Kim Possible: Tri-breed

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes:My take on the Go Team Go episode, with the addition of one of my own characters.


Tri-breed- Any person whos blood is 1/3 Dragon, 1/3 Vampire, and 1/3 Human

Breed Emeralds- the source of Tri-breed power, often said to be able to create artifical Tri-breeds

Cast of Characters


Shin Rook- one of the most powerful Tri-breeds to ever exist, often considered to be the most dangerous warrior ever.

Kim Possible- Teen super spy/hero, one of the finest martial artests on the Earth.

Ron Stoppable- Kim's goofy idiot side kick, and best friend

Rufus- Ron's pet naked mole rat

Hego- Shego's idiot older brother, and Self appointed leader of Team Go

Migo- Shego's other brother

Wego(guessing at name here)- the youngest members of Team Go.


Akuma Rook- Shin's twin brother, often called the Black Demon, and is by far the most evil of all Tri-breeds.

Shego- a renagade member of Team Go, once the hench girl to Dr. Drakken

Well here's a "preview" for my next Kim Possible Fanfic, I'll get Chapter I up after I get a few reviews on both the idea and possible cuples.