Timeframe – ANH onwards
Category – Vignette
Keywords – Angst, I guess. Is there a category for musings?

Summary – Leia thinks about Amidala. This is canon so Leia has no idea who Amidala is to her. Although she never comes into the OT, there's no reason for people not to know that it was Amidala who called for the vote of no confidence in Valorum.

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Notes – A few nights ago I was sitting at my comp, happily reading fanfic. An evil plot bunny (you know one of those fluorescent things with long sharp teeth) wandered up and sunk his teeth into my ankle. Hard. Twice. I'm really beginning to think I should move my muse off the top of my comp, I think he's attracting the EPBs.

Anyway, I wrote two little Leia viggies. I'll post this one now and the other soon. Depending on the response, and the evil plot bunnies, I might write more.

These are unbeta-ed, and I'm well aware they're probably rendered unreadable through grammatical errors. However, I'd appreciate your comments anyway. On the grammar and anything else.




Padmé Amidala. Queen of Naboo. Senator.

The name was familiar to Leia – how could it not be? It was so deeply entwined with the rise of Palpatine. The young queen had been the one to call a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum. The opening had been seized by Palpatine, and the rest was history – or so they said.

As a young girl, deep into her study of politics, Leia had criticised Amidala quite heavily. She had denounced the young queen for being stupid enough to be led like that, to have the devil whisper in her ear and to believe him. For perhaps having being seduced by the power the Emperor-to-be offered.

Yet her father had pulled her up sharply enough to bring tears of confusion to her eyes. She had not understood his sudden anger, still could not understand it. But now she knew why he had told her differently.

There was a sad regality to the child in layers of face paint and expensive cloth as she gave the Senate an ultimatum. Fourteen years old and the Queen already had the weight of a world on her shoulders. Desperate and trapped in a corner, she had taken the only path she could possibly hope to be safe. Queen Amidala had not been stupid or corrupted, just deceived.

At nineteen Leia had watched her own planet shatter into a billion pieces. Amidala had been facing the rape of her world and the enslavement of her people. In the end it amounted to the same.

Same situation, different circumstance, different choices. Could either of them have ever have chosen otherwise?

Leia's choice had been damning – but it was the only one she could make. Aching – physically, mentally and emotionally – she sat alone in a cell aboard the Death Star awaiting her execution. And as she agonised over the loss of all she held dear, Leia found the knowledge of causing one hurt to spare another.

Amidala had known this. Leia understood it now with startling clarity.