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This is the day that changed my life. I had never known about it! Neither did anyone I know. When it happened, everyone was highly surprised. I mean, I was a normal person with normal thoughts and normal feelings. It all changed when I found out. My enemies became my friends. My ways of behaving disappeared. My ethics disappeared. My life was turned around for the worse, or was it the better? Life is complicated. When something bad happens, you ask, "why me?". When something good happens, you don't do anything. When you need something most, it always disappears and when you don't need it, it is there. This is what happened that changed me. My story, I am Draco Malfoy.

Harry's POV.

I have always been a shy kid. I was always scared of a relationship. I have seen so many people die that I am afraid to lose more. My life is marked with pain and death. I am the savoir of the world. Although, I am not strong enough. I must become stronger somehow. Hopefully, my wishes will become true.

The day that made that possible and changed everything I ever thought about. It is still vivid in my mind. That day confused me but came out for the better. It all worked out. It was my favourite day of my life.

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