Note: this is rated PG13 on the safe side, I don't own anybody here, and be warned if you haven't seen the episodes of when the Sutherlands are stuck in the mine and onwards they may contain spoilers. Note:2 This story is set between after Hayley sees Brodie and Alex kiss and before Hayley smashed her car putting her life and Brodie in danger

Starring: Jade Sutherland, Kirsty Sutherland, Kane Sutherland, Seb Sutherland, Dani Sutherland, Rhys Sutherland, Max Sutherland, Kit Hunter, Robbie Hunter, Beth Hunter, Scott Hunter, Matilda Hunter, Henry Hunter, Irene Roberts, Hayley Smith, Tasha Andrews/Russell, Sally Flechter, Flynn Sauders, Leah Patterson, Jesse Macgregor, Alf Stewart, Colleen Smart, Noah Lawson Alex Paulos and VJ Patterson.

Guest Starring: Eloiuse, Brodie Hanson, Nick Smith, Vinnie Patterson, Shelley Sutherland, Inspector Carter, Dylan Russell, Channa Kansa and Kelly Jens **************************************************************************** ****************************************** Saving Dani Sutherland: Summary: Someone kidnaps Dani and demands 6 million dollars in return, but Kane goes out and risk his life to save the girl he raped Bringing Dani and Kane closer then ever as brother and sister but that if they can escape. **************************************************************************** **********************************************

Dani strolled on the beach thinking about the past events that have occurred, it seemed a long time ago since Josh stalked and killed the Summer Bay residents even longer since everyone was against Kane and Kirsty going out now they are happily married. Even longer since she was charged for a crime she did not commit. Somebody then covered her mouth "Hello Dani Sutherland do you know who I am?" the guy said Dani tried screaming but then her world plunged into darkness.

The Moonlight shone on two couples, a Blonde Hair girl with pale skin the moon brought out her icy blue eyes and a boy with brown hair and brown eyes, on both of their ring fingers a wedding ring sat their fingers. "It a beautiful night isn't it Seb?" Jade said to her fiance. "Yeah nobody here the moon shining on us and the water look great with the moon" Seb said. Jade's Mobile started ringing "Just a minute" she said to Seb as she fished out her phone "Hello" Jade said she heard heavy breathing then the caller hang up a second later the phone rang again.

"What" Jade said harshly she heard sobbing "Ja-d-de come home now" the voice said then the caller hanged up "Same person?" Seb asked "No they were both different and Kirsty.." Then Jade doubled over she felt something wrong Kirsty was ether upset or in trouble it was the twin thing that the two had, It saved Jade life leading Kirsty to her sister when Jade, Nick and Alf wife Alisa who died a year and a half ago were in a mudslide. "Seb we gotta get home something wrong with Kirsty" Jade said. it faded when Kirsty and Kane were together and the entire town was against them dating now it came back as Kirsty, Dani and herself sister bond was stronger then ever, the bond with her cousin Max and her in laws, Robbie, Henry, Scott, Kit and Matilda got a little stronger as well.

Jade and Seb entered the house "Kirsty what wrong" Jade asked "Its Dani she missing" Kirsty said then a letter was thrown at the door Sen noticed it and picked it up as Tires squealing could be heard. "What is it?" Scott asked Kane took the letter and opened it he read it out loud

Dear Family

I Have kidnapped her daughter/sister/cousin, if you wish to see her again then leave six million dollars a quarter of a mile from the main part of the beach I will give you thirty-eight hours to give me the money, if you don't Dani will die. From Dani Kidnapper

The letters were cut out of a magazine. "Oh my gosh" Kirsty said "What do we do?" Jade asked her father Rhys was at the end, he couldn't think of anything "He might still be around I will go and check" Kane said then he ran out "Kane!" Kirsty yelled running out the rest of the family followed "Kane wait" Kirsty yelled as Kane started his car he drove off knocking a plant down he swerved missing a bike, table and the edge of a Caravan and then drove out of the park onto the main road.

The Summer Bay cemetery stood quiet as anything in the night, but two figures one male and another female, the female was older then the male. Max Sutherland walked close by Leah not knowing the events that took place at his house. "It a bit scary don't you think?" Max said to Leah, "Yeah it is" she replied carrying a torchlight it shone on a grave which read In the loving Memory of Vinnie Patterson Loving Husband and Father, it read the year he was born and died, luckily enough Eloiuse grave was next to Vinnie's "Anything?" Max asked "No it been months since they arrived and their graves are still open I am surprised that nobody had reported it" Leah said. "Hello the coffins are opened which means they came from the ground" Leah said The two wooden brown coffin layed opened in the holes which obviously was dig up. "It like somebody brought them back with life" Max said. Suddenly two lights blinded them a car sped past the Cemetery almost hitting Leah's car "I wonder why are they are in a rush?" Max asked "Okay Max I gotta get you home I will try and figure out what going on" Leah said the two headed towards Leah's car.

"He stupid what is he thinking, it bad enough I am going to lose a sister I don't want to lose a husband either" Kirsty said

"Kirs Relax we will get to Dani" Rhys said. "How dad we don't have six million dollars" Kirsty said "Just calm down we will get Dani and Kane back" Scott replied "Why would you care Scott you broke up with Dani" Kirsty snapped at him "I still care about her" Scott replied. Max and Leah enter the room "What going on?" Leah asked "Dani been kidnapped" Beth told her "What I can't believe this" Leah said in shock. "If we don't have six million dollars in thirty-six hours she will die" Kit replied "Where were you?" Jade said noticing Max "Out and about" Max said "I wish you told me before you left" Eloiuse spoke up seeing her boyfriend. "Eloiuse did you raise from the ground?" Leah asked the red haired girl "So Rhys how are we going to get Dani back?" Eloiuse asked Rhys ignoring Leah. Leah raised her eyebrows at Max something was defiantly up. "I don't know how but we will" Rhys said even thought he was unsure himself.

Kane sped passed a stop sign not bothering not stop he had a feeling where Dani was and he was going to go and save Dani Sutherland. He stopped at a house where Dani was kept he got out and sneaked around the back where he found a window still opened. He climbed in and went into another room where Dani was. "Dani!" Kane hissed he ran over to her she was tied up and had a terrified expression on her face she shook her head "Hey relax it just me" Kane said Dani tried to scream then Kane felt a throbbing pain on the back of his head his world went black.

The sun peaked out over the horizon signalling that dawn was arriving some of the residents such as Kit herself were already awake, Kelly Jens went over the house "Hi no long time see" Kelly said to Kit "Yeah I know, it a bit hectic around here my sister Dani was just kidnapped" Kit replied "Oh I am so sorry" Kelly replied.

"Hey I had an idea maybe we should start a teen club just especially for teens with the same problem like us" Kelly replied "Hmm that a good idea but could we start it after we find Dani?" Kit asked "Sure" Kelly replied.

Kit and Kelly weren't the only two awake Jade sneaked off to the police station to visit Josh West for months now she had a feeling that Josh had nothing to do with the stalking and was framed. The station was quiet as most officers were off duty or out on duty "Hi could I please visit a Josh West please" Jade asked the women at the counter "Josh? No sorry no visitors are allowed to see him" she said "Oh okay" Jade replied confused she walked out and got into her car she caught a cab and instead of heading towards her house she asked the cab driver to head towards Sydney.

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