Summary: A potions accident turns our middle aged potions master into a baby. Now, Harry is expected to look after young Severus until the potion wears off. Chap. 1: Two years old

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A/N: Yes I know that this type of story is so overdone. But, not for this ship as far as I know No one's become a baby in this ship ever. However, that's to my knowledge which might not be accurate. Anyhow I figured I should write this fic so almost every ship has one. This one was looking neglected, in the de-aging potion department. I hope you like!

"Mr. Potter, will you please pay attention?" snapped Professor Mcgonagall. Harry looked up slowly meeting his professor's disapproving glare. "Now, what has you so distracted?"

Harry was about to make up a lame excuse as too where his attention had been drifting, and he hadn't liked where it was heading, when the door to the class opened and a first year Hufflepuff poked her head through the door.

"Excuse me Professor Mcgonagall, but Professor Dumbledore wishes to speak to Harry." The girl said timidly.

"Very well, you heard Miss Connely, Mr. Potter, go see Professor Dumbledore."

"Yes, Ma'am." Said Harry gathering his books in his hand and leaving the classroom. He walked at a steady pace down the corridors and finally arrived at the gargoyle and muttered the password and breezed up the steps and through the doors. He sat down in a chair and waited for the headmaster to arrive. He looked around and smiled at a few of the portraits who had been trying to catch his attention.

Dumbledore entered the room and caught Harry deep in thought. He rested his hand on the younger mans shoulder causing him to jump out of his seat and turn to face him.

"Harry, my dear boy, how are you?" asked Dumbledore, sitting down behind his desk.

"Fine, sir." He responded. His gaze resting on Fawkes who flew over and landed on his lap. Harry smiled and stroked the birds feathers smiling.

"Lemon drop?" offered Dumbledore. Harry shook his head no. Dumbledore shrugged and popped one of the candies into his mouth.

"Sir, what was so important that you had to pull me out of transfiguration?" Harry finally asked wanting to leave the office as fast as possible.

"Ah Harry, are you aware that you are indeed a very perceptive young man."

"Well, no one's ever come out and said it before but I suppose it's possible," said Harry, who continued to absentmindedly stroke Fawkes. Dumbledore grinned, his eyes twinkling. Harry groaned inwardly it was never a good thing when Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. Never.

"Oh but you are. You see I have a small task I would appreciate if you would perform." Dumbledore stated.

"What is it?" questioned Harry, getting the distinct impression that whatever he was about to be asked wasn't going to be fun.

"Would you follow me please?" Harry nodded and followed the headmaster out of his office and started down towards the hospital wing, a place he hadn't been to in about 4 months which happened to be a record.

As they drew closer to the wing the piercing cry of a baby wailing cut through the air. Harry looked up at Dumbledore a mixture of curiosity and concern etched in his features.

"Sir, what's going on?" Harry asked again. Dumbledore smiled and shushed him.

"You'll see." He reassured him. Harry nodded again and continued on till they reached the doors to the hospital wing. "Wait here."

Harry watched as Dumbledore entered leaving the door ajar. Harry tried to resist leaning closer to the door to hear what was going on. Nevertheless, after a few seconds his restraint snapped and he quickly leaned against the door hoping to hear something and hear something he did.

Dumbledore seemed to be coaxing someone to follow him. " Come on, Harry's here. Come on."

"Har-wy?" A little voice questioned, the older man.

"Yes, come along now." Answered Dumbledore, his voice closer to the door then Harry had anticipated. He quickly jumped out of the way right before the doors opened and a small black haired black eyed two year old boy came out of the door a huge smile plastered all over his face, with Dumbledore close behind.

"Har-wy!" He shouted with glee, toddling over to the stunned 7th year. He stopped right in front of him and looked up and effectively fell on his bottom then started crying. The crying pierced through Harry's foggy mind and he bent over and picked up the small child and tried to make him calm down.

"Professor, I don't understand who-"

"Harry, I'm sure you know Severus Snape."

Harry gasped and looked down at the two year old who was currently playing with the clasp of his robe and giggling as the clasp came undone. "Not to be rude, but are you sure this is Snape?"

"Severus, Harry, and yes I'm sure." Dumbledore answered calmly, smiling at the child Harry was holding.

"How?" asked Harry.

"That, Harry, is a story best saved for my office, follow me." Harry sighed but followed anyway. Shifting Severus onto his other hip. Severus looked up at Harry grinning. Harry rolled his eyes as he saw the toddlers smile but grinned. As they approached Dumbledore's office Ron and Hermione came running down the corridor. Harry turned and grinned at his friends.

"Harry! Harry you'll never believe what everyone's saying. They're saying that Professor Snape was splashed with a de-aging potion and is now only two." said Ron enthusiastically, finally stopping to catch his breath he noticed the little boy in Harry's arms. "Who's that?"

"Ron," Harry said apprehensively, "this is Snape." Harry said, Ron seemed to be at a loss for words, his mouth opening and closing looking between Harry and Hermione. Hermione rolled her eyes and pinched Ron in the arm. He yelped and glared angrily at his girlfriend.

"So they weren't just rumors." She said. Harry nodded, shifting Severus again. Severus looked between Harry and Hermione confused and waiting to see who this new person was.

"Nope they weren't just rumors." He answered. A look of comprehension flashed across Ron's face shortly followed by suspicion.

"Har-wy, who she?" Severus asked pointing at Hermione. Harry looked at Hermione and flashed her a quick grin.

Hermione smiled kindly. "My name's Hermione, I'm Harry's best friend."

"Har-wy." Severus said quietly tugging on Harry's sleeve to get his attention, "Har-wy!" he hissed, tugging on the sleeve harder. Harry put Severus down and kneeled so they were the same height.

"Yea?" asked Harry in a whisper playing along with all the secrecy. Severus leaned over into Harry's ear.

"I likes her." He giggled and snuggled into Harry's shoulder putting his little arms around his neck. Harry picked him up laughing.

"Hey Mione you have a fan." He said chuckling.

"Apparently," She said brightly trying not to laugh. "Professor Dumbledore, what happened?" she asked suddenly very serious.

"I was just about to tell Harry here before you two showed up and now I suppose I'll have to tell you two as well," he paused, "As a matter of fact I think it would be much better if I just told you three at the same time. Yes, very good indeed. Considering you two will undoubtedly will play a part in all of this."

He ushered the students into his office and shut the door behind him.

Hermione and Ron took the chairs leaving Harry to the floor. Not that Harry minded all that much as a matter of fact he wasn't even paying attention to the fact that he was sitting on the floor with a two year old leaning against his chest asleep.

"Professor, what exactly happened?" he asked. "And how am I involved with all of this?"

"During this mornings first year potions class between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, a young Hufflepuff that shall remain anonymous, accidentally blew up her potion and it splattered all over Professor Snape. Only a few minutes after the explosion did they find Severus here screaming on the floor of the dungeons calling for you."

"Calling, sir?"

"Well it was more of a howl but yes calling out for you."

Harry looked down at the little boy in his arms. "Really?"

"Yes, Harry. Now what I'm about to ask of you isn't going to be easy and you'll resist it at first."

"What is it?" he asked tiredly, playing with Severus' hair.

"I'm entrusting you with this child that you're holding."

"Wait what?" Ron said before Harry could say anything. "What do you mean, will he like have to keep him."


"Oh." Hermione said finally joining the conversation. "But sir, exactly how does this potion work?"

"I'm glad you asked, Miss Granger. You see this potion is difficult to make on a normal basis, but since this potion was made by accident, I have no definite answer as to when it will wear off exactly, but I have a rough estimate. This potion will last for about 3 weeks, maybe longer, possibly shorter."

Harry was listening intently and finally heard what he'd been waiting for. "Harry, there is one more thing you will need to know, young Severus here will grow one year every two days for the first week or so. He will stop growing at 5 years."

"Why five, sir?" Questioned Hermione.

"That I don't know, that is what Madame Pomfrey told me, so I'm telling you. And, since I've left him in Harry's care, I expect that you two will end up helping. Am I right?"

"Yes, sir, they'll help." Harry said for them before they could form any means of protest.

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