A/N: This will be a collection of poems and thoughts about and inspired by Trigun. I hope to update every week depending on how well things go. ^__^ Here are some thoughts to start you off, and PLEASE tell me what you think!!! ~NB~

Disclaimer: I will only say this once, so read carefully. Own Trigun, I do not. Any quotes I use that belong to other people are not for profit. I also do not own any people or characters I might refer to or mention.


This thought was written down a long time ago in high school. I don't even remember what year, and I can't believe I still have the piece of paper I wrote it down on. When I found it recently, I was reminded of Vash and Rem. ~NB~

~*Love cannot take care of your physical health, it cannot pay the bills, or be a lifeguard or a first aid kit. Yet people die every day because they feel unloved or cannot go on without someone dear any longer. If many people were given the choice between love and peace or food, more than likely they will not give up on love.*~


I was thinking about what Knives said about humans and the hard decision Vash had to make to save Meryl and Milly a few days ago. This is the result. Does it make any sense to you? ~NB~

~*If love can conquer all things, then how come we fail so miserably? I say it is because we have not loved with our whole heart. Imperfect as we are, it is impossible for us to do so at all times. It does not mean, however, that we should quit trying. Our curse of being imperfect can, in fact, become a blessing. It leaves us room to improve, to become more determined and courageous in life, and to allow love to constantly grow beyond what we thought was possible.*~