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:You Are So Whipped:
Chapter 5:

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Ino's smile was twisted and she rubbed her hands together slowly. She twirled her favorite knife in her fingers, her helpless victim restrained underneath her. The smirk turned malicious as the knife came down. "Make your peace and say your last words."

The first lock of black hair hit the floor.

Shikamaru couldn't help looking down at it sadly. He liked his hair. It was easy to get out of his way and he never had to do anything to it. His bouncy teammate hadn't even promised he'd be able to keep tying it back.

His head was suddenly jerked up.

"Hey! You want me to slit your throat by accident?" No. You'll probably do it on purpose some day, Shikamaru thought with the sullen frown still planted on his face"Stay still and stop sulking like a baby. It's just hair."

Easy for her to say since she cut all hers off for a personal statement.. The Chuunin let her jerk his head around but looked straight ahead. It could only get worse from here. "Does this mean we'll be sharing bun caps?" Not a wise move to tease Ino but he was cranky and it was affecting his decision making.

"Ha ha. Remember I've got the knife here." Ino replied sweetly, her razor sharp blade smoothing through his hair like silk. "You'll love me even more when you see what I have created."

He prayed to every god he knew that it wasn't like the time when they were six and she got bored while they were outside the bar waiting for their dads. The elastics and ribbons she put in his hair had gotten so knotted his mom had to cut them out.

He sighed again. He had gone straight home to shower from training and then to Ino's as instructed. She had strapped him down immediately and Shikamaru knew he had sold his soul to the kunoichi. She's deriving so much pleasure from this. Maybe she was just looking for an excuse to get me into her clutches… No. Just a bonus.

Almost as quickly as he was pushed down into the chair he was thrust out of it. Ino grabbed his arm and pulled him upstairs from the sunlit kitchen into her bedroom. "Now for wardrobe!"

"Should I be up here? Since we're dating and all now..."

"Doesn't matter. Daddy's not home." She grinned at him. "No need to be scared. Anyway he knows you won't try anything. I bet he'd even let you sleep over," she added teasingly.

Why does everyone decide to insult my masculinity..? Why do I even care? The boy sighed and sat down on her bed, noticing all the mirrors (and she had a lot of them) were covered. "Do I want to ask?"

"No!" She still had that chipper note in her voice that completely contrasted with the way she had acted the night before. Maybe it was worth his pain and humiliation to wipe that unnatural deflated look off her face. "Don't worry. You can look at yourself before we leave."

Leave. Leaving… After this.. No no no. "Ino.." He tried to keep patience in his voice. "We just had vigorous training for the mission coming up... I didn't get to rest afterwards. I had... plans." Lie.

"Lie. You just wanted to go back to bed."

The Chuunin grimaced. "Is there anything wrong with that?"

Ino had apparently decided to ignore that and continue the conversation herself. "Everything's all set up. We just need to go there. In style." She grinned and she looked kind of cute when she did since she was so proud of herself. He tried to stay irritated.

"Now put these on and we can get going!" His vision was obscured by a large quantity of fabric as he heard the girl flounce out happily. "I'll be primping in the bathroom! Go downstairs when you're done."

o o o

Shikamaru ended up taking longer than Ino did. She had wanted to make her own entrance in all her glory down the stairwell for him to admire and get into boyfriend mode. She still had to coach him on the way even if he had the look down.

The cut didn't look bad. But I have to see it altogether. She had spent her own money on the clothes he was going to be sporting too. He'll have to pay me back. She thought distractedly, conveniently forgetting that all of this was for her benefit. Despite the cost she had been thrilled by getting to make up Shikamaru like she'd wanted to do since he'd been a scruffy little boy.

All those years looking like that. I should have rescued him earlier. She rolled her eyes heavenward. What's taking him so long anyway? "Shikamaru!" Ino started pounding on the wall. "Get your lazy ass down here!"

There was no response from upstairs.

"Before I count to ten, idiot! I mean NOW!" Finally she heard a heavy sigh as she tapped her foot and heard the familiar shuffle coming towards the stairwell.

Her mouth opened soundlessly as a stranger came down the stairs.

His dark hair was still long but there were shorter strands in the front coming down to compliment his face. The newest men's style from the best department store in Konoha completed his sharp new look nicely. Soft dark leather with straps and belts, over a dark shirt. No fishnets. Maybe she'd let him have them back eventually. They were really in style still. But it would be HER way.

The changes were subtle. But damn she was good.

Shikamaru stood in front of the stairs, looking a little awkward and fidgety at her hot gaze on him.

"I am so good." Ino placed her hands on her hips and reexamined him critically. "You put your hair back up…" A disapproving cluck. "…But with my brilliance it doesn't look bad."

He came back to the present long enough to roll his eyes. Now he was her new dress up doll and he knew it.

"Stop slouching and looking unhappy! You're with ME! The prettiest AND most talented kunoichi in the village. You should look smug and put your arms around me." Ino was wearing her own new dress today as well. A little spruced up for where they were meeting Sakura but good for making a lasting impression.

The silky material of her short purple mini dress brushed against his arm and he stiffened up when she dragged it around her shoulders. "There." She tugged him towards the mirror hanging over the couch in the living room to look at the pair of them.

She had to admit they didn't look as horribly together as she imagined. And Shikamaru wasn't frowning anymore. He usually had three expressions: sulky, apathetic, and unreadable. This was none of the above...

He looked… nervous?

Ridiculous. Around her? She grinned at their reflection again, dismissing the thought. "Now comes the hard part… Training."

"Training?" The apathetic sarcastic look was back. "I'm not a dog, Ino."

"Of course." The malicious evil expression formed on her own face. "You're mine now."