By: TMFan

Chapter Two: Strange Girl

Pan woke up staring at what was supposed to be her father, but was not. Gohan wondered if the strange girl what layer of hell the girl knew she had just walked into. Trunks was busy trying to believe the conclusion his master and mother had made about the girl coming from other timeline. Bulma had been working on her machine since her teens about time traveling, and knowing it was impossible, but visiting an alternative Earth was more then possible.

The machine was only a few short years to completion. Trunks seeing the poor creature, knew he his mother's morbid taste would be mildly satisfied with the arrival of her newest pet. Gohan must had allowed to impregnate a lucky girl.

Bulma brushed the girl's hair. Gohan had laid all of her objects out in the open. Trunks stared at her collection of knives. Pan slept until the next day. They went on with their normal routine, hoping to get answers out of her when she would eventually wakeup.

The sun was setting outside when Pan woke up, and recalling she was on different type of Earth, one that a pair of cyberpunks, nutjobs doing a good job of killing everything off. She had sent by an Earth that liked to test its young that, been raised in the old tradition of the saiyan race. They discovered more messed timelines then correct ones. When wiser people had said that the entire universe was bad joke played on smart souls, she tended to agree.

Trunks was in the other room when he looked across the hall, and saw the girl was having a hard time getting up from the cot. He had a bag of chips and a room temperature soda ready for her. Pan tried to get up, but traveling the different dimensions for the first time was not easy and she fell back down on the bed. The young boy failed to hide his smirked. Gohan smacked him across his deserving head and ordered his young apprenticed to attended to their uninvented guest.

Pan thanked him for the meager meal, and questioned why all of her things was out in the open and where her food capsules where. Trunks replied his mother had given them to the magistrate to share with the rest of the colony. It would feed everyone in the colony until their next growing season.

She tried to fly, but nothing happened other then Gohan slamming her against the wall, and warned her not to intervene with Bulma's decisions. It was a bad idea to anger the scientist or any from her caste. Her already weak body could only clasped on the bed.

Bulma walked in and begin her examination of the alien girl. She was found to be two thirds human and a quarter animal. Pan finally scratch her neck and found a silver collar around it and was also wearing small wrist cuffs under her black miffs. The weightless silver was lodged into her skin, and did not impend the movement of her hands in any direction.

"What is this about?" Pan asked.

Bulma took the girl's forearm and sliding her right miff off. "This is to keep your animal energy in check. In this reality the Savants control this quadrant of the galaxy. You will learn and earn your place, or you will die little thing."

"Who are the Savants?"Pan wondered.

"I will have my son teach you such things," Bulma said.

Trunks watched his mother leave the room. "My great mother is the leader of the Savants. She is here to watch the Purge of The Twins. It only happens every other century, and you are lucky to be here to witness such a rare occasion."

"What are you talking about?"

"Thousands of years ago humanity was one species, but they evolved past mortality into the Savant race."

"Why I am wearing these things, and why did your mother call me an animal?"

"Those devices keep your alien energy from being used in unofficial usage."

Pan sipped her warm tangy drink. "So, the humans from this Earth evolved to invent the means of keeping the mighty saiyan race in chains."

"Is that the name you came up with for your animalistic side? How quaint that sounds, the Savants refuse to give proper names to their one time enemies. They only call them animals and such labels like that, and it is their prefer style of language."

"I did not make it up, it came from my pure blood grandfather's people! How dare you keep me from using my power!" Pan yelled.

"Would you rather not wear them and die, or keep them on and live. The choice is yours alone to make, little girl." Trunks informed.

Pan noticed Gohan had left with Bulma and she fought back the tears. "What will happened to me now?"

"You will remain in these rooms, but it is up to my mother to decide your fate. The watching the twins kill always puts her in a good mood, and she has complained about my prolong virginity. My guess after the Purge, we fuck for the enjoyment of my mother."

Pan was grabbed by her left arm and feebly fought the young man off. He only laughed at her attempted and saw he his own silver hardware. She thought he was going to force a kiss on her but all he did was give her a meaningless hug. Trunks ruffly pushed her off of him and left. Pan's teeth rattle in her mouth. She was shaking for minutes until a woman came in and gave her a shoot that knocked her out.

To be continued.