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When sun peeked over the horizon the next day, three friends could be seen covering an earthen mound under the sacred tree. It was a single grave. It only seemed right to bury them as they had died, wrapped tightly in each other's arms. Shippo's tears fell over the grave, deeply mourning the death of his surrogate parents. Sango wept silently, while Miroku laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Sango blamed herself for not doing anything. It had all happened so suddenly. Kagome's desperate attempt to bring Inuyasha to himself had been so sad. She had known it would cost her life. Afterwards, it had only felt right let them say good-bye alone. Then out of nowhere Inuyasha goes and stabs himself. It was all so unfair.

Without warning Sango reached for Miroku and hugged him, sobbing bitterly into his shoulder. Miroku, in turn, wrapped his arm around the girl's shoulders. Looking down at the mound he muttered a soft prayer.

"They both knew so much pain," he sighed sadly. "I hope you can finally rest in peace together, my friends." With that he turned and led Sango back to the village, leaving the kit to grieve awhile longer.

Shippo sat solemnly at the base of the grave. Tears still running freely down his face. "Why did you guys have to die?" he whimpered. "I already lost my first parents. Why did you have to leave me too? I HATE YOU!!!" His tiny fist grabbed a clump of dirt as emotional pain overtook him again. "Well wherever you guys are, Kagome, I hope you sit Inuyasha a million times for killing himself. And Inuyasha, you'd better be taking good care of Kagome." he sniffed a little. "I hope you guys are happy."

Shippo stood there for a long while before leaving the grave and making for the village. Just before he left the clearing he turned and looked back at the grave and whispered quietly. "Mom, Dad? Wait for me."


In years to come Naraku would be defeated, thanks to Shesshomaru, who had his own reasons for destroying the half-demon. It was said that he visited his brother's grave once but no one knew where the rumor had started.

Sango and Miroku would be married and have many children. Although they offered many times, Shippo declined being adopted by them, but stayed a close friend all the while.

As for Kikyo, she was never seen after the death of Kagome and Inuyasha.

Outside the village, the sacred tree would stand for hundreds of years to come, unchanged and unscathed by time. Below, the grass would eventually grow into place were the earth had once been disturbed. The sun will often shine brightly through the branches, to the grave below. Warm and comforting, like the smile of two lovers, looking down on their friends, as they hold each other close.

'We'll be waiting...'


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