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"Naninani"à Speaking

'naninani' à thoughts

Vaguely Intrigues

Chapter one : Valor

"Give me my freedom or give me death."

~Said by unknown from 'The world's philosophies'

Shuuichi lowered his head. 'Ohh…how I hate this' he thought.

Shuuichi just had an argument with his father. His father wanted him to marry Ayaka, the princess from other country. How obvious, Ayaka was Maiko, his little sister, 's friend.  As the three of them had been friends since ten years ago, Shuuichi could only see Ayaka as his best friend, not his fiancée. Of course, he refused. But since his father was a King, and King's order must be obeyed, he was given a punishment. He and his man, Hiro, were locked inside the top of the old castle.

"Shuuichi.." Hiro murmured.

He looked up. "Yeah?"

"Already give up?"

"No! Of course not! I won't let my father arranged my entire life!" He shouted. His temperament rose up.

"But as a Prince of Astoria, you must obey your father's order or you—"

"I had obeyed many of his orders! I let him forced me to study for hours, to hunter deer even though I hate killing animals, to get separated with my mom when I was 9 years old, and He still wants me to marry my little sister's friend, which is actually my friend, Ayaka!!" Shu rambled on and on. "No, I won't let him ruined my life forever."

"That's for your own good, Shu." Hiro tried to defend his King. He was only a son of Shu's milk mother (A Servant that raised the Prince since he was a baby until he was 12 years old.). Hiro was lucky enough to have the prince as his best friend.

"My OWN good??" Shu was livid. "It was for HIS own good!!! He was trying to get me married Ayaka because he knew the country that Ayaka's in was good at natural resources. He tried to use me as his doll to get related with that country until he could exploit the natural resources, after it he will order me to get divorce, and marry again with another princess, exploit the country again, divorce again, marry again until he satisfied!!"

Hiro shook his head. "Shu, don't say bad things about your father. Maybe he only wants to see his son happy with the girl he had knew."

"Yeah, maybe. But he still can ask me first before he decide to order me to marry her."

Shu's temperament lowered. He got tired to shout. He looked up at Hiro's eyes; brown eyes shone lightly, and said seriously, "Hiro, I'm tired. I have played the role as a good boy since I was born. But I had enough."

Hiro looked at his friend, magenta eyes that were wide and bright shone beautifully, "What'll you do? Your father won't get us out of here until you give up. At the end, you may have to marry her."

Shu sighed. "If only I could runaway from here, from this old, dark and scary castle I would be happy…." He mumbled. He stopped. "Wait, Hiro, why I can't do that? I can just runaway from here!!!!"

"With the guards in front the door? I don't think so, Shu."

"No!! Of course we won't have to fight the guards. I have an idea, if you agree to escape from this castle with me…". His eyes shone brightly.

Hiro met his friend's gaze. He had been Shu' friend for years. Knowing his best friend's characters that won't give up until the end and his determine, he has no other choice.

He nodded. "Okay, whatever crazy ideas you have, spit it out, Shu."

"Thanx Hiro!!!" Shuuichi smiled widely, "Listen, my plan is…" He whispered his idea to his best friend. Hiro nodded, fully understood.

"My only question is : When will we do this plan?" Hiro questioned him.

"As fast as we can be." Shuuichi thought about it a little. "This night."

Hiro grinned, "Expect the unexpected with Shu."

Shuuichi only laughed. "Thanks. I assume that as a praise."


There were knocks on the old wood door. Shuuichi and Hiro looked up, prepared for their plan. Their plan was to lock the servant and guards inside the room they had been locked.

The door opened. Shuuichi prayed to God to bless his plan. Hiro glanced him, smiled to make Shuuichi sure that he was with him. Always. Shuuichi nodded.

Servants came in, followed by three big guards. They brought food to them. The servants bowed to show them her respect. The guards also bowed a little. Shuuichi nodded and the servants began to service them. Hiro and he ate the food silently, until…

"AHHHhhk--!!!" Shuuichi chuckled harshly. Suddenly dropped to the floor, his legs kneeled. He vomited.

"What's happen? What's happen?!!?" asked the servants panicky. They busied themselves get the water, cleaned the puddle, searched the towel and some of them still ran to nowhere, didn't know what to do.

"SHU!! SHU!!" Hiro shouted, "What happened?? Shu! Answer me!! Oh my God, he's unconscious!!"

Hiro quickly examined Shu's pupil. Shuuhi's pupil turned upside down. "NO!!" He roared. "HEY!! Someone has tried to kill him!!! Guards, what'll you do??"

The guards looked at each other, didn't know what was Hiro mean. "Err…what are we suppose to do?"

Hiro smiled inside. Yep. The guards were big and strong, but their brains weren't as big as their body. They were easy to lie to.

"What are you waiting for??!! Quick bring the prince out of this room!!!" he roared to the guard. 

"O-okay.." The guards nodded panicky. They lifted Shuuichi's body carefully, brought him out of the room.

 "And all of you," he turned to the servants, who bowed panicky, " wait here until we back!"

"Ha—haii!!" they answered.

Once they were outside, Hiro, in the back of three guards who still brought Shuuichi, threw a heavy stone loudly. The guards didn't know what was the voice because they backed Hiro.

"What was tha—" One guard suddenly was kicked in his stomach. He dropped to the floor. Hiro smiled. Even if he didn't well in study, he was very good in fight. He continued to attack the others, who already prepared. But the two of the guards didn't expect Shuuichi to wake up and kick one of their head. That one fainted. One more to go.

That man fought back. Wow, he was good. Hiro kept kicked and hit, but he seemed unhurt. Shuuichi helped too. He kicked the guard's right left by the hard bone. The guard avoided, made Shuuichi's leg hit the wall with loud thud. "OUCH!!! Itaaaii…!!" Shu bounced up and down, pain radiated in his leg.

The guard tried to catch Shuuichi, but Hiro hit him on the leg. He tried to avoid, failed. He dropped on the floor. But he managed to get Hiro's ankle, causing Hiro to fall. Then he tried to hit Hiro on the head before Shuuichi, who was behind him, kicked his head. He fell.

For seconds they were still there; Hiro leaned on the floor, Shuuichi lifted his right leg. Sudddenly there was a voice, "Uuuhh…" that came from the guard that had woke up.

Hiro and Shuuichi looked at each other didn't waste this chance. They ran as fast as they can, got down from the castle by ran on its old steps.

A single door was right in front of them after minutes running down the steps. Both were tired, they breathed heavily but still had enough power to pass the door. Ran faster, they prepared their energy to break that door.

The door opened with loud crash.

Shuuichi and Hiro stood, tired. But they were happy and satisfied.

"YAAAAA---HOOOOOO!!!!! I'M FREE!!!" Shuuichi jumped up and down. He hugged Hiro quickly, jumped and down again, then shouted, "I'm finally free!!!"