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Kagome watched in horror as Inuyasha was thrown to the ground again. She could tell the battle was really taking its toll. Helplessly, she looked down at the broken bow in her hands.

"There's got to be something I can do!"

His breathing was labored as he stood up, using the Tetsusaiga as a crutch. This demon was tough. Another power hungry piece of filth was after the jewel shards. Inuyasha fell to one knee, with sweat dripping down his face.

"Damn, he's so strong!"

The demon, seeing his foe temporarily indisposed, lunged for the human girl. The power he felt was definitely coming from her. A large boomerang flew through the air towards the demon.

He snarled. 'Pesky demon exterminator.' The demon jumped quickly to one side and dodged the weapon. He dashed for the girl once again.

"No! Kagome!" faster than he had ever moved before Inuyasha dashed between his friend and the demon, holding his Tetsusaiga up in front of him as a shield. For a moment they stood in a deadlock, but the demon shoved Inuyasha forcefully to the ground. The sword flew from his hand, and the demon turned back to his original enemy.

"So you've come back for more, half-breed?" he sniggered. Suddenly a strange scent filled his nostrils. "Another demon?" he looked around quickly.

"Nobody you haven't seen before," a new voice snarled. The demon turned to the hanyou who was standing again. He had changed. His eyes were blood red and there were purple markings on his cheeks.

Before the demon could speak he felt sharp claws run him through. As the life drained from him he looked at those terrifying eyes. The eyes of a demon...

"How?" he choked before falling limply to the ground.

Inuyasha sneered, "Wouldn't you like to know." He began to lick the blood from his fingers.

Kagome stared up at him slightly frightened. She knew what she had to do, but it pained her all the same.

"Inuyasha, SIT!" Instantly the full demon was yanked facedown into the dirt. But something wasn't right. The fallen form growled deeply, lifting it's head to reveal eyes that were still bright red.

Miroku and Sango quickly grabbed her from behind, and pulled her away. "Kagome, we need to get you out of here!" The monk cried. "I'm afraid Inuyasha has truly lost himself this time, and if that is the case he will go after the jewel shards."

"But," Kagome struggled against her friends' grip. "We can't just leave him here. He'll kill himself!" She broke free and ran towards Inuyasha, just as the demon was struggling to his feet. He watched Kagome as she stopped in front of him, but did not attack her.

"Inuyasha listen to me! Can you hear me?"

"Kagome, no!" Sango yelled. "That's not Inuyasha! Don't get yourself killed!"

Inuyasha's eyes turned to where the demon exterminator stood. He cracked his knuckles menacingly and growled again.

"Kagome, take this!" Shippo shouted as he hurled Tetsusaiga through the air. Kagome caught it, cutting herself slightly and shoved it towards Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, take Tetsusaiga!" she cried desperately, but his eyes were now on the kitsune. He knocked the sword to the ground, and bore his claws. His eyes went a deeper shade of red and the blood flowed freely from his battle wounds. Kagome looked worried. 'He's going to kill himself like this!' Inuyasha crouched as if ready for battle, his eyes still locked on the tiny fox demon.

Without warning, Kagome did the last thing she could think of. She threw herself at Inuyasha wrapping her arms tightly around his neck and pressing her face against his chest, she hugged him tightly. She ignored the claws that pierced her skin and sunk deep into her body. "Inuyasha hear me. Come back to me."

But her voice was lost, falling on deaf ears that heard nothing but the pounding of blood in his ears. Her voice did not reach him.

One thing did reach him, however, the smell of blood. The potent stench reached his sensitive nose quickly as Kagome slowly bled. So much blood... Suddenly he saw himself in a river frantically trying to wash the smell of blood from his hands and arms.

...the girl...

She had looked so sad. But not because he had killed all those people; not because he had killed every last one of those villagers. No, she was sad for him, she pitied him.

...that girl...

She had comforted him. He had pretended he hadn't cared, but she just continued to look at him sad and slightly worried.

...so sad...

She had laid her hand on his shoulder and her head against his back. 'Inuyasha I understand.' His defense had dropped then and he laid his hand on top of her's.



Suddenly, the blood left his eyes and the purple marks faded.

~* Memories consume

Like opening the wound

I'm picking me apart again*~

He looked up and saw Miroku, Sango, and Shippo all staring at him with shocked looks on their faces.

~*You all assume

I'm safe here in my room

[Unless I try to start again]*~

He smelled it again, blood. He lifted a hand to his face. 'Human blood?!?' He finally noticed the body clinging to him. 'What?'

~* I don't want to be the one

The battles always choose

'Cause inside I realize

That I'm the one confused*~

'No not again.' He took her by the shoulders and pulled back a little so he had a view of her face. "Kagome?"

Her breathing was shaky and slow, but she looked up at him and smiled nonetheless. There was blood soaking her shirt and skirt. He looked at his hand again and his eyes widened. The realization hit him hard. He wanted to scream but his voice was gone, stuck somewhere in his throat.

~*I don't know what's worth fighting for

Or why I want to scream

I don't know why I instigate

And say what I don't mean

I don't how I got this way

I know it's not alright

So I'm

Breaking the habit

Breaking the habit


Inuyasha fell to his knees with Kagome still lying in his arms. Her hands fell from behind his neck and hung at her sides. Her body was tense and her eyelids fluttered as she tried to stay conscious.

"No, Kagome. Not you. What the hell have I done? What the hell happened?" He hugged her shuddering form close to him and buried his face in her hair, as tears began to fall.

~*Clutching my cure

I tightly lock the door

I try to catch my breath again*~

"This wasn't supposed to happen. Not to you." He had known it might. The last time he had become full demon he had totally lost himself. He knew she might get hurt, and she knew it too, and she had still stayed with him.

"Why you?" The tears ran unchecked now. Falling from his eyes into her dark hair.

~* I hurt much more

Than anytime before

I had no options left again*~

A hand reached up and touched his cheek, clumsily wiping the tears away. His eyes turned to her face again. When she talked her voice was soft and shallow.

"You're back," she smiled weakly. "I was afraid there was no way of getting you back. I was afraid I'd lost you." He looked down at the blood that covered both of them now.

~*I don't want to be the one

The battles always choose

'Cause inside I realize

That I'm the one confused*~

She had stopped him from destroying himself. She had saved him. But at the highest price, she was dying. And yet, she still smiled at him.

He had worked so hard to make her smile. He had screwed up so many times and they had fought. But there were always times when she smiled. Precious times he would remember always.

She was the one he loved, the one he fought for. And she was slipping away.

~*I don't know what's worth fighting for

Or why I want to scream

I don't know why I instigate

And say what I don't mean

I don't how I got this way I'll never be all right

So I'm Breaking the habit

Breaking the habit


"Inuyasha I... I have to go." her frail form shook violently when she coughed. I love you... Inuyasha."

Inuyasha's eyes widened in surprise. He felt her body's tension lessen. She was letting go.

"No Kagome, don't go. I love you too." Her eyes closed and her head fell back, showing her beautiful face in the pale moonlight. "Kagome! You can't leave me now! I love you too damn much!"

"No, KAGOME...!"

~*I'll paint it on the walls

'Cause I'm the one at fault

I'll never fight again

And this is how it ends*~

Inuyasha held Kagome's body in one arm as he reached for the forgotten Tetsusaiga with the other.

~*I don't know what worth fighting for

Or why I have to scream*~

He grabbed the handle, and it remained untransformed. He held it away from himself so he could aim the tip towards his heart.

~*But now I have some clarity

To show you what I mean*~

He held Kagome close to him, closed his eyes tightly, and drew a sharp breath.

~*I don't know how I got this way

I'll never be all right

So I'm

Breaking the habit*~

Swiftly the Tetsusaiga drove through his chest, and he bit back a cry of pain.

~*Breaking the habit*~

He drew the sword out and dropped it to the ground, wrapping his other arm around Kagome's still form and hugging her.

~*I'm breaking the habit*~

"Wait for me," he whispered, as he fell forward into darkness.



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