Kim Possible: Tribreed

BY Dragonfang33

Chapter V

GO Tower

Location: Middleton High School, a few minutes later

"Kim," Ron said, panicking, "he's coming this way, HE'S COMING THIS WAY." Shin slowly made his way over to Kim, pushing Ron out of his way.

"Hay pal," Kim said, "Pick on some one your own size."

"Relax," Shin said, with his typical gruff manner, "I'm not interested in him, I'm more interested in you."

"Hay," Kim said, "I'm not that kind of girl."

"Not what I meant," Shin replied, "I saw you get blasted by the Stone of Power, and I saw you absorb that man's powers." Ron suddenly rejoined the group.

"Now wait a minutes," Ron said, "Kim's got no superpowers." Shin once again pushed Ron out of the way.

"Stop that," Kim shouted, "and Ron's right I don't have superpowers."

"Then how do you explain pulling that locker door from its hinges like it was paper?" Shin asked

"It probably had rusty hinges," Kim said, as the bell for class rang, "Now if you'll excuse me Mr. um what's your name?"

"Shin," Shin replied, "Shin Rook."

"Shin," Kim added, "I'm late for class." Kim and Ron walked away from the Tribreed warrior, in a humph, but Shin was one of those who didn't give up so easily.

As the day went on, it became clear to Kim that Shin was right, first in gym she leapt high enough to slam dunk, and in the process tear the hoop clear off its support. Then at lunch, Kim managed to lift the lunch counter, scoring the last bit of pizza in the process, and finally at cheer practice, she was able to perform the first upside down pyramid.

Ron was waiting at Beuno Nacho for Kim to arrive, when he spotted a familiar face, and ducked behind the table.

"Please Mr. Rook," Ron pleaded, "Don't knock me into Barkin's car."

"Relax," Shin said, taking a seat, "I'm waiting for your friend to show up." A few minutes later, Kim came walking down the street, giddy as a school girl, when Kim came to the restaurant, she noticed a blue car parked illegally.

"Don't they know it's illegal to park in front of a fire hydrant?" Kim said, as she pushed the car out from in front of the hydrant.

"Kim, you're, you're." Ron said in shock

"Super strong," Kim replied, "guess Shin over there was right." Before Shin could reply, however, a familiar restaurant manager appeared before them.

"Excuse me," the man said, "Kim Possible?"

"Yeah," Kim replied.

"You have my super strength," the man said. This revelation sent shock waves through all, except Shin.

"What do you want," Shin said, coldly, "HeGO." HeGO looked on in horror, how did this civilian know his secret?

"Um I'm not HeGO," the man replied, "but if I was how do you know that?"

"I'm telepathic," Shin replied.

"But that's not the reason why I'm here," the man said, turning to face Kim, once again,

"I need you to come back to GO City, immediately."

Location: GO Tower, just outside of GO City

Shin had seen many fortresses before, all of which were sinister, but this one was by far the goofiest. The entire GO Tower was nothing more then a giant word GO, that had been painted white, with a set of blue doors below it.

"So why are we here again?" Ron asked, as they approached the door.

"Hmm," Kim said, noticing the lock, "DNA scanner."

"It reads our GO Team Glows," HeGO replied, "But the Blue Glow is no longer mine." Kim activated her glow, and placed her hand on the scanner. Instantly the door flew open, reveling a large command center, with a circular table, with multicolored chairs surrounding it.

"Kim Possible," HeGO said, "welcome to the GO Tower."

Stay tuned for Chapter VI: Team GO Reunion, PS I decided to change the name of this Chapter