-Chapter Ten: Your Love-

Authors Note: Song used in this chapter is Your Love by Tegan and Sara. Check 'em out, they're awsome.

Joan took a bite of her cookie and turned up the volume on Alex and Emma. She looked away from the movie and outside at all the happy couples walking down the street, holding hands and necking, giving each other flowers and chocolate, just being in love. Joan looked at the clock. 1:30. 4 and a half hours left before the dance. Then she saw Adam and Iris walk past the house, probably heading for Iris's place. She let out a deep sigh and shoved some ice cream into her mouth. Love sucks.

"Oh no." Joan looked up and saw Grace standing in the doorway. She sat her carton of ice cream down.


"Sappy romance films and junk food. I may not be into this stuff, but I'm female, I know what this ritual means," Grace said, turning off the movie and picking up Joan's ice cream and cookies. She went into the kitchen, put them away and came back out.

"Stop moping over Rove."

"It's Valentines Day Grace, you're susposed to mope or grope." Grace laughed a little.

"Mope or grope?" Joan laughed a bit too.

"You're right, it does sound stupid. So, did you come all the way over here to tell me not to mope?"

"No. I came over here to tell you to go to the dance tonight. Or else," Grace told her.

"Or else?"

"Just go," Grace commanded, walking out of the house.


The door to Adam's shed opened.

"You do it?" Grace asked, leaning against the door frame.

"Yeah. Did you tell her?" Adam asked.

"No. That's your job. To tell her. Tonight. At the dance. Part of the deal, remember?" Grace asked him.

"Yeah. I remember. So she'll be there?"

"Count on it."


As Joan went to put on her make up for the dance that night, she saw a picture on her desk of herself and Adam, taken shortly after the science fair.

"I love you Adam.." she said to the picture.

"Now tell him to his face," a voice called from behind her. Joan spun around.


"Come on Girardi. We'll be late," Grace told her. Joan finished putting her makeup on and they walked downstairs when the flashes went off.

"Ah!" Joan yelled, blinded by the flashes. Grace ran past her and grabed Luke's arm.

"Time to escape before the cameras change direction," she whispered to him as they ran out of the house. After the flash photography ended, Joan walked out to the car where she was blinded again.

"Could you two NOT do that around me?" she asked as Luke and Grace broke their kiss.

"Sorry.." Luke said.

"Come on. Let's get this show on the road," Grace said, climbing into the drivers seat of her car.


As they entered the gym, Grace and Luke stopped in the doorway, making Joan walk ahead of them.

"I'm gonna go do the thing," Grace told Luke. He nodded.

"What thing?" Joan asked her brother.

"Nothing. Just.. See that table, right there?" Luke asked, pointing to a table. Joan nodded.

"Go sit at it," Luke told her.


"Just go.. Trust me." Joan walked over to the table and sat, wondering why her brother and best friend were acting so weird.


Joan looked up at the stage and nearly had a heartattack. Grace and Luke were on the stage, talking to the DJ. Grace handed him a CD. The music stopped and everyone looked at the stage.

"Sorry, but a favor has been called in. My cousin has something to say," he said, handing the mike to Grace.

"Hey Girardi, stand up," she said. Joan looked at her and then slowly stand up. Grace's cousin hit play on the CD. A Tegan and Sara song began to play. Luke took the mike and pointed to the door right next to Joan's table.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Rove," he said, giving the mike to the DJ. Joan turned around and saw Adam enter. He handed Joan a rose.

"Hey Jane," he said. She smiled a bit.

"Hi Adam." The couples around them began dancing to the song.

"I wasn't sure how to do this, but Grace's cousin is a DJ who owed her, so she and Luke helped me. I broke up with Iris because I realized something today. I love you Jane."

"I love you too Adam," she said.

"Wanna dance?" Adam asked, as he and Joan began dancing.

/we all got

somebody we love

we don't got a lot of

faith in the above

a little sunshine

will please and thank you all right

when it's cold out

when it's cold outside

don't you

forget what I need

a little inspiration

gets me through where I've been

I've got

an army escorting me on

so don't give me one more reason to

I've got somebody I love

trust in you and me

to keep us up above

the dark clouds

that are circling 'round sunshine

well I need ya

I need your love

well I need ya

I need your love

I need your

don't you forget what I need

a little inspiration

gets me through where I've been

I've got

an army escorting me on

don't give me one more reason to

we all need

somebody to love

to give a little and receive

well it's not so tough

so show me

a road of mine that I haven't seen

and I've got mine at home

and it's waiting for me

well I need you

I need your love

well I need you

I need your love

Well I need you

I need your love/

"Who knew Grace Polk listened to love songs," Luke said. Grace rolled her eyes.

"There's an exception to every law Girardi. Besides, I've done my good day for the decade," Grace told him. He looked over to his sister and Adam kiss.

"Yeah," he said.

/I need ya

I need ya

I need your

and don't you

forget what i need

a little inspriation

gets me through where I've been

and I've got an army escorting me home

so dont' give me one more reason to

well I need you

I need your love

I need you

I need your love

I need you

I need you love

I need ya

I need ya

I need your love/