Beast Boy were acting strangely. Of course, they had been. Just the week before had Beast Boy confessed his feelings for her. They hadn't told the rest of the team yet. Robin and Starfire, in all of their wisdom, which was, of course, absolutely nonexistent, had tricked them both into going to the basement, and had locked them in there. They had even gone so far as to reinforce the door with an energy shield. And they had the nerve to do it all while they were still denying their own feelings.

            Raven and Beast Boy, trapped for three hours, at least, were at first enraged. Stuck. In a dark basement. With nothing to do. Well, there were actually three options as to what they could do.

A. Do nothing and sit there

B. Talk and make conversation

C. Bypass the talking and start making out

Oh yeah, takes a real genius to figure that one out.

And so that was why, three hours later, when Starfire went in to check on them, she was very forcefully removed by Raven's powers as her two teammates continued their…activities…

Later, after they had come out, they had, of course, explained the nature of their relationship to their friends. Who were properly ashamed. Well, Robin and Starfire were properly ashamed. Cyborg just sat there wearing his patented "I told you so" look.

            So maybe they weren't so angry about the basement incident. But that didn't make revenge any less sweet.       

"Oh, I remember alright," Raven said. She smiled at Beast Boy. "You, for once, just had a good idea."

"So…does this mean we'll do it?"

"Of course we'll do it. But I think we need to make some minor adjustments to the plan…" Raven outlined her ideas

for Beast Boy. The elfin-eared adolescent smoothly slid over her as Raven lay on her back once more.

            "I love you when you plot," he said before pressing his lips to hers. Raven wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him back.

            So you only like me for my brain?

            Of course not!


            No! I love you for your brain!

            Not funny, Beast Boy…


            Hey, Raven?  Beast Boy thought-spoke after five minutes.

            What is it now? Raven replied as she kissed him again, slightly annoyed that he was interrupting her.

            The tea is getting cold.

            Who cares?

            A moment later, he replied enthusiastically,

            I sure don't!          

*******************************************End Chapter 1***************************************

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