*Flower of Dreams*

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The golden glow over the horizon and the darkening of the sky symbolizes the end of day. Its odd, how much can happen in one day. How years of friendship can be wasted on one event. How love can form from that friendship. How promises can be kept, broken, or made.

Two people find that they are seperated. How can they ever see one another again? Will they have a second chance?


A girl sat alone, watching the sun slowly make its way down toward the horizon. The soft rain soaked her, blended with her tears, and tried to ease her pain by soothing her into a dreamless sleep. Perhaps any other time. But not this one. She stared out, wondering how this had come to be out of a friendship so pure, so right. Her cerulean curls fell around her, over her shoulders. She couldn't be seperated from him.. He had been there for her so many times and her to him. She gazed longingly at the sky, as if it would solve the problem for her. She heard footsteps approaching. The soft kind, padded by years of cat-like grace and thieving. He held her interest and she held his.

"Youko." She said, not turning to look at him. He had a gentle look on his face and his eyes showed care. He draped her cloak over her head and she shrugged it off. He sat down next to her. "You know why you are here?" He gave a long, sad sigh.

"Of course I do." He looked over at her, into her glossy eyes. "Its time to say good-bye for good I suppose?" He didn't like those words and they tasted bitter to him. "Botan, listen. I simply cannot let anything come between us. Tell me what happened. Why must you leave Makai?"

"He stationed me somewhere else!" She cried, closing her eyes. "Koenma made me take up the route to Ningenkai!" His expression was that of anger and hatred.


"Because he.. I don't know, okay!?" She looked at him, her amethyst eyes meeting his amber ones. Her anguish and pain showed plainly on her face and in her eyes. "I think it was because he was worried about me. He seemed to not want to talk about it. I tried and tried to get him to change his mind.. but he wouldn't listen to me." She shivered and shook with her sobs. "Its time for me to say good-bye to you." She regained control over her emotions and looked him right in the eyes. "Though I don't want to."

"I know you don't want to. I don't want you to." She stood up and he followed. She turned to him and he saw her only as beautiful. Her cerulean curls and her amethyst eyes both glittered. One with the tears of heaven and the other with the tears from death. (1) "You will never leave me." He whispered. "You'll be here and here." He pointed to his head and finally to his heart. She smiled and did the same.

"Once friends for eternity, always friends for eternity." She reached up, gently touching his face. "I won't ever forget you." She turned around and he frowned. He called out to her in a small voice and she stopped. She turned to look at him.

"Here. Take this to remember me by." He pulled a seed from his long silver hair. It was onyx in color and not very large. He took her hand and pressed the seed in hers then closed her fingers over it, holding onto her hand. Then he let it go and smiled, pulling one identical to it out of his hair. "Its called the Flower of Dreams. Though it does not grow from dreams, but from the one person who you swore a never-ending friendship to. Whenever you think of me, the flower will grow more and more. It will produce dreams of us at night as its gift to us. It will never die unless you forget me or I you." She was hoping to get away from crying, but that didn't seem to work. She reached behind her neck then drew forth a chain. It was silver and had a large round gem, an amethyst with the insignia of a silver fox inside. His eyes widened.

"I've treasured this since I was a little girl. It doesn't have five tails but I know it will do. This is my gift to you. So you won't forget me. Take this with promise and my friendship. Take this with love." He looked at it, his gaze softening. The eyes were amethyst, just like hers. He looked up, smiling.

"I will. And take that seed with my friendship, promise, and love." She nodded, smiling back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, fastening the chain. She lingered, hugging him for one last time. He returned the fond embrace.

"Good-bye, my friend." She whispered. The wind blew softly, making the soft rain slant and hit them. "I will keep my promise to you. Forever."

"As will I." He whispered back. "Forever." She stepped away from him, sitting on her oar. She reached out to him, clasping his hand in hers. She gave it a squeeze and felt him do the same. "Good-bye, my friend." She floated up, their hands slipping from one another's slowly. When they no longer reached each other, she turned and flew quickly away. He stood there until he had no memory of the time. He looked back at where they were sitting together. Her black cloak rested there. "Good-bye."The whisper fell on no ears, save his. He closed his eyes. It seemed as though everyone was weeping today. He knew he had lost a best friend.


(Some years later)

Botan glared at Yuusuke as they walked toward Genkai's. He was being as nasty and irritable as usual.

"Yuusuke Urameshi, you will get nowhere with that type of attitude!" She crossed her arms, huffing. Her curls bounced slightly as she walked. The two long strips of hair on each side that she kept from the ponytail rested on her shoulders.

"Hey, I'm the one who has to go to Grandma's bootcamp for 6 months. Not you. I have the right to be pissed off." She knew she had the right as well. It was the anniversary of the day she lost her best friend.

"Well, you are the Detective. I have no reason to go. I don't want to learn how to improve my fighting skills. I don't need to fight the demons." She said rationally. "This is for your own good, Yuusuke. If you don't learn this, you'll never get anywhere. Not all opponents can be beaten by fists. Just look at Goki. You needed your power to defeat him. And look at Hiei, as well. Remember, this isn't junior high." She shook her finger at him. "This is real and you need to learn it. We don't want to cart you back because you died in a fight. There is no other way for you."

"Yeah, yeah." He knew she cared about him and he also knew she was hiding something from him. "I know the lecture."

"It is not a lecture. I know how much you hate those." She gave him a completely fake smile that he could see straight through. Suddenly, she stopped walking, her eyes wide.

"B?" He asked, poking her. Her eyes were fixed on something and her mouth was slightly open. She looked shocked and pained. He followed her gaze to Kurama. Botan's legs gave out under her and she fell to her knees, the school uniform skirt fanning out around her. She looked so out of it. Yuusuke had never seen her like this. She stared up at cold, calm jade green eyes. She knew that gaze anywhere. Seeing him in person was much more effective than seeing a picture. He resembled little of him.. but..

"Are you okay?" He held his hand out to her, a small smile coming to his lips. She gasped lightly when he bent down and grabbed her hand, being as gentle as possible, raising her to her feet. She stared at him, seeing all of her anguish and pain, seeing her best friend's look when she said good-bye.. Tears threatened and only one fell. He wiped it away. "There, now why are you crying?" His voice wasn't as deep.. "It is nice to see you again, Yuusuke." His gaze left hers and she felt sort of embarrassed.

"Same to you, Kurama." Yuusuke grinned then looked worriedly to the girl at his side. Her face was set in a frown of unbelievable pain. "Botan? We gonna go?"

"Huh?" She looked over at him. He could see something else in her eyes.

"Grandma's expecting us and we forgot the basket of goodies so the least we could do is be early." She didn't smile at his joke. He put his hand on her shoulder. Kurama seemed to have a different reaction to her entirely. He was a little confused until hearing her name, then he spaced for a second.

"Well, I must get going. I'll see you around sometime." Yuusuke nodded.

"Released him on good behavior, huh?"

"No." She shook her head. She was still out of it. He supported her while she tried to regain control. "We're about a half-hour early.. this should be sufficient." He glared at her.

"I'm not walking up those stairs until you tell me what's wrong with you. Otherwise, I won't go."

"Its your funeral." He ignored the small attempt at a joke. Any other time he would've laughed, but there was something wrong with the one person who stuck with him and risked herself by distracting a demon and not to mention that she saved Keiko with her energy, even though she risked a lot. That meant a lot to him. She was invaluable and irreplaceable with her wisdom and knowledge.

"Tell me what that was all about. You're not acting right. What is it about Kurama? Did he hurt you?" She shook her head.

"I think I hurt him.." She whispered. He caught it. He gave her a confused look.

"You can tell me." Her stomach twisted in a knot and she closed her eyes, willing her tears to go away.

"I lost my best friend.. many years ago to this exact day.." She said, looking away from him.

"What do you mean? Did they die?" She shook her head.

"I was forced to leave there. I couldn't ferry there anymore. Kurama just reminded me strongly of him, that's all."

"He wasn't more than a friend, was he?"

"No." She looked over at him. He could see how much she cared for him. "We promised each other that we would never ever forget each other. And I haven't.. but he.. he died.."


"A little while after I left. He was trapped.."


"A botched burglary. I found out from Koenma. No one had brought his soul, though. That's what puzzled me. Everyone said he was dead, but the soul was never ferried."

"Oh." For once, Yuusuke had no smart remark to come up with. He had no feelings of anger..

"It was Koenma's fault. I have never, to this day, forgiven him. He forced us apart. He made me ferry here instead of Makai. He wouldn't let us be friends. He did this to us.." She burst into tears. Of course, she regained control. "And he wonders why I act so coldly around him." Now, Yuusuke was pissed.

"That damn toddler! Why wouldn't he let you be friends? That's what I don't understand." She shrugged, feeling helpless.

"I convinced him that Koenma was only worried, but I knew he knew otherwise." Was all she said about it. "We should get you to Genkai."

"Grandma can wait. What happened?"

"Nothing." She left out the part of exchanging gifts and longing looks. She left out the good-byes. "Come on." She stood up. Yuusuke followed her, mulling over this new situation. Koenma took Botan and her best friend away from each other? Why? It just didn't make any sense.


(After Maze Castle)

Yuusuke was still worried about Botan. She had seemed to be fine after the incident when she told him about her friend. But why did Kurama have a reaction at all? Was he her best friend from years ago? No. He threw that thought aside.

"You look puzzled." Yuusuke looked up to find Kurama's calm jade green eyes staring at him from the doorway. "Need help with anything?" He was about to protest but then something clicked in his mind that he should say something about it to Kurama.


What will happen when Yuusuke says something to Kurama? What will Kurama's reaction be? What will Botan's reaction be to what he's about to do? Please review!

(1) One with the tears of heaven and the other with the tears from death. - Tears from heaven. Rain! Mostly, I want to explain the part about the tears of death. Botan is death. She's the Grim Reaper. Get it now?