**No Senators Here**

Padmé Amidala. Queen of Naboo. Senator.

What had her life been like? How had it ended? Alone with no one to care about her? Or was there some with tears in their eyes, holding her hand, telling her she was loved?

Had she ever been married? Did she have children?

Leia remembered she had once thought that Senator Amidala might have been married – or at least she thought she should have been married – and she had two children. She could have lived out a happy life where she didn't have to worry about what Palpatine had done.

Only one of her many stories that she'd created for the Senator of a planet that hardly mattered, but had produced the most evil man in the galaxy. So insignificant really. Even Amidala's act – while she was still queen – of calling for a vote of no-confidence in Chancellor Valorum had been insignificant. If it had not worked, Palpatine would have found another way.

Senator Amidala's actions had mattered to her though, Leia knew through painful experience. She would not have forgotten what happened. Could not have forgotten. It would have stayed with her through all the days of her life, and possibly followed her into death.

The former princess of Alderaan hoped the other woman had found redemption in a measure for herself. Leia hoped she at some point had been able to look at herself and not hate who she saw. She hoped that she had been able to look at others and not what to die at the pain she felt she caused.

Leia even hoped that Amidala had been loved. That there was someone who held her at night and whispered, "I love you." Perhaps even a child who would run to greet her with a smile when she came home from a hard day.

However, Leia suspected that if that had been the case, Palpatine might have tried to take it from her. Even if you helped him, even if you were loyal, he was likely to turn on you once you'd outlived your usefulness. He would hunt you down through the galaxy and have you killed for simply being alive.

Looking down at her sleeping son, Leia knew how close she'd come to losing him. The Emperor had wanted to steal Anakin's life and make it his own. The sheer cruelty of such an action hadn't occurred to him.

Or maybe it had. He knew what it would do to Leia to steal her child; he would have taken her joy and destroyed it. And it would have given him pleasure to hurt Anakin Skywalker's child and grandchild like that.

She shivered as she thought of the small face of her son twisted with evil and anger, with the darkside. Right now he looked so innocent, and the image of Palpatine in her mind made her sick to her stomach. Force-willing her children would be safe from such horrors as that monster.

A long time ago children had been a distant dream to Leia; she had thought that such a family life was beyond her reach. She had a life to lead and bringing children, or a husband, into it would be fair to no one. She didn't want to cause others that pain. Even after her marriage she had denied herself children, not wanting to pass on the 'Skywalker curse' to an innocent child.

Now she had nearly everything she ever wanted, but never dreamed she would ever have. A loving husband; three beautiful, healthy children; a brother (imagine that Leia Organa had a brother!); Palpatine was dead and gone for good. Did she deserve this? Was someone going to try and steal all this from her?

Probably. But she wouldn't let them. This was hers, now, and she wasn't going to let go.

She really did hope that Amidala had been this happy at least once in her life. Bail Organa had once painted a picture of the child Queen caught up in events beyond her control. Finally, looking down at her precious son, Leia let herself believe him fully. With Palpatine gone, with his last terrors still echoing in her ears, Leia could give Amidala the understanding she had never quite achieved before.


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