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Bree's POV

(10 months later)

Oh my God, thing's are perfect again! I am walking up the aisle with my father, making my way up to the altar to be with my beloved Robbie.

We decided not to have a double wedding this time, Morgan and Hunter Married three weeks ago and came back from their honeymoon in Rome last week.

The ceremony is a bit of a rush, mostly a blur, but I'll never forget Robbie's vows.

"Bree, I've loved you my whole life, my relationship with you has been like a dream, I know I've made a few bad choices along the way and stumbled into a nightmare. But I promise you that I love you, I will always love you and will always be there for you and the girls, I'm a much better person when I'm with you and know I cannot be without you, I've been there and I didn't like it, we are meant to be together, we are one."

I felt myself crying, I didn't want to hold back these tears, I was proud of him, I was proud to love him.

"Robbie, I had a lot of trouble with my vows, I never knew how to tell you how I feel, how to express my love for you, but then I realised something, I don't need to, I do love you, I know it and you know it, but love isn't just a feeling, its something you do, its commitment, it's hard work and its just little things you do that show me you care, and in marrying you here today, it is my solemn vow that I shall give everything I am to you."

Hearing the Minister pronounce us man and wife filled my with an extreme sense of joy, no one needed to tell me we are mùirn beatha dàns I knew it, and in some ways, I've always known it.

Hunter's POV

"Well I'm at our best friends wedding reception and I have myself a wonderful wife, also," I told Morgan who had asked me why I was smiling.

She kissed me softly on the lips, leaving me quivering for more.

She moves me in a way I never thought possible, everything about her sends shivers down my spine, Goddess to be without her is to be without oxygen, I could never imagine life without her.

"Hunter? Will you dance with me?" Morgan asked, I stood up and took her hand and walked her onto the dance floor and we danced, our bodies pressing against one another.

I gazed deep into her eyes and sent her feelings of my love and warmth and she smiled, I lowered my head and kissed her.

She looked up at me and I felt waves of anxiety and unease.

"What's wrong love?" I asked her

Robbie's POV

Bree and I were sitting at the head table each with one of our 15-month-old daughter's in our arms. Bree held Morgan while I held Caitlyn.

"Heya sweetie," I said quietly to the child. "Thing's will be fine won't they girl? We'll grow up as the perfect little family, your mother and I will love you very, very much and we will love each other very, very much as well"

I felt Bree's eyes on me, she now knew the whole story of what happened 10 months ago, and I had filled her in on everything.

"Hey, how you doing over there?" she said sweetly

"We're doing good aren't we Cate?" I said shortening my daughters name (a/n: notice how I got to fit in the glorious authors name in there!)

"We're not going to end up like that you know" I turned to face Bree.

"Yeah, I know" I replied, "I wont let that happen."

"Neither will I" Bree smiled. God how I love her, I kissed her lips.

"Would you like to hold baby Morgan for a while, while I dance with my dad?" Bree asked

I nodded taking the child, Bree help me arrange it so they were both sat on a knee each, then I watched Bree dance with my new father-in-law for a couple of seconds before turning back to Caitlyn and Morgan, "Yeah, we'll be fine won't we girls?" I reassured them.

Morgan's POV

I couldn't lie to a witch, I knew better than that.

"Hunter" I started trying to think of a good way to put this.

I looked up into his beautiful green eyes and felt the comfort and love he was sending me.

Its not that I didn't want t tell him, it was because I was scared, scared of the changes in my life, in my body, I was still young, barely an adult.

"What is it, love?" he asked softly, staring deep into my eyes.

Suddenly I was lost within them, within the world made just for us, aware of nothing else but him.

Shortly I blinked realising I had to tell him this.

I took his hand and I led him out the Marquee, it was dark outside, the sky was full of stars, there were no clouds and the air was humid.

"Come on Morgan," Hunter said,

I began to feel his concern, he was worried, because I was hesitating for so long, he thinks it's bad, it's not bad at all.

"It's not bad news, don't worry," I told him, I felt him relax a bit.

"So why are you so tense love?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm scared, I have no way to tell you this, so. . ."

I took his hand and I place it on my stomach, letting my power flow through him, he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

His eyes shot open. "Oh Goddess, Morgan! This is wonderful news! Why are you so worried?"

"I'm scared Hunter, I'm only 20, I'm not even allowed to drink legally yet, and being pregnant puts your body through a hell of a lot"

Hunter smiled and kissed me passionately on the lips.

"You are in a secure marriage with someone who thinks the world of you and will protect you and look after you and will do everything it takes to help comfort you in this"

I smiled "I think you just did a little," he smiled,

He led me back inside and handed me a champagne glass of orange juice (typical) and handed it me while he took one of champagne and with clinked the glasses together.

He smiled "To the next step" he said.

I laughed, "To the next challenge"