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Frustrations surface,
but then cool down and subside
leaving dead silence.

Her anger's useless.
A short temper can't solve this.
Neither can a gun.

Nothing can be worse
than waiting for that someone
who may not come back.

Why get so worried?
They were never really friends,
yet her heart aches still.


The hot tears surface
and flow down her saddened face.
Faith held inside falls.

Realization hits.
Truth settles in and takes hold.
It won't let go now.

Her feelings betray,
and her mask begins to fall.
It can't be rebuilt.

Can she forgive this?
Remembering all the joy
and pain he caused her?


New hope surfaces,
and calm slowly takes over.
Grief can't drown her will .

Her life must go on.
There is no time for mourning.
Too much work to do.

Her friends would agree.
'The future is still open.'
That's what he would say.

And perhaps someday,
at last, when she least expects,
they will meet again.

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