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" I shall annihilate all of you damn creeps from this place!" a female night elf cried as she charged into a small group of six purple voidwalkers surrounding a red one.

Voidwalkers were thick black spirits that emitted either a purple glow, or a red glow, for more powerful ones. They had come from portals that were created by the pitlord, Magtheridon, the former ruler of Outland. Magtheridon had been slain by Illidan Stormrage, neither night elf nor demon, but just as powerful, when he had entered Outland.

The elven girl charged and slashed at the monsters with her demon blades. Her blades glowed with bright green flames, dealing more damage to her targets. By then, she had already killed three of them. For every moment her blades were surrounded by the flames, her mana got lower. She retreated a small distance, just enough for her to lash out blue waves of light that attached to the red voidwalker. She could feel her magic coming back to her. The elf ran back into the battle and continued to hack and slash the creatures, killing another two of them.

One of them had tried to attack her from behind, but she gracefully side- stepped out of the way and stabbed it, without even turning around or facing it. The red voidwalker silently tried to sneak away from her. She threw one of her blades the last blue voidwalker, freeing her left hand. It had pierced it and pinned its corpse on to the hard, dusty ground. Waves of bright light came forth from her hand like before, only with green light instead. As soon as it touched the fleeing voidwalker, it emitted an incredibly forceful shock and the creep fell down dead, crumbling away. The elven girl bent down to remove her demon blade from the voidwalker's body. When she took it out, the body crumbled into dust.

Applause from another person made her turn around, the glowing of her blades stopped as she recognized the blood elf that stood a few metres behind her. He had long blonde hair that barely reached half of his back. He wore the usual blood mage uniform of red and gold plates that were covered with a black cape with red shoulder guards.

" Well done, Firebrand," he told her." Beautiful finishing moves! Those flames of yours really do come in handy, don't they? Master Illidan would be quite impressed if he were to see your battle techniques. Always perfect evasion moves and a new skill, hmm? I presume that you have seen me siphoning?"

Firebrand grinned. "I admit that I have, Kael. You have been watching me as well, am I right?" she replied.

He just chuckled. "You talk too sophisticatedly for an elf that has only reached the age of fourteen. But that does not matter, young Kal'dorei, for I still have much to learn as well. Lady Vashj has requested that I take you to her. Come along now, Firebrand."

She walked alongside him as her raven-black hair trailed behind her back, tied back the traditional demon hunter way. Her eyes always covered up by her blindfold that she always had on. She wore tan-coloured hide pants that widened further down, with fur around the rims. Her top just a mere band of hide around her chest, fashioned similar to her pants. There were bandages on her feet, except her toes, revealing her two inch toenails. Her hands also bound with bandages up to her forearm, her fingernails reaching up to one and a half inches long. Around her right arm, was a golden armlet that glowed a faint blue. They arrived at a portal in the middle of the desolate land.

"Ah, Firebrand, Kael'Thas!" Lady Vashj greeted them, as she slithered towards them with her bow strung on her back with her quiver and another bow and quiver in her scaly, turqouise hands, as well as a sack. " Master Illidan has requested that you, demon hunter, be sent to Kalimdor through this portal. He tells me that it is your time to go. I have put all of your clothing and belongings in a sack. And here is your bow and here are your arrows."

Firebrand took her possessions from the naga witch. She did not know what to say."Lady Vashj, Kael," she began, " I thank you so much for taking care of me and offering me your hospitality for these fourteen years. I will miss both of you, the naga, and the blood elves, as well as the Dranei. Again, I must thank you." She then threw her arms around both of them and hugged them tightly.

"Before you go, Firebrand. Keep on working on those spells that I taught you!" Kael reminded her.

"Yes, and practice with your bow, as well!" Lady Vashj added.

The elven girl took her last glance at the place that she had called her home. Ashe thera doro dan, Outland, she said in her head, and calmly stepped into the orange, swirling portal that would lead her to the land called Kalimdor.

"My head." she grumbled as she awakened. Her fingers felt the ground, abundant with grass. Grass was rare in Outland, occasionally sprouting through small cracks in the dry lands. She scanned the strange grassy place, trees surrounded her, as well as plants and flowers. "This must be a forest that Kael had told me about." she said to herself.

Strange commotion had gotten her attention. She turned her head and saw many spider-like creatures and strange zombies crawling on all fours, led by a large beetle. "Ah! What do we have here? A little elfy-girl?" it asked in its hollow voice, as it looked at Firebrand. "Well I'm afraid that this
will be your last moment alive!"

Its force headed towards her wielding no weapons but their claws. In response, she picked up her two demon blades and ran towards them. She put her blades across each other and a powerful pillar of flame surrounded her
enemies. "Dur'anei kov." she muttered at them.

Some of the zombies were feasting on the charred corpses on the ones that were killed in the flame. Firebrand took it to her advantage and decided to attack them. Her blades began to glow with the same green flame as before. They fell to pieces as she sliced off their body parts, surprisingly, they left little to no blood. She then focused her attention to the giant beetle creature. It aimed a strong swipe at her chest, but she easily jumped up and evaded it, she ended up on its shell. The elf searched for where shells were not protecting the insect, while being careful of not being hit by the
long spikes protruding from it. The bug was moving around frantically, trying to shake her off. The spider creatures were trying to attack her as well. She managed to jab one of her blades into an unprotected slit in its
back, before she got shaken off. Milky, purple blood spewed out of its back, covering Firebrand and itself in blood. It let out a screech before
it had fallen down. She approached its body and retrieved her weapon.

Suddenly, she felt a sting in her arm. As she turned around, there was a claw in her arm from one of the spiders. She felt her arm suddenly grow numb and she dropped her blade. There was an arrow lit with fire that whizzed past her and had slain the spider. Before Firebrand collapsed from dizziness, she made out a pillar of fire rise from the ground being reinforced by a targetted hailstorm of icy shards that were headed straight for the remaining spiders.