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Last time:

"Hey mate, where have you been? Haven't seen you in a while.

"Oh, just taking a walk. Not much."

The three of them went back to the common room.

Unbeknown to them, someone in the shadows was watching.

"How dare he take my Draco… He will never get him… He is mine…"

Chapter 6: Together

The week passed by rather slowly. Harry and Draco had the occasional talks, and Draco was admired all the time. Ron and Hermione still had no idea there was even a truce. By the end of the week however, Draco was breaking down.

"Okay, I just have to calm down… There has to be a way to tell him."

Just tell him.

"It has to be perfect…"


"I need… what does Harry like… Quiddich?"

You would ask him to be your boyfriend by talking about Quiddich. You are weird.

"You are me too."


"Okay… I will take him to the Astronomy tower at night. Then… a moonlight conversation about random things… Then… well.. I don't know.

For god's sakes… just tell him…. Ooohhh I look goooood…

Draco had just walked in front of a mirror.

"Oh… Whatever. I shall emm… Just do it tonight.. Okay… Breathe.."

Send him a letter.


To tell you to meet you.

"Oh yah."

Harry sat in the common room.

Suddenly, an owl swooped in.

"Harry, you got mail." Said Ron causing Hermione to laugh.

Harry opened the letter.

Dear Harry,

Please meet me in the Astronomy tower tonight at 11. I have some new "developments to tell you" Remember to not be seen. I shall see you later. And don't leave me alone too long.

Scared of Teachers

Harry laughed at the way it was signed. Only one would do that.

"What was that Harry?"

"Mmmm nothing. Just a note from some secret admirer."

"Haha.. love those haha.. " Ron laughed and played chess.

The night crept on and both boys made their ways to the Astronomy tower. The excitement of both boys was immense. Draco walked silently to the astronomy tower, deep in thought.

"Will he be happy, sad? I don't know. What if he is straight? What if he doesn't want to bond what if."

You know what? I am sick of this. Tell him and be done with it. You will have to eventually and you are annoying me.

At a different place in the castle, Harry paced worriedly. Yes, he was pacing because he could not decide on what to wear. He figured it childish since he was just meeting Draco. But he felt attracted to Draco before the veela vampire thing and wanted to make a good impression. Realizing it was getting late, Harry slipped a simple turtleneck on with his black pants and went to the astronomy tower.

He entered to find Draco pacing and mumbling to himself.

"Sorry I'm late. I just. er well…. I uhh…forgot something."

"That's okay Harry." Draco was mainly relieved that Harry showed up at all.

"So what did you want to talk about?"

"Uhh well see about that…"



"Er… I uhhh Found my mate."

"I gathered that before. Sooo who is it?"

"Well… the thing is… I err… found my mate."

Harry stared blankly at Draco. "You said that. Who is it?"

Draco looked at Harry in the eyes. As their eyes locked, a raw passion filled the room. Harry stared at him a moment before " What was that?"

"Harry…" SAY IT "You are my mate. "

There was silence in the room.

"I'm your mate." Harry said.

"Yes." Draco stared at Harry as if he would interpret his actions. "Well.. that's it. I guess I should leave now… I understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore… I will just leave.."

Draco began to leave the room

"Wait! Um… I .. Don't leave."

"Why not? I am sorry for burdening you and all that…"

"Oh come here you." Harry said before pulling Draco into a quick embrace. They kissed for a moment before they drew apart.

"Harry?" Draco questioned.

"Draco… I kind of figured it might be me… You were very open to me… and well… okay don't be mad… You were kind of coming on to me and… umm I kinda knew."

"You… knew? And you still.. but… oh. You don't really care its just…"

"Draco! Stop! I knew. And I don't oppose it. I kinda well.." Harry mumbled something under his breath.

"You what?" Draco questioned.

"I might have liked you since the beginning of last year." Draco grinned and felt like he could dance.


"You are me too!" Draco told his inner voice before saying to Harry. "And what does this mean?"

Harry swiped at Draco playfully. "That means that I love you, you moron."

AYEYEYEYEYEE yes yes YES! Happy dance!

Draco was thinking similar thoughts… "WHOOOOOOOOHOOO"

Harry began laughing and Draco realized he must have said that aloud. He blushed sheepishly.

"God I love you Harry." Draco mumbled.

Suddenly both boys were silent, blushed and looked away.

"Can I kiss you again?" Harry asked.

Draco gave him a look that said…"duh"

With that, the two boys joined together in a lip lock.

After the need for air was too great, they pulled apart.

"Hey Draco?"

"Yes Harry?"

"Are we boyfriends"

"Well, mate of mine, I would say that is a yes… if you want it to be."

"God yes."

"Well then yes Harry. We are boyfriends."

With a grin both boys began to make out with the other again.

Pulling apart, Harry said. "Draco? Do you think we are moving kind of fast?"

"Harry, we have liked each other for so long. I am catching up for the time we missed."

Harry chuckled. Suddenly a thought came to his head. "Are we going public?"

Draco's mood instantly sobered. "We can't. If my father finds out… he will kill me for sure. And he will kill you."

"No change there. You will be a bigger target by Voldemort as well."

"I say Harry, that we don't tell anyone for now. Maybe later."


"And we have to act like normal." Draco said. "Don't be offended if I make fun of you or something. We have to act the same as we did before. Just remember, I don't mean it."

"Same with me."

The boys stood in silence for a moment before… "So, want to make out again?"

The boys made out for a while and then casually left the tower. They were both in a state of delirium. They both had a boyfriend now and Draco found his mate who accepted him. It was a joyful time for the two boys. They began walking blissfully down the corridor.

Suddenly, from the other end of the corridor they heard a voice.

"Ah… just who I was looking for." It was a deep voice clearly feminine.

Draco and Harry exchanged looks as if deciding what to do.

The person came closer and whilst illuminated in the candlelight, the figure of Minerva McGonagall was clearly seen… in only her night robe.

Draco and Harry gulped.

"Mr Malfoy… " she purred. "What are you doing out of bed at this hour… Surely, you do not want to get in trouble…. I might just have to punish you… See me in my office for…. detention…"

Draco screamed and grabbed Harry's hand and promptly ran as far away from McGonagall as they could.

"I am sick of these teachers!" Draco stated.

While laughing Harry said "How can you stop them from doing this?"

Draco mumbled something.

"What Draco? I didn't catch that."

"You bond."

"Oh" said Harry while blushing. "err…"

"It's okay Harry. When you are ready." Draco grinned.

Harry grinned as well.

"Let me walk you to your dorm Harry."

"Are you sure? McGonagall might be near it. It is Gryffindor."

"I am sure."

The two boys walked to the Gryffindor dorms.

"Here's my stop. I had a wonderful night."

"Me too. I expect a goodnight kiss."

Harry laughed and complied. Then he entered the dorm and collapsed on his bed, with a smile on his face.

Draco walked to the Slytherin dorms and also collapsed on his bed perfectly content.

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