In Biology

"And then you combine the acid with the…" She paused.  "Great, my train of thought got derailed again!"

As the camera drifts into her thought bubble… wait, this isn't a screen play!  Anyway.  As we travel into her thoughts, a mess of a passenger train can be found.  Pearl was on the ground, along with the rest of the passenger train.

"What happened back there?" Rusty asked, holding his head to try and make the world stop spinning.  "Is everyone okay?"

"Every time we take that stupid caboose…" Ashley started, though her comment was quickly cut short by a swift glance from the caboose.

"Well?" Rusty demanded.  The soft-spoken steamer was never seen handling a situation in the certain matter that he had attained to today.  Maybe the locomotive was upset at all the disturbances that occurred only during his runs; or, maybe it was more of an annoyance that his steady rhythm was upset due to a minor crash that probably could have been avoided.  "What happened?"

Pearl got to her wheels, complaining the entire way from the ground until after she had reached her full height of 5'7".  "Great, look what you did!  I have dust all over my frame now!"  The observation car could be seen dusting microscopic particles off her pink structure.  "And I just got polished in the shop this morning!" She added, her voice reaching an annoyingly high tone as she whined.  Ashley could not help but stick a finger inside her ear as if to clean out the noise from her mind.

Rusty apologized to Pearl, and again asked if anyone knew what had happened.  Dinah pointed to the caboose while he wasn't watching, afraid of what would happen if he saw her doing such a thing.  "It was him!"

"Yeah!" All the coaches seemed to agree with Dinah, except for Pearl, who wasn't paying much attention to the rest of the train, as she was to the locomotive.

Rusty shot a look at the caboose as if to make him explain. 

"Hey!  Don't look at me like that!  It-It's not my fault!"

"Whose side are you on?" Rusty inquired and the coaches nodded in harmony.  It seemed that every time they took that caboose on one of their runs, there was always some sort of small, or even an occasionally large accident.

"I'm on yours," CB chimed in innocently.  "It wasn't my fault; there—there was a penny, yeah—a penny, on the track.  And—and I couldn't avoid it… an-and it clipped my breaks!"  He added quickly when he noticed none of the cars seemed convinced.  "I'm the one you should be concerned about!  It could have been much worse if I didn't release my breaks!  I'm damaged!"

"Sure, a penny," Buffy said, still completely skeptical.  "Next thing you know, there'll be a passenger in the middle of the tracks trying to be a train because she's wearing roller skates!"

The jumble of cars laughed, but couldn't help but look up and down the abandoned track for the crazy commuter clad in wheels.

When he train finally got back into the correct order; they arrived at their destination with a humorous story to tell, and a quote that would be shared for many runs to come until all its hilarity had run out.

"Really, a passenger on roller skates! Unbelievable!  Just imagine!"  You could hear Rusty comment from the table full of cars in the diner as we fade out of the girl's thoughts.

Not that again, I told you, this is not a screen play!

At any rate,  as we return back to the biology lab you see the girl clad in a white lab coat with her partner holding a glass of bubbling liquid, waiting patiently for her train to become "railed" again and for her to resume giving him the instructions listed clearly on the paper in her hands. 

"I'm sorry!"  She recommenced reading the instruction sheet and continued the dictations aloud as her partner follows the surprisingly simple steps.